Thursday: Underrated Instead of Renowned

So maybe renowned isn't the best word to describe them, but otherwise the reference wouldn't have worked. If you haven't figured it out, today I'm going to talk about some jerseys that I feel are underrated.

3: Columbus Blue Jackets - Original Set

Images from gettyimages.com
I feel like I hear these jerseys get put down a lot and I don't understand why. The only complaint that I really have is that the arms of the dark jersey are quite plain. Otherwise it's quite a solid set, and one that I would take over their current set any day.

2: Minnesota Wild - Previous away

Photo from wild.nhl.com
Maybe this is just me but I really like this jersey, maybe even more than their new away. There's no denying that that one is a great design too, but I might just have a soft spot for this one. 

1: Buffalo Sabres - Buffaslug away jersey
Photo from sportsjerseypedia.com
This one I might get some slack for, but I think this one is actually a decent modern design. I thought that the home jersey would be here too, but after seeing some pictures of it again my mind changed. I feel like these jerseys may have just been misused, as opposed to actually being bad designs.


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Bradley D. - Prince George Cougars
+ I'd say it's better than what they have now
+ Alternate is a great, classic design and I really like the Prince George below the script
-Not a huge fan of the template used, and lose the piping
-Not sure what you did with the logo on the white jersey, but it doesn't look too good
Overall: 7/10

Jake C. - Cedar Rapids Roughriders
+I like the idea here, it's a good start for sure
-I'd leave the yoke and yoke outline black
-The hem trim should be filled in and the bottom stripe on the back shouldn't be curved.
-The font doesn't fit at all, and the logos are too big
Overall: 6/10

Jay S. - Russia
Solid combination of a shield, banner, and Russia's logo. The script looks a bit vertically squished inside the banner though, unless that's just me. And ID YOUR CONCEPT.
Overall: 8/10

+That's definitely an interesting design, I quite like it.
+While a usual thing, the flag stripes look solid, and they balance out the colors well.
-Logo looks a tad big
-I like the idea, but I think the gold stripes are too thin to be visible enough to really have an impact.
Overall: 8/10

Lucas D. - Hamilton Tigers
+Solid design that modernizes the old one well
+Collar suits the design well also
-The yellow on the number outlines gets lost in the white
Overall: 9/10 and my COTW nomination 

Lucas D. - LA Kings
+Return to the classic colors, Best move
+Surprisingly, I don't think I've seen this type of design before, and I like it.
+I like the mashup logo
-I think the crown hem pattern is a bit too large
-All of the numbers look a bit too big
Overall: 9/10

Vaughn R. - BCHL All Star Game/Tournament

+In something like this, none of the jerseys can clash with each other. I think you nailed it.
+All three are simple, conservative designs, which all look pretty solid.
-There are some issues with all of them though. The top jersey could use some hem stripes, the middle's hem stripe is too large, and the bottom could use a matching hem stripe.
-I see no need to have the bottom script in the logo since it's being cut off by a star
Overall: 7.5/10

Vaughn R. - USA vs Canada: BCHL All Star edition

+ I like the edit you made to the logo.
+Both simple and conservative designs again
+Not a fan of black with Canada, but I think it works here.
-The number seems to blend a bit, however, I don't really know how you could fix that so that may be the best option.
-The font doesn't fit for the USA jersey, and the jersey is a bit plain for my liking.
Overall: 7.5/10


And that's the end of it. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you again next week.
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COTW nom to Lucas D.'s Kinds concept.

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