Wednesday: Time is of the essence

Sorry about today's post. Had a lot going on so Let's get straight to the important stuff.

I DID A THING! WITH MY FRIENDS! Check it out! It's the HJC Podcast! I'm upset I didn't have my own beverage while doing this but it was probably for the better. Maybe next time.

We got two votes this week. GET R DUN!

COTW-March vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pmn Eastern)
COTW Apr 3-9 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
2016 HJC Playoff Pool Quarterfinal picks (ends Wednesday @ 7:00pm Eastern)


Ben S: Minnesota State (NCAA) Concepts

I love this a lot. Good choice putting the wordmark on the dark jersey, as the logo would easily get lost against it. The only thing that I think would make it even better is a squared off yoke on the white jersey, and even the dark jersey for that matter, so you can then raise the numbers and set them equidistant from the striping on the arms and shoulders.

Joke: 83%

BPoe96: Edmonton Oilers Concept:

A modern take on the Oilers current jerseys and I like it. Very sharp angles on the striping. Gear logo looks great on the orange alternate, and the modern numbers work well here. Not a fan of the Oil-man logo though. Put the alternate logo on the shoulders instead. Execution flawless.

Modern Classic: 86%

BPoe96: Tampa Bay Lightning Concept:

Not a fan of this logo. Wasn't a fan as the full roundel, not a fan of the current. The subtle lightning bolt striping is cool on the arms and not repeating it on the hem is the right call. Maybe if you put the current primary logo on the front and this logo on the shoulders?

AC/DC Thunderstruck joke goes here: 81%

Brooks F: Barrie Colts (OHL) Concept:

It's really hard to create a good concept with all three primary colors on the color wheel. Brooks does a good job with it though. I don't like the large blue ciffs on the white jersey, but they are perfect on the red jerseys. Watch out for that White-on-yellow foul I mention week after week as it hurts you here. Interesting alternate similar to their current white jerseys but better.

A horse is a horse of course and the horse's score is: 78%

Jack S: Montreal Expos/Canadiens Concept:

This needs work. I do appreciate trying to make it similar to the Expos classic powder blue jerseys with the red and blue stripes on the side, but It doesn't quite work here, especially with your execution, since the back hem stripe on one pice of the concept is red while the other is blue. Shoulder patches are too large, as well as upside down. Name and number font is nice, it's positioned too high and the ABCDEF nameplate is lazy.

An Expo of the work needed: 48%

Jay S: DEL Winter Game Concept:

Over in Deutschland, Similar jerseys, but different enough. Oh but how I wish your double blue was the dark jersey. Regardless, it's nice as a white shirt, but maybe a navy yoke with baby blue trim? No complaints on the other jersey. I'm just generally not a fan of the phantom yoke.

Fast da (almost there): 80%

Lucas D: Buffalo Sabres Concept:

Again with the phantom yoke, but this is forced to work if you're going to eliminate white on the dark jersey almost completely, so I'll give it a pass. Nice modern take on a classic. Interesting collar choice. I love it. Best part about this concept is the limited white on yellow.

Cut above the rest: 87%

The winner of my COTW nomination is:  LUCAS D and his BUFFALO SABRES CONCEPT!

Well that was a disaster of a post. Sorry guys.

Regardless, LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Detroit-Tampa Bay at 7, Rangers-Pens at 8, Hawks-Blues at 9:30. HERE WE GO!
Wednesday: Time is of the essence Reviewed by Unknown on April 13, 2016 Rating: 5


Steve Marc said...

Hey it was all in good joking fun. We're all mature adults here that won't go to the level of starting an anti-Islanders comments section.

Unknown said...

I second X for COTW

DBro Alexander said...

I can't believe how close all the ratings were! Everyone got a % Joke!!?!??!?

I second X's X concept for COTW!!!

Burkus Circus said...

Uhhhhhh... I'll just do my own reviews for all a y'all...

Oilers: Hm. Never thought of angled stripes for Edmonton before. I like it. So good job on using your Injun's newity (Tom Sawer reference). The shoulder patch is hard to tell apart from the yoke on all jerseys. I'm from Columbus, so I have no idea who Draisaitl is, sorry. I actually really like the comet logo, underrated in my opinion. The name is too close to the yoke: needs to be moved down (and consequently the numbers, too). I think there is a limit for how many times a 3rd can be worn, so no go on your 50/50 idea (not that it's a bad one).
Score: 7.75/10

Lightning: More of Injun's newity by making new TBL logo with a word mark around it. Like the addition of silver, and if any team should add silver, it's the Blue Jackets (Lightning close 2nd). The arm stripes aren't straight, which if it's accidental, is a pretty bad mistake, and if it's intentional: don't. Like the semi-original idea of lightning on arms, but I'd like to see it on the hem too.
Score: 7.5/10

Colts: Good color balancing, Nice striping pattern, but for white and 3rd there's some white-on-yellow-or-vise-versa issues on numbers. But wow, love the 3rd!!! Even though the arms are paint-bucket-fill arms, it somehow looks original, and the arm stripes are cool with dots. The OHL logo looks weird though, try making it red or *gulp* white.
Score: 7.5/10

Canadiens-posing-as-Expos: Love the logo. Canadiens logo looks good on shoulders. Other than that, I find it rather boring. No hem/sleeve stripe(s). The weird outline-type-thing on bottom/sides is 1: Unnessicary and shouldn't be on there and 2: Miscolored from front to back. Numbers are the and need an outline.

I'll do the rest after dinner. See ya!!! I hope I don't hurt anyone's feelings...


Unknown said...

So I'm a bit confused... Maybe I missed something. Are today's concepts going to get actual reviews?

Burkus Circus said...

This is my reviews of the concepts... but it's PART 2!!!!!!

MERC/SERC: OK, I don't know who these teams are, so if there's anything that might be effected by that, I'm sorry. The blue jersey is sorta a Rangers spinoff with a LOT shorter name. Is MERC affiliated with the Rangers or are they just coping it? The two chest logos are to close to the center; they should be placed about where the OHL logos were on the Colts concept from Part 1. I don't know if the DEL is a minor league or a major league, but if it's a major league there should be a lot more originality. For the SERC jersey, I actually really like it. The script looks good (they both do, but the MERC is a NYR spinoff), the two-tone blue and white looks good as always. The semi-ghost yoke thing looks good for some reason. Same problems with logos. Also how does "MERC" come from "Die Alder Mannheim" and "SERC" from "Schwenninger Wild Wings"? Not blaming you for it, just wondering. Also, those are great logos... USE THEM!!!
Score: MERC: 6.5/10 SERC: 8.5/10

Sabres: Dang, I like these too!!! Good job avoiding white/yellow clashing, and the Blue and Yellow are balanced well. However... There is no white on the home except for adidas and crest logos. Add some!!! Make one of the stripes white or do it to the name/numbers. The shoulder numbers need to be thicker and a cuff stripe might be good too (another place for white?).
Score: 8.125/10

My fake COTW nomination goes to B96's Edmonton Oilers concept!!!


Zeke G said...

Joke: 0%

Unknown said...

COTW nom to BPoe's Oilers concept.

Caz said...

X'a joke percentage is off the charts. I think we have an early COTY winner. That's going to be a tough one to beat. I'll third X for COTW.

Burkus, thanks for posting your personal reviews! I always love seeing readers express their own assessments of the submitted concepts.

Unknown said...

COTW nom to Bpoe's Tampa

winnipegjets96 said...

Thanks BC for the ratings. Brooks F. for COTW! Love that alternate

DBro Alexander said...

Wait so....... X doesn't win?

Butkus Circus said...

Caz and Jets96:

Your welcome!!! I really like your guys' work, wish I could send my concepts in, but they're all hand drawn, and I can only draw the Ducks, Canadiens, and Dallas logos (not a wide selection!). I can do word marks, but that gives me NY Rangers and... uh... old Dallas?


Burkus Circus said...

Ooh!!! I can also do Philly, St. Louis, and LA wordmark! Sorry, forgot about those!


Caz said...

Burkus, try paint.net. It's a free program, and all the concepts I've submitted were made using that program. It's more versatile that most people realize, especially when you add extensions to it.

Burkus Circus said...

K, I will! I just realized with the updated post, my reviews might be a bit odd and out of context, but oh well!!!


Unknown said...

I don't know why it was scheduled and posted incomplete (as I still had it as a draft in a way that I could write successfully on my phone) but now that things are better, you can still have a go at this. Since things are better now, do a solid to the people who sent in their concepts and nominate for COTW.

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