Wednesday: Busy Schedule

So I'm sure those of us reading this today have already begun planning road trips for the season. But what a better way to open the season. Wednesday brings us 4 quality rivalry matches, with Toronto at Ottawa, St. Louis and Chicago, Calgary at Edmonton to open Rogers Place, and LA at San Jose. But the good games continue to Wednesday as the Capitals see the Penguins raise their cup banner, and the battle for New York kicks off the Rangers and Islanders seasons in Manhattan.

Soon we are going to see the team name unveiled for the Las Vegas Black Knights. And if it's something besides that I'll be shocked. We'll also see the Leafs new jerseys on Friday in Buffalo for the draft. I'm assuming we'll also see the new Penguins road jersey then too.

But we have more important news coming RIGHT HERE!! THE HJC OPEN IS COMING! PREPARE YOUR CONCEPTS!! You'll need several of them so make sure you have them ready.

And prepare your votes! Because there's only one vote, so it should take 5 seconds. Not hard. DO IT.

COTW June 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
HJC Open Round Robin (begins Friday night)


Avi S: Nashville Predators Concept

The one thing that is hard to do for Nashville is to make a white away jersey that balances the yellow better than their current jersey. The current one has too much navy blue considering their home jerseys. This does a much better job at having yellow as the main secondary color behind white. The piping isn't too much of a downgrade here. I would've made the white stripes a little thinner, and add a 6th stripe to better match the guitar stripes on the numbers. Execution note: TV numbers are too big.

Gold on the Ceiling: 82%

Avi S: Washington Capitals Concept

Washington mixes three jerseys here. Their most recent Winter Classic jersey (logo), Their original set (striping) and their current set (color scheme with navy blue). The away jersey is BEAUTIFUL. I didn't like this logo after initially seeing it, but then I noticed the Washington Monument in the middle of the W. Having three stars on the sleeves and logo is good because of the three stars above the two stripes in the District of Columbia flag. Maybe dump two stars on the pants then?

The Wicker Man: 90%

Connor L: Washington Capitals Concept

An idea we've seen often, keep a modern Kings look but with retro colors. A little detail here is that the "LOS ANGELES" script mark is sneaking around in that piping. The real concept here is the new logo. I'm not sure about this though. While I like the prevalence of the yellow in the logo, It doesn't have enough purple to discern things from a distance. Maybe show some equipment.

I Love LA: 77%

Lucas D: Pittsburgh Pirates Concept

Black and gold define Pittsburgh. Chest stripes work here because even without using white beyond the logo, there's enough of an outline separating the numbers from the stripes. Only thing I may advise, to help with the parallelism of the jersey, is to add a small cuff on the sleeves, just to match the hem trim. Clean cut and nicely produced. Could use equipment.

Pirates never had a goal song: 86%

Ryan C: Detroit Red Wings Concept

This reminds me of Team Canada's jerseys. The best part though, other than the numbers between the stripes, is NO UNNECESSARY BLACK! I can't ever understand why Canada needs black when the red and white of the Canadian flag. Or the red and white of the Detroit Red Wings. The striping seems to go along quite well with that logo used here. I see no issue other than the similarities to Team Canada, but that's solved with the removal of black. And not using Nike.

Hey, Hey, Hockeytown: 88%

Tyler M-S: Edmonton Oilers Concept

I like the logo, but I don't like how a grey that light rubs up against the white. Blends in too much. You couldn't even tell that there's a grey outline on the logo, or on the numbers. Either darken it, or revert back to the orange the Oilers had. Not a fan of those pants. Wasn't a fan when the Penguins used them once the Edge system was implemented. Execution is ok here, minus the color issue. Sock stripes are too high. Helmets?

Stadium Love: 75%

Tyler M-S: Washington Capitals Concept

Tyler tries to take the arm striping the Devils used during the green era and make it more American. Red, white and blue, with the stars in the stripes. The only problem is that I've never liked that pattern, because of how thin one of the inner stripes are, relative to the other. I don't think it looks good with thin stripes. Even reverse it looks a little more awkward. The yoke is a nice touch to balance out colors on the red jersey, but maybe a red yoke would look better on the white jersey? Execution note: TV numbers are non-existent, why? Sock stripes are too high.

Rock the Red: 68%

The winner of my COTW nomination:



Well that'll wrap it up for this week. Hopefully we'll have some nice new jerseys to review. Including the jerseys that will compliment Matt McElroy's Springfield Thunderbirds logo (congratulations on that).

"Beck pass over to BPoe" - Doc Emerick, probably.
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Caz said...

I really love the changes Avi made with the typeface for the nameplate on his Nashville concept. It's rare to see a Preds concept that I can be satisfied with, so on that alone I'm nominating Avi's Preds for COTW.

Unknown said...

I'll second Avi's Wash concept. I'm a sucker for the winter classic logo even if it is pretty plain.

Burkus Circus said...

Are the Open jerseys due Friday or do you start accepting them Friday?


Ryan AdSense said...

@Burkus: We will begin to accept entries Friday at 5pm Eastern.

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