Friday: Yellow and Chest Stripes

Hello folks!  So the Playoffs are humming along nicely.  There was a double overtime game between the Blackhawks and Blues last night, those long games are always fun.  I was hoping for a Blackhawks loss (I don't like them very much), but they ended up extending the series instead.  It has been a fun series to watch though, so I'm not too upset it's lasting longer.  Also, the Lightning beat the Red Wings and advanced to the second round, which means the HJC Playoff Pool has been updated.

As of April 21 - TB d. DET in 5
As you can see I'm right at the top of the standing tied with Ryan and a few other people.  However, I picked the Lightning to win in seven games, not five, which means I should only have three points.  But don't tell anyone, I want to keep those two bonus points.


There's two votes this week including the extra important 1st Quarter vote, and the RHI competition deadline is tonight at 10:59pm eastern.

1st Quarter vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Apr 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
RHI entries (due Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)


Here's the latest RHI entry...

Dallas Stallions, by JJ:


Yesterday Brendan tried out a new colour coded review system which I quite liked, so I'm going to use it for today's post.

Vancouver Canucks, by Jared L:
+  I like the idea of bringing back and updating the flying-V uniforms, at least for a concept.
-  However the V-pattern was better on the original, here the point of the V on the sleeve is off centre.
-  The pattern also isn't exactly symmetrical and has differences between the two jerseys, drawing it once and copy-and-pasting it would solve that issue.
+  I do like the addition of the Johnny Canuck logo.
+  The stripes on the cuffs look good.
-  I don't think the contrasting side panels and arm stripes are necessary, they clash with the rest of the design.
-  The gap between the sleeve numbers is too big.
-  The image itself is very small, which makes it hard to see the details of the concept.
Rating:  5/10

Oregon State Beavers, by Zeke G:
+  The Canadiens style striping looks good in these colours.
+  There's also enough differences (yoke on the road, altered hem stripes) to make this design its own.
-  But its still not the most creative design.
+  I like the rounded number font.
-  The logo uses a different shade of black as the jersey.  This might have been intentional, but I think it would look better the shame shade as the jersey.
Rating:  8/10

Victoria Salmon Kings, by Brooks F:
+  I like the stripes in the yoke and the V in the sleeves.
-  Overall though, I think the striping pattern is a bit too busy.  Eliminating the silver stripes would improve it, in my opinion.
+  The red third jersey is spectacular, I love the curved arm stripes with silver shoulders.
+  Removing green from their logo was a good decision, they already use enough colours.
-  The sock stripes are too high.
+  I like your creativity, none of your concept look generic.
Rating:  8/10

Florida Panthers, by Lucas D:
+  I wasn't sure I'd like a yellow Panthers jersey, but it looks great here.
+  I like the striping pattern, it's sort of a mix of their current jerseys (arm design) and their rumored new jerseys (chest stripe).
+  I especially like the sublimated patten along the hem.
-  But why get rid of their shoulder logo which inspired the pattern?
-  The logo doesn't look completely centered on the chest stripe.  I'd raise the stripe a bit, and then also center the back numbers above it.
+  This is very minor, but it's great to see part of the eight on the back view of the sleeve, paying attention to small details like that is what makes good concepts great.
Rating:  8/10

Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, by Ryan C:
+  The Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins change their uniforms a lot, but I could see these jerseys sticking around for a while.  They're too good to be quickly replaced.
+  The striping pattern looks somewhat influenced by both the Penguins original jerseys and their robo-Penguin alternate jersey, I don't know if that was intentional but I'm a fan of it either way.
+  That striping pattern combined with the retro logo gives this concept a cool faux-back vibe.
-  The only change I suggest is lowering the hem stripes to the bottom of the jersey to better match the cuffs.
Rating:  8/10

Buffalo Sabres, by Matt M:
+  This site might be called Hockey Jersey Concepts, but logo concepts are my favourite to review.
+  The buffalo looks great, and I like that it's facing forward, it's more intimidating than a sideways facing buffalo.
+  I like the swords as well, they're a good mix between the thin swords of their current/original logo and the extra thick swords of their red-and-black era alternate logo.
-  However the silver lines on the swords near the handles are too thin, they're barely noticeable.
-  I'd also prefer if the silver outline was slightly thicker.
Rating:  9/10 and my COTW nomination!


That's all folks!
Friday: Yellow and Chest Stripes Reviewed by Steven Grant on April 22, 2016 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Great Sabres logo but why is he Harry Potter?

Unknown said...

I'll 2nd Matt M. for COTW.

Ryan said...

Your nom has come in too late

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