Wednesday: Incoming Rivalry Alert

My final post before one of the great rivalries in sports: Rangers vs Islanders. Sunday. Madison Square Garden. You want history? You got history. Coutesy of NBCSN and stevienics1991 on YouTube:

So far the Islanders lead the series 2-0 this year. Aggregate score of 5-2. Islanders first won at Barclays Center 2-1 in a December shootout, and then 3-1 at Barclays Center in January. Sunday will be the first game this season at Madison Square Garden, and barring a sudden collapse in the secondary ticket market, I will forgo a visit to MSG on my return from Red Bull Arena, as the New York Red Bulls' season opener is the same day at 1:30.

Game is at 5:00 EST on MSG (NYR feed) and MSG+2 (NYI feed). NYI Radio: 91.5 FM WNYE New York (NYC Media), 88.7 FM WRHU Hempstead (Radio Hofstra University), 103.9 WRCN Riverhead (LI News Radio). NYR Radio: 98.7 WEPN New York (ESPN Radio New York).

But before I get too worked up on that, we have to beat Winnipeg on Thursday (Sorry Jets96). 

As I'm writing this, the NHL is unveiling the preliminary rosters for the World Cup. It's an all day thing (ugh), wrapping up on the 6 pm SportsCenter show on ESPN, the TV home for the World Cup in the United States. So far three teams have unveiled jerseys (Finland, Russia, Czech Republic), although all 8 logos have been released.







(All photos courtesy of BarDown and TSN)

We get a partial look at the jerseys, and they are quite simple. 

Russia's look like a recolored Minnesota Wild Stadium Series jersey. Also on Russia's jersey you can see the trademark 3 stripes of Adidas flowing down the sides of the jersey, which makes sense since Adidas now has their stripes that way on their soccer jerseys

Finland's are interesting in that they look like a soccer jersey. Crest on the left breast, wordmark on the chest. A look we've seen before here for sure. 

The Czech jerseys are plain and simple, also plain and simply not good. Real life PBS (Paint bucket syndrome, not Public Broadcasting Service). The jerseys are all based on the same template as the new Coyotes jerseys as well as several third jerseys (Avalanche, Ducks, Islanders) and all of the Stadium series jerseys (Detroit, Colorado, Chicago, Minnesota). 

More World Cup stuff coming tomorrow. Let's get on to the concepts.

Wait, the voting first? Ok...

COTW Feb 21-27 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Chicago Express Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)
Winter Classic Best Jersey Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Last week I voted for the LA Kings' 2014 Stadium Series jersey as #1. Clearly I was wrong, so let's make me wrong again in my choice for the Best Winter Classic Jersey Vote!

COTW is important, as it helps in seeding for the HJC Open, and without the votes, there's no winners. So help a bro out.

Chicago Express competition is in the voting stages. Help me win. Or not. You can help me lose too. Just vote.

Here we go.

Bradley D: Philadelphia Flyers Concept

Bradley based a set off the current alternate and ditches the vintage white. Smart move. I also like the matching road jersey. What sets this apart from other concepts is the interesting font choice you made. I like it for the numbers, not so much for the name. Looks too much like a Microsoft Word font for the jersey. Alternate logo you made for this (which you can see a better look in the next concept) seems a little wide for the shoulders. Maybe narrow the logo a bit, as well as center the circle vertically. A common concept but distinguished by a logo and a font. Good execution however.

No Flying yet: 75%

Bradley D: Philadelphia Flyers Alternate Concept:

Similar setup to the previous two but more black and orange and less white. The lack of white throws off the balance here though. Same thoughts on the font and that logo as previous. Throw some more white on that striping or maybe ditch the white entirely to balance things out.

Slightly less than before: 73%

Chase C: Grand Rapids Griffins (AHL) Concept

 Well we all know where the inspiration comes from here: Atlanta. Chase tries the Atlanta look with Grand Rapids, and suffice to say its a better look than what they picked for their competition. The problem I have with that is that it looks too much like a Frankenstein situation. Take something from one jersey and just stick it on to the other and hope it lives. I'm not a fan. Wasn't a fan with Atlanta and not one here. The one thing Atlanta had for theirs was that the other sleeve was just a solid color, instead of having a striping pattern on it, so it looked somewhat better. I do like that font for Grand Rapids though, and I encourage you to use it on the next Griffins concept. Execution on point though.

It's not alive: 70%

Lucas D: Calgary Flames concept

Lucas brings us a jersey concept that is 10 times better than what the Flames currently wear. However it suffers from the white-on-yellow problem that I commonly refer too. Having white up against yellow forces the two to blend visually, thus making it hard to distinguish from each other. The Flames currently have this problem and refuse to do anything about it. The flat stripes on the sleeves don't go with the V-pattern on the hem. The match in color and size, but the lack of the same angle throws it off.

Burned out: 75%

Lucas D: Tampa Bay Lightning Concept:

Now this is VERY different, somewhat crazy, but entirely good-looking. Tampa is a modern team and should have a modern look. The yoke striping is GENIUS! Lightning bolts at the shoulders. I can't use anymore words to describe how perfectly it fits. What I can do is ask why the first stripe is so thin. Also as a side note, your presentation would look better if you used a weak, non-white color here, especially since the hem and sleeve striping is predominantly white.

I've been thunderstruck: 86%

Roman S: Spartak Moscow (KHL) Concept

Three things that would make the jersey better: 1) Bigger name and numbers, just for execution reasons. Maybe the logo too because of how lengthy it is versus its own height. 2) A stripe on the back of the shoulder yoke. 3) Get rid of that dopey hem trim at the bottom of the red jersey. Pointless since you already have hem striping. This jersey has a nice mix of the Coyotes previous set, the Rangers, and the Soviet Union's old set. Classic Spartak red, in a good looking style. Execution brings this down big time:

In Soviet Russia, concept judge you: 71%

Taylor R: United States of America (IIHF) Concept

Murica. A modern take on the classic 1960's jersey that the US won gold in. The yoke extends to go over the name bar, which I personally don't like. The stars are genius, similar to what I said about Lucas' lightning bolt shoulders. No font outline works here, as does the current logo (underrated logo IMO). Presentation is better, and includes equipment so I can see how the full uniform looks.

America! F*** Yeah: 1776% (I can't do that? OK, 89%)

The winner of my COTW Nomination is  TAYLOR R and his USA CONCEPT !

Well that was fun. Now time to make Jets96's Thursday miserable, and then take back New York. Let's face it Rangers fans, Your city flag even shows what the true colors of New York are: ORANGE AND BLUE! You wanna differ with that? Comment below and fight me.

Stay tuned for more news about the World Cup today.

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Unknown said...

OKAY! WCOH jersey overhaul competition. Seriously... this is a disgrace to hockey.

Unknown said...

I second that Scott. World Overhaul. Only catch is that the logos that are actually used must be used here, because if you remember, we had a World Cup Comp before.

Unknown said...

Yes I'm fine with using the same logos and yeah I remember. I'll also second Taylor R's USA concept for COTW.

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