Thursday: Writers Block

Hello again guys, welcome back. Feel free to take off your shoes and make yourself at home.

I hate to leave you guys without anything extra to read, but I'm really drawing a blank on what to write about, I've had a pretty busy week, and I'm running on three hours of sleep (excuses, excuses, I know). So it looks like that'll have to wait until next week.

But you know what you can do in the time that you saved from not having to read a long intro? You can go leave your votes. Unlike the U.S. Presidential election, the only requirement for this is that you have a Google account. We have the winners for concept of the week, Sabres alternate competition, and the best outdoor jersey to choose. So go serve your country well and put in your vote.
COTW March 6-12 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
Buffalo Sabres 3rd Jersey Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm EST)
Pairs Competition (ends March 25th)

Artem S. - Toronto Maple Leafs
+ The design is based heavily off of the 1930 set, which screams Leafs.
+ Definitely a good idea to not make the road jersey plain white.
+ Very realistic, I would be surprised if something like this wasn't brought back in some form next year.
-The Reebok logo on the back should be the wordmark
-Maybe it's just me but the Leaf on the shoulder seems repetitive, since the front logo is a very similar design now.
Overall: 8.5/10

Ben S. - Ferris State
+ The colors look unique and good at the same time
+ Simple yet effective design
-The home jersey could use some more yellow and black to balance the colors better
-The font used doesn't fit a hockey jersey, and the names are too small
-To nitpick a bit, this jersey should be on a different template if it's supposed to be a CCM cut. Otherwise it needs more stitching on it.
Overall: 7.5/10

Lucas D. - Boston Bruins
+Yellow jersey, brown instead of black, and no vintage white. Perfect.
+The logo has its modern look, while looking vintage at the same time.
+Striping looks solid.
-The name and number outlines could use a bit more thickness, especially on the name.
-The jersey is fine as is, but incorporating more brown would make it look much better.
Overall: 9/10 and my COTW nomination

Lucas D. - Buffalo Sabres
You really like this pattern don't you?
+Well I understand why, it has a good and unique look to it.
+I have absolutely no clue why, because it's the exact same pattern, but as opposed to your Sabres concept I reviewed last week, this one does not look too busy.
+ The colors look great together, and the primary color as yellow looks great.
-The name and numbers are spaced way too close together, as with the outlines applied, they're touching each other.
Overall: 8.7/10

Ryan C. - Buffalo Sabres
+ I like the logo, but I think it would be better to have the buffalo on top and to scrap the wordmark.
+ The font fits here well.
+ I like how the striping is the exact same on both jerseys.
+ If the Sabres want to incorporate gray into their color scheme, this is the right direction to head in.
-The gray still clashes with the white just a bit too much on the white jersey though.
-Just like last concept, the numbers are spaced too closely together, and they're also a bit too big, which cramps the name.
Overall: 8/10

Ryan C. - Ottawa Senators
+Usually this. Doesn't work, but it looks just fine to have gold only in the logos.
+Again, I like how the striping is the exact same on both jerseys, and it really helps balance the colors in this set
+Font works perfectly.
-I like how you're stepping out of the box a bit, but the front numbers just don't work here.
-Logo looks a tad big.
Overall: 8.9/10

Tyler M. - Winnipeg Jets vs Edmonton Oilers
I can only assume this is for the Heritage Classic, so I apologize if I'm wrong, and if that is the case, ignore any comments related to that.
+ I like seeing the steel drop return, and the chest stripe fits well with it
+ I especially like how it utilizes the Oilers' regular pattern
+ The Jets jersey is realistic for a heritage classic, and a nice twist on their old jersey.
-The Oilers jersey is too modern to work for a Heritage Classic though.
-The stitching should stop at the hem stripes on both jerseys, and the front inside of the jersey should not be erased.
-The numbers on the back look way too big.
-I think it would look best on the Jets jersey to keep the yoke outline consistent in width to the white hem stripe.
Overall: Execution needs some touch ups, otherwise it has a lot of potential (7/10)


And that's the last of 'em. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week.
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Burkus Circus said...

Uhhh... St. Patrick's Day jersey reviews?


GO JACKETS!!! GO MONSTERS!!! GO BUCKS (in NIT when a losing-record team is in March Madness [COUGH! *Holy Cross*]!!!

Unknown said...

Ryan Christensen's Ottawa concept for COTW

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Ryan C. for COTW

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