Tuesday: Steel City Connection

Why hello everybody. Before we get to business, I'd like to talk about the Hamilton Bulldogs.
Image From hamiltonbulldogs.com
They got a new Color scheme and Jerseys for the 2016-17 season that are identical (minus the style of the jersey yoke) to the Pittsburgh Penguins alternate/vintage jersey. The jersey was actually designed in the Bulldogs jersey contest they held earlier this season by a 10-year-old girl so good job to her. That's something she'll remember forever. As for changing to Black and Gold (I'm a Penguins fan so it's gold to me!), The bulldogs stated that they wanted to associate themselves with the Hamilton Tiger Cats of the Canadian Football League and to signify a fresh beginning.

Fun Fact: Hamilton and Pittsburgh are known as the "Steel Cities" of the United States and Canada.

The Pairs competition is going on right now. Me and Phil are hard at work on our project, and it's not too late to sign up. Also, we have the voting for the Sabres 3rd competition and best outdoor jersey in the modern age of outdoor hockey games in the NHL. And, as usual, we have COTW

COTW March 6-12 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
Buffalo Sabres 3rd Jersey Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm EST)
Pairs Competition (ends March 25th)

On to the Concepts!

Jimmy Teed- Winter Classic 2017
Positives: For the Blues jersey, It is nice to see that you took a classic design and used the modern logos and colors with it. It reminds me of the first year of the winter classic when the Sabres and Penguins wore Edge-templated throwback jerseys and used real white.
Negatives: The double chest stripe with the roundel logo makes the chest area look really crowded and draws your attention away from the crest. Perhaps thin the accenting white stripes so you have some more space between them.
Overall: 7.5/10

Josiah  Bosch- Ottawa Senators
Positives: The hem and cuff stripping are nice. The minimalist approach reminds me of their original jerseys.
Negatives:  The stripe around the yoke seems to be a bit larger than normal. The combination of the two logos is not working very well right now. I say that because I feel that you can play with the size differences to make it work.
Overall: 7/10

Lucas Daitchman- New York Islanders
Positives: Taking the four stripe design from the new alternate jersey and bringing it into a new design was a good call. keeping the sleeves blue on the white jersey was a good design idea as well.
Negatives: I'm going to assume that the three stripes on the back of the jersey under collar is to represent Adidas. I feel that you went too far with the Adidas "Three stripes" when you put them on the yoke. Also, I would keep all four stripes orange on the white jersey.
Overall: 8/10
 Lucas Daitchman- Washington Capitals
Positives:  The white cuffs and hem is nice.
Negatives: The stripes on the yoke don't make sense even for a Stadium Series jersey. Also, I feel that the jersey would feel a little more complete if you added that stripe on the sleeves onto the hem.
Overall: 6.75/10

Matt McElroy- Detroit Red Wings
 Positives: Like I said last week, you did a great job on the Adidas hockey jersey template and the mixture of the classic English "D" with the chest stripping looks really good on this.
Negatives: I would love to see a back of this design but being that you threw that together with a few pictures it's still impressive.
Overall: 8.5/10 COTW NOMINEE

Ryan Christensen- Charlotte Checkers
Positives: As usual, a pretty clean design. The black/white/silver concept is an interesting one being that they basically void of all white.
Negatives: The half white-half black sleeve design is very unusual. it's like the Milwaukee Admirals black sock design before they got a new logo and jersey set. I'm not saying it's bad, but it's not a homer either.
Overall: 7.5/10

Vaughn Roberts- Hamilton Bulldogs
Positives: The vibe from this jersey set is a mix between the Montreal Canadiens and Rochester Americans for the main three. The heritage jersey is a nice touch as well to the set.
Negatives: Those names on the backs of the away and alternate stick out like a sore thumb on the back with the plain color numbers. either add an outline to them or change the color of the name itself.
Overall: 7.5/10 

Well that's all I have. Sad, I know. The good news is that I'll have some more next week. In the mean time, be sure read the other posts here at HJC and VOTE. I know you Americans are already tired of hearing that word but this is a vote that won't leave you second guessing this time next year. And if you are in the Pairs Competition, work hard. And on that note, I'll see you guys next week here at HJC.
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winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Matt Mc. for COTW

The new Bulldogs jerseys are clearly copies, but Hamilton, like Pittsburgh is a steel city, and these colours reflect that. The logo doesn't look amazing in yellow/black, and I personally voted for the orange jersey (ironically of course), but I totally get why the Hamilton faithful chose such a jersey. I feel this will only lead to more great concepts, and should have gone with Josiah B's concept, but the designer was 10, you can't really blame her, it's unlikely she's seen much of the mid 80s/early90s Pens

Unknown said...

COTW nom to Ryan C.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the kind words, Jets96! Means a lot.

I'll third Matt for the COTW!

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