Thursday: In My Opinion...

As most of the regular readers of this site know, us writers review these concepts based on nothing more than our opinions. The reason for that? There really isn't a way to review them any other way.

Thinking about it the other day, I realized there's only one thing that is truly objective to a hockey jersey - the execution. For those who don't know, the execution has to do with the technical aspects of a concept - the way the stitching is arranged, and in general, just having things in the right place. You can understand how that aspect is objective, since otherwise the jersey will not be constructed properly. The rest of it is truly subjective, based on nothing more than one's opinion.

However, there are many features of designs that myself, along with many others, would say makes a jersey better almost every time. Those types of features I would consider "objective" to a jersey design - things like hem stripes or jerseys that are colorful, to name a few examples. At least in my opinion, and a lot of other people's as well, that'll almost always improve a jersey design, but take note that I still said "in my opinion".

So for those of you who send concepts in, just keep this in mind, because even if we disagree with a design choice you make, that doesn't make us right and you wrong. Of course, that doesn't mean to outright ignore us either, because we do these reviews in order to help you make your concepts better, and we still know what makes a good hockey jersey more often than not.


So that's my little "rant" for today. I was honestly expecting it to be a bit longer, but I suppose it's quality, not quantity, that counts.

Voting is pretty simple this week, with only the COTW vote. Like Phil said yesterday, the minimum amount of work for this is two clicks, since you're already here reading this.

COTW March 20-26 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern) 


We can't move on to the daily concepts quite yet though. The pairs competition is not over yet, and today's presentations belong to Dylan A. & Matt M., who have created a Winter Classic concept; and Brooks F. & Ben S., who have created a Turn Back The Clock event. You can find their presentations on the HJC Design Blog, right HERE.


And now we move on to the concepts!

Alan H. - Milwaukee Admirals
+I like the obvious Nordiques reference/inspiration, although I'm not sure I understand it for Milwaukee.
+The font fits perfectly with this concept.
-There's a bit of an overload of anchors on this concept, I'd sub another logo in on the shoulders at least.
-The arms are still quite plain, they could use a bit more of a design.
Overall: 8.5/10 and my COTW Nomination

Lucas D. - Carolina Hurricanes
+The Canes have a pretty plain design currently, a new and more unique one wouldn't hurt.
+Good color balance and it plays off of the current design well.
+The font fits well - but the name could use some spacing
-The warning flag pattern would be perfect in the red of the hem stripe 
-The arm design feels disconnected from the hem design to me, but I definitely do see how you arranged it and it works.
Overall: 8/10

Ryan C. - Boston Bruins
+Yellow as the primary color looks great.
+The black "outline" around the thin stripe looks perfect and keeps the yellow and white from conflicting with each other.
+The font fits really well.
+I think the conflicting nameplates actually work here
-Not a fan of the front numbers.
-I see what you're going for, but I think the logo is too plain for a jersey set.
-I think the name on the white jersey would look better in white. The numbers are fine though.
Overall: 8/10

Tyler K. - Sudbury Wolves
+Simple, solid design
+Good logo choice. Their current one definitely needs replaced and keeping it on the alternate is a smart idea since it's the only one they've ever really used.
+Great job getting the name, captain's patch, and OHL patch to contrast well on the fauxback without it looking awkward or out of place.
-The striping pattern may be a bit too simple, not evoking any sort of identity for the team.
-The gray has some conflict issues with the blue when they touch.
-The fauxback is way too busy. I'd lose the shoulder stripes and full arm yoke, and then just extend the arm stripes to take up the full arm.
Overall: 7.5/10

Vaughn R. - Victoria Grizzlies
+It's hard for me to tell, but the Grizzlies appear to have very plain jerseys and are in need of a redesign. You took care of that here.
+I like the prominence of white on the away jersey, and it balances out the colors well.
+In most places, the yellow and white contrast pretty well. The only questionable area would be the the numbers on the away jersey and only the TV numbers on the home.
-The hem stripes should come higher up, and the gold stripe should be thicker.
-I think either the logo you used on the next concept, or the one that's inside of the roundel, would look better than the roundel itself.
Overall: 8/10

+Usually I would prefer a fresh design for an alternate, but this one is different enough to work.
+As I mentioned, I like this logo better than the roundel.
+The numbers contrast well on this concept.
+/-Same things apply to this concept as the last, such as the prominence of white and the hem stripe issue.
Overall: 8/10


And that's all! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week.
Thursday: In My Opinion... Reviewed by Bpoe on March 31, 2016 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

COTW nom to Ryan C.

Unknown said...

I'll 2nd Alan

Unknown said...

Brendan Poe, The design that Alan H. made reminds me of a similar design to a design the Admirals used in the late 80's and into the late 90's (except it was red, white and blue. Plus they had no shoulder logos)

His verion could have used more of the dark blue in the design i feel. but too many anchors.

I will third Alan's concept.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll nominate Tyler K. for COTW

JJ Anderes said...

I'll second Tyler K.

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