Wednesday: The Offseason

There are officially 16 days until free agency. 15 of those to hopefully be used to resign guys like Frans Nielsen and to tell Kyle Okposo to, as Mike Commodore puts it, "Pack your s**". But as we wait for these signings, and trades of course with Draft Day looming (Looking at you Toronto...), the second-worst kept secret in hockey has been all but confirmed (the worst kept being Pittsburgh promoting their alternate to full-time home jersey).


I had seen the T-Mobile Arena completed in time for the BBMAs and the inside looks nice. Obviously not the best scenario to judge whether or not its nice for hockey, but I'll assume so.

Now the real question is what will this team be called? Black Knights? Aces? Teamy McTeamFace? We will find out soon enough, as this team is slated to begin play for the 2017-18 season. In the mean time I expect many concepts coming in here about that soon.

Also congratulations to the 2016 Stanley Cup Champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins. I'd say congrats to Sidney Crosby on the Conn Smythe, but Matt Murray or Phil Kessel deserved it more.

Also congrats to the 5 guys who won COTW last month, as they are now pooled together into the COTY-May Vote! Check it out!

This week is all about voting! COTY-May, COTW, and the HJC Open logo Comp. All up for votes and all right here! GET R DUN!


Avi S: Edmonton Oilers Concept

The Oilers throwback, which is to be promoted to alternate (3rd-worst kept secret in hockey). Is the basis for this concept. Since you didn't change anything on it besides making it the home jersey, I'm grouping it with the away jersey, which you matched to the previous. Nice set executed well, but the problem I have here, which is the problem I have with the actual Oilers orange jersey, is the numbers on the shoulders. I've never been a fan of it and I don't think I ever will be. MY reaction the the Panthers' new set proves that.

Shoulders or Sleeves: 82%

Avi S: Los Angeles Kings Concept

I'll set it up the same way here as your previous concepts. These concepts remind me of the old Manchester Monarchs concepts, except better looking and calmer. The thing is, by looking at the logos, I don't know if the black is even necessary. Maybe throw some black trim in the logo?  With this shade of gold and purple (forum blue?) the black definitely looks nice as a trim here, but the logos need some. That font is perfect for that logo. Very classy, and very detailed. Manchester used a similar font when they had jerseys like this.

Black or no black: 84%

Ryan C: Kalamazoo Wings (ECHL) Concept

Ryan makes the Wings alternate logo the primary, relegating the original to the shoulders. Now the biggest thing here is the full sleeve striping on one arm and a square yoke on the other with traditional striping, the yoke keeping with the pattern of the full arm striping. I don't know how I feel about this. The Thrashers clearly tried it before, but not with the yoke on the other shoulder. It's cleanly executed, but I'm just not a fan of that look. Wasn't so with the Thrashers. Dark helmet?

Sleeve or Stripe: 83%

Ryan C: Kingston Frontenacs (OHL) Concept

Ah, there's the dark helmet. And there's a white stripe significantly more spaced out on the front then on the arms or socks. It looks too awkward for my liking. I know you want it spaced out enough in order to prevent the numbers from overlapping the stripe, since they are both the same color on each jersey. But how far down should it go?

Down or up: 80%

Taylor R: Atlanta Thrashers Concept

I'll admit I laughed at you and felt bad for you when your entry, seen here, was disqualified for tardiness for the Thrashers comp. Fortunately, it can't be disqualified for COTW so lets review. Taylor keeps a consistent pattern, while using contrasting upper arms to hold the numbers. The striping on the pants helps keep the pattern consistent throughout. That font is something else. And I like it. Very rigid, although their previous font would have worked OK. I do like it better. Maybe a blue collar, man.

Winner or Loser: 90%

Tyler M-S: Team Europe (WCH) Concept

While this is an improvement over their current jerseys, and execution top notch, I would have teal socks here, instead of navy. I'd also like to see helmets. The white numbers do not work on the white jersey, because the stripe isn't thick enough. I would've made those teal. The contrasting arms are a nice touch to keep the double blue that the NHL wanted with the Euro-reject All-Star whatever you want to call them. (Yes I still think this tournament is a farce).

Teal numbers or... yeah teal numbers: 65%

The winner of my COTW nomination is:



And so ends Wednesday number 1 of this all too long offseason ahead of us. Stay tuned and we'll survive it together. Tomorrow you have a very happy BPoe96. Happy for obvious reasons of course and if they aren't so obvious, be here tomorrow to see why he's happy. 
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John E. said...

2nd Taylor's Thrashers concept for COTW

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