Wednesday: Nothing Rhymes With Orange

No seriously. Do not try. It is not possible.

Being a member of the Blue & Orange Army, we always are on the prowl for new and improved songs and chants for us. Being a soccer style supporters group we stand for 60, we chant and we sing. Far more than your average "Let's go (team name)" or "Go (team) Go" chants. We have even adopted an Islander-edited version of "Just Can't Get Enough" by Depeche Mode.

With those chants come a major road block. Most songs have lyrics that rhyme. But the use of our colors in one way prohibits this. We are forced to say "Orange and blue" instead of "blue and orange"

But why do I mention this? Well today's post has a lot of orange (and blue), including one concept that could use some more orange. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

Speaking of the blue, how about some double blue? The Chicago Express competition keeps chugging along (come on, you know I couldn't resist that joke) with this:


Phil B (HI GUYS!):

Here are your daily voting reminders.

COTW Feb 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Chicago Express entries (due Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)

A little fun poll this week too. Who had the best stadium series jersey? Believe it or not I didn't vote for the Islanders jersey, even though it's near the top for me. But maybe you guys disagree and you think the Islanders had the best Stadium Series jersey. We'll see on Saturday!

On to the concepts!

Alan S: Anaheim Ducks Concept

Well, this is, uh, different... I like it. It goes back to the days of the Mighty Ducks with its striping, except the diagonal is consistent throughout the entire jersey. The word mark logo fits perfectly here. The white jersey could use some orange in that striping, only to parallel the orange jersey. problem is that gold blends with the orange too much. Maybe add another stripe, but black? Other problem I have is the left arm's number. Going up against the striping, the white number with the gold outline gets lost up against the gold and white striping. I want to see how the back looks here, as well as the equipment. I like where this is going but it's not quite there yet. 

Orange you glad I saw this: 73%

Jamie R: Toronto Maple Leafs Concept

When the new logo came out, everybody and their mother wanted to come up with a new Leafs jersey to fit it. I like how this one works. It has the classic striping pattern from the socks reduced from three sets to two, while adding a set to the sleeve, like the current alternate, to bring it up from one to two. The blue shoulder yoke works here, yet I don't know why. Personally I think we'll see a return to the alternate from 2008 for the new set.

Doug Gilmour would be proud: 93%

Jimmy T: 2017 Winter Classic Concept (Penguins vs Flyers)

Wait a second... I know you made that yourself (Remember that stitching problem I brought up with the Sound Tigers and P-Bruins concepts?), but this Penguins jersey looks familiar. It was never actually made into production, well legally at least, but our very own Ryan Haslett designed one similar (not exactly the same so there's no problem here). Chinese counterfeiters produced Ryan's concept and made it a semi-reality. I like that numbers are where they usually are and NOT on the shoulders. Plus it uses their current font instead of the throwback front Ryan used. Hem striping is simpler to model the pure mixing of eras in Penguins history. This is a look that models the current alternate/throwback, while using the double blue from the Penguins' beginnings. I like it, better than Ryan's version actually.

As for the Flyers jersey, this is ALMOST perfect, design-wise. I'd like to see the chest stripe go all the way around. But there is nothing to hate about this jersey. The vintage white actually looks great here, while the limited black brings more of a simple look to a good fauxback. I absolutely cannot hate this. The color-on-color match-up will be a thing of beauty with these concept jerseys. I WANT TO SEE THIS ON ICE! Just clean up the stitching problem I mentioned and this wins everything.

Almost there: 85%

Lucas D: Philadelphia Flyers Concept

Uh, wow. This is definitely a modern look. Light blue actually looks good here believe it or not. Flyers fans may think its blasphemous to have their colors be blue and orange, but it works. I'm not feelinng the modern hem stripe, as it throws off the balance of the jersey. Maybe no hem stripe at all would be better? Shoulder yoke on the white jersey throws off the color balance, because of the striping pattern. Black with orange outline would work better. Execution note: the white jersey's collar isn't properly recolored. the front is black and orange and the back is white and blue. I liked where this was going but maybe back up a bit and try something else to improve this. Throw in some equipment too.

Not ready for flight: 67%

Ryan G: Star Wars Resistance

Another Ryan?

Everybody likes to try to model a Star Wars concept that can be used in the Star Wars Universe, unlike those R2-D2 specialty jerseys you see in minor hockey all the time. I like the orange and black scheme here as it models the uniforms they wear as they fight the First Order in the air, but maybe add some white in there, as they do wear white helmets as they fly the X-Wing fighters. Kind of has that vibe I get from the Islanders' first Edge jerseys. Phantom menace, I mean yoke and different colored sleeves. It's a decent look but not one I'd go with. No need to have a different color on the very top of the socks.

The Force is strong with this one: 77%

Ryan G: Star Wars First Order Concept

Come to the Dark Side. They have a jersey too, and it screams Atlanta Thrashers, which I assume is your inspiration for this. I like it. The sleeve number in the hexagon on the right arm is fantastic, albeit small. Only thing about this I don't like is the hem pattern. It doesn't fit. If you really want an angled hem stripe, make it parallel to the logo. I would've kept the consistency with the striping of the arms pants and socks and put that on the hem instead. Same thing about the socks as previous. Manufacturer logo is too high.

The Force is slightly stronger here: 78%

Zeke G: Hamilton Bulldogs

This is 10 times better than any of the finalists they used in their own redesign competition. That competition was embarrassingly sad. These are the exact opposite. Traditional striping, clean cut and well produced. Maybe add an outline or two to the numbers? Execution notes: OHL logo on the white jersey should be the shade of blue used on the jersey, not the pure OHL logo. CCM should replace Reebok. Stitching ends at the hem stripes, it does not continue below it.

Hey Bulldog: 80%

The winner of my COTW Nomination is: Jamie R and his Toronto Maple Leafs Concept!

OK, ride is over. You may get off now. We'll do another go around next week. Stay tuned for BPoe96 tomorrow at 4:30.

Until next week, leave the stupid jokes to me.
Wednesday: Nothing Rhymes With Orange Reviewed by Unknown on February 24, 2016 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

Lucas D for COTW

BRX said...

Alan S for COTW

Unknown said...

Alan S. For COTW

Zeke G said...

I'll 2nd Jamie R for COTW. Really solid jersey!

Does "door hinge" rhyme with orange?

Unknown said...

I'll second Jamie R. for COTW.

Ben Shaffer said...

Third for Jamie R.

Burkus Circus said...

Blornge. Yes this is a real word, look it up in the dictionary if you want.
(I'm not 100% sure on the spelling, but I know it exists, and the little red squiggly line didn't show up, so, yeah.)


JJ Anderes said...

Sporange, a sac where spores are made.

Unknown said...

What part of don't even try do you guys not understand? Alright fine. I still can't use any of those suggestions for chants.

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