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With the playoffs coming up, I thought I'd discuss my favourite playoff series in recent memory. Obviously these are going to be limited to 2000-2015 since anything older I was in preschool and I can't predict the future (yet). What does make a good playoff series? It doesn't necessarily mean your team wins, but it's one that is competitive, notorious, and perhaps best of all, good looking jerseys. Some of these may call back to playoff pain, but others may call back to glory.

Let's take a look!

Toronto v. Philadelphia, 2004 Eastern Conference SF

One of the first playoff series I can remember following the entire, glued to the newspaper and tv, watching my Maple Leafs try to take on those pesky Flyers. To call that Flyers team memorable would be an understatement and for all the wrong reasons. Esche, LeClair, Desjardins, Amonte, Roenick, and others, this team were the bad guys to the Sundin led Leafs. Of course the jerseys are classic 2000s, that TML patch has a soft spot to me. That heartbreaking 3-2 OT loss at the ACC was hard enough to watch on TV, I can't imagine being there. To this day I still like playing Leafs v. Flyers in these jerseys in NHL15 and try to get that series back, even if it is just pixels.

Chicago V. Philadelphia, 2010 SCF

Photo from bigmouthsports.com
Amazing a difference 6 years makes, the Flyers go from the villains to the heroes. The Blackhawks were the stacked young team almost destined to win the cup, why the Flyers were this scrappy young team filled with likeable players, and of course the "greatest" goalie tandem in NHL history. The jerseys were two ends of the Reebok spectrum, templated/cookie cutter thing and exactly the same as pre-edge. The two teams were opposite of the spectrum in terms of their journeys to the Cup Finals, but the Flyers certainly made it interesting. I remember biking to the convince store to get groceries only to come back, book it to the basement and right as I turn the corner, Patrick Kane wins the Blackhawks the Cup. Not the way I had hoped it would go, but one I'll always remember.

Winnipeg v. Anaheim, 2015 Western Conference QF

While waiting for the Jets to return, I was a Leafs, Canucks and then Flyers fan, but once the Jets came back, I was dedicated to them fully. It was hard to first watch the Jets struggle with the Thrashers mess and playing in a division the team certainly shouldn't have been in, but they came close twice in the East. Once they went to the West though, the Jets were ready for some playoff action. Being in Halifax, and having games be at least 2 hours ahead of 7pm, it was sometimes hard to catch the games while beginning finals season, but I was out there in my Jets gear and watching every game I could. Sure it was a pipe dream to think the team would actually win, but finally seeing a White Out not in an era of Pogs was something else. I look forward to the next time the Jets make the playoffs and I can get some whiteout gear myself. Oh and Anaheim, get bent and knocked out in the QF this year by SJ or NSH.

Vancouver v. Dallas, 2007 Western Conference QF

FINALLY, ONE WHERE THE GOOD GUYS WIN (I have this problem in every sport, don't worry).  The Canucks won me over after the lockout, and while I was in reccentre basketball one night, Vancouver was beating the Stars. Sadly, being 11 and STILL having a bedtime meant you'd have to get up to watch Sportscentre a little earlier in the morning to see if the Canucks could do it, and yes, they did. Of course the Ducks would later beat the Canucks in the SF, but hey, a victory over the Stars is a victory of the Stars, at a time where they were the team to beat.

I'm sure you the reader have some playoff memories, hopefully one with a better than 25% winning percentage (I know Caz and the Blackhawks Brigade have some Ws to cheer about). Tell me about them next to your podcast question.

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On to the concepts!


Pittsburgh Penguins Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ Beautiful colours that all pop! It's funny how this colour scheme can work when balanced perfectly without looking Bruins-esque
+ The 'Canes yoke shape works pretty well
+ I'm getting a Pirates vibe from the yellow jersey which certainly would be nice to see from the Pens
+ Ryan's execution is always good!

- This concept is good, but not exciting; Realistic, but there could be so much more to it
- TV numbers are too small, only slightly
- The Pens logo in all white doesn't look bad, but it needs some yellow on it to work

Rating: 8/10

Philadelphia Flyers Concepts (By: Jay S.)

+ It'd be awesome to see a Flyers team attempt a full set based around their alternate, and to use an actual
+ Colours are well balanced to an extent, but we'll get on how I'd improve it
+ The Liberty Bell logo, even in a roundel, really works and it'd be great to see something like that used full time
+ Good execution

- This is one of those cases where the colours aren't balanced but both jerseys work. it would be nice to see how the white jersey would looks with the black and orange flipped, but to me, it looks like 2 separate jerseys, not part of a set
- The Keystone patch should be on all the jerseys

Rating: 8.5/10

Lehigh Valley Phantoms AHL Concepts (By: Bradley D.)

+ I enjoy the Phantoms using the flyers colours (+purple) and with unique striping, and Bradley is doing this pretty well on the home and road
+ The orange jersey is classic and good enough for an alternate
+ Good execution

- The shade of orange on the alternate is this really nice shade or burnt orange that works well with purple and black, but its neon looking on the home and road, I would have gone for that shade
- The socks on the home and road need more colour to match the jersey more
- The white jersey should have an orange and black hem stripe on it like on the black jersey

Rating: 7.5/10

Surrey Eagles BCHL Concepts (By: Vaughn R.)

+ I like the copious amounts of green, it makes the logo pop more
+ The old Caps numbers work for this jersey

- Blue numbers are harder to read on the green jersey than white numbers would be
- The jerseys are REALLY plain. A shoulder patch would help that a lot!
- The green jersey looks really out of place with the white yoke without the blue outline
- The way the patches are laid out is odd the SP patch under collar makes no sense since it's a Reebok template, and like in the OHL, anniversary patches tend to go under the Captain's C/A, putting in on the shoulder would work better

Rating: 5.5/10

Surrey Eagles BCHL Concept (By: Vaughn R.)

+ I dig the hem striping, it works with the arm striping on the logo

- The same problem with the SP patch under the collar
- The green numbers on a blue jersey REALLY clash hard, and aren't lined up properly
- The arms are very paint-buckety, The arms would look great if they resembled the Eagle's jersey a  little more and vertical version of the hem stripe
- Needs a shoulder patch again

Rating: 5/10

St. Louis Blues Concept (By: Lucas D.)

+ Now this is quote the striping pattern, it's very similar to the Blues jerseys now...but if you used the yoke as the base for the entire striping
+ Colours are balanced perfectly!
+ Great execution
+ It's funny how a jersey can be both modern and would fit in in almost every era in the past 60 years

- This jersey screams it needs a double blue trumpet shoulder patch

Rating: 9/10 COTW Nom. from me!


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Go Jets, Moose & Mooseheads 
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Unknown said...

COTW nom to Jay S.

Unknown said...

Canucks - Bruins 2011 Cup Finals
Leafs - Islanders 2002 (Game 4 Shawn Bates Penalty Shot to win the game, and tie the series at 2)

Zeke G said...

Cotw to Ryan C.

Ben Shaffer said...

Second for Lucas D. Blues

Unknown said...

I'll second Ryan C's Pens set for COTW

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