An Outsider's Perspective, Part IV: Atlantic Division

Hello everyone and welcome to another HJC Sunday post!

This week, I'm continuing my series in cooperation with my wife, where she (a graphic design professional) reviews logos for each NHL division. This week, she is reviewing the Atlantic Division.

Florida Panthers: "Well, I don't like it. I think it's way to complex. I don't think having the entire lower body is necessary. I think you could have used just the head and paws and got the point across. I don't like the shade of yellow used on the logo, as it doesn't match the shade used on the logo. There is a lot of hard edges. It seems too low-res for today's design."

Tampa Bay Lightning: "It's self-explanatory and straight-forward, but I don't find it very creative. It's a lightning bolt with a circle around it. It's just kind of boring. It could be a logo for anything."

Detroit Red Wings: "Overall, despite hating the Red Wings, they have a good logo. I think that it represents Detroit and their mascot very well. It has an old-school vibe, but has aged well. It's creative and you understand it's intent."

Boston Bruins: "I like Boston's logo. It's clean and easily recognizable. You understand it immediately. I like the colors, even if they are a bit overused in sports. I like their alternate logo with the bear as well, it complements their primary logo well."

Ottawa Senators: "The average sports fan probably isn't going to understand that the term "Senator" comes from Rome, and thus fail to make the connection between Ottawa and Rome. The logo itself isn't bad. The stare is a little creepy, though. In general, it's a well-made logo. I like that there is a subtle O in the logo."

Montreal Canadiens: "I understand the origin of the logo, but I don't think the H makes much sense. It communicates more about the team nickname than the team location. Having more experience with American sports markets, the logo reminds me of a conglomeration between the Chicago Bears and Cubs logos. I mean, when you google "Chicago Sports Logos" Google will actually pull this logo up. That's a problem."

Buffalo Sabres: "The logo itself isn't bad. May have too many elements, but it's not bad. It's very literal. Technically, their mascot is a sabre and not a buffalo, so I don't see the necessity behind the buffalo. The city of Buffalo can get too referential with buffaloes in their logos. I prefer their old logo with just the crossed sabres from their red/black days."

Toronto Maple Leafs: "While the leaf is a little complicated for me, I appreciate that it is a modernization of a classic design. It also stays true to their traditional aesthetic. It's an improvement over the previous logo, which was too bland."

Now let's move on to today's concepts!

Colorado Avalanche Concept - Scott D.

Positives: I believe that this set is likely near the mean of what aesthetic direction Colorado Avalanche fans and jersey geeks would like the team take. It gives the team a unique look again, while keeping what is working now (though admittedly, that isn't much). Taking out the black is the right thing to do. There's no need for it. I have no complaints with execution or presentation.

Negatives: There should be more blue on the away jersey. I think making typeface on the away jersey blue would help. The concept doesn't bring much new to the table. Bringing back the pre-Edge Avalanche is overdone. Old-style collar laces don't fit the rest of the jersey. 

Overall: This could be exactly what Colorado needs. (8.5/10)

Colorado Avalanche Concept - Lucas D.

Positives: The yoke used here is a way to hearken back to the Avs pre-Edge jerseys without getting into trite territories. I prefer the shade of blue that Lucas uses here. I think that it brightens up the set better, as Avalanche jerseys can get too dark when paired with the darker navy blue. Execution and presentation are good.

Negatives:  I'd like to see a little more blue. It's a good shade. 

Overall: Referential without being derivative. (8.75/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept - Lucas D.

Positives: Using the font from their alternate jersey is the right idea. I love that typeface. Striping pattern looks great. Using a little silver trim helps make a further connection to the logo. The Cannon is well-used as a shoulder patch. Colors are balanced well. No execution errors. 

Negatives: Is it different enough?

Overall: This could be fix that Columbus needs. It's respectable  (8.75/10) COTW nomination from me!

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept - Jordan R.

Positives: The font is very interesting. I think it fits the team. Colors are balanced well. Striping pattern looks good on the home/away. Execution and presentation is phenomenal. The detail Jordan puts into his concepts is something our less experienced/accomplished artists should take note of. 

Negatives: The third jersey is crowded. I'd take off the cuff stripes, and the numbers on the front. Maybe move the sleeve numbers to the shoulders. Using the old CBJ logo on the third jersey was an odd choice. Why not use the cannon since it's inspired by Civil War uniforms? I'm not a fan of uniforms derivative of another local team. College football can be very divisive, and you don't want to divide your fanbase, showing preference to Ohio State over other in-state universities. 

Overall: I respect the detail and execution. The home and way are pretty good, but the third and fourth jerseys are problematic to me. (8/10)

New York Islanders Concept - Ryan C.

Positives: I can see some possible inspiration from the Isles' Stadium Series jersey, which I actually liked. It's a deviation from the normal NYI aesthetic. Take that for what it is. Could be good or bad depending on your opinions. Execution is good.

Negatives: Ryan has used a similar typeface on the last three concepts of his I've reviewed. I'd like to see something different. The logo used isn't as bad as the jerseys it accompanied, but it still seems out of place here. I think the Stadium Series NY logo would fit the concept better.

Overall: The jersey feels disconnected from the logo. (8/10)

New York Islanders Third Jersey Concept - John E.

Positives: Second concept of the day that uses the old Lighthouse logo. Using teal is an interesting decision. The number on back feels a little too small. 

Negatives: The yoke is a little too "Bruins." I'm just not feeling the teal in this instance. It's interesting, but I don't think it's used effectively. Using a number on the side of the helmet seems redundant, as the NHL requires numbers on the front of the helmet now. 

Overall: Bringing back teal is interesting, but for something like that, I think you need to make a full commitment to it. (7.5/10)

Dallas Stars Concept - Josiah B.

Positives: That number font is outstanding. It reminds me of the font used for the Nashville All-Star Game, which I loved. It ties the jersey into the logo better. It's a small detail, but it;s an instant improvement. 

Negatives: I miss the green yoke on the road jersey. Dallas's shade of green is too good to not have more of it on that jersey. Also, it's spelled "Spezza." (kidding, of course, I know now that it's on purpose)

Overall: The font is a huge improvement. Bringing back the green yoke for the away jersey could make a near perfect Dallas set. (8.5/10)

New York Rangers Concept - Josiah B.

Positives: The Rangers' white jersey is my favorite road jersey in the league. Partially because of that beautiful yoke design. Josiah brings that yoke design to the home jersey as well and changes the road jerseys' wordmark to "New York" instead of "Rangers." 

Negatives: Putting logos on the helmets makes your concept look more realistic. 

Overall: Hard to improve on the Rangers set, but I think this could have. (8.75/10)

The quality of artwork today is very high. I have only one nomination to give out, so if you feel a concept is worthy for consideration of our Concept of the Week designation.

Don't forget to vote, and get your picks for our last round of the HJC Playoff Pool in!

Next Week: A 2015-2016 review of the season's new designs!


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An Outsider's Perspective, Part IV: Atlantic Division Reviewed by Caz on May 29, 2016 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

COTW nom to Jordan R.

winnipegjets96 said...

Candiens? Is that the same as 'Muricans? haha

I'll 2nd Jordan R.'s Blue Jackets Concepts

Caz said...

Ugh, I hate it when that happens. Fixed.

Unknown said...

I'll Second Lucas' Jackets concept

Burkus Circus said...

Blue Jackets :)

Nice to see Montreal's overrated* logo get a slap in the face...


* I said overrated not bad.

Lucas D. said...

I've been getting a lot of love in the past few days, but none from the readers! Thanks for the reviews, LOL.

Anonymous said...

The "H" in Montreal logo stands for Hockey, not Habs. Common mistake. The official name is: Club de hockey Canadien (Canadien Hockey Club).

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