Tuesday: Maple Leafs Galore!

Afternoon everybody. Welcome back to HJC or welcome if this is your first time here. He have a lot of Leafs concepts today, so I'm going to do things a little different. But before we get to that, I want to talk about two throwback jerseys to the 90's that happened over the weekend.

From canucks.nhl.com
First, we have the Vancouver Canucks in their 1994 uniforms in the Edge template, which I must say looks really good. In fact, I'd like to see these worn as an alternate, much like the Coyotes do with their 90's jerseys from last year. There are some minor differences between the original and Edge version. Those being the hem stripe is curved to match the bottom of the edge template and the collar is slightly different.

From moosehockey.com
The other Throwback game this past weekend was the Manitoba Moose. They wore their 1996 inaugural season jerseys (they were in Minnesota prior to moving to Manitoba). These look to be a exact replica of the originals and not a variation of it as seen with the Canucks throwback above. This jersey as well looks wonderful and it would be nice to see the moose have an alternate jersey with an updated version of the original logo, or even just make this on the Edge template.

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Now that my little rant is done, onto the non Toronto Maple Leafs concepts!

Jay Schreyer- Florida Panthers Primary
Positives: After the leaked reports of new Florida Panthers' uniforms, this is a good concept that follows those details. The chest stripe looks very nice with the Panthers logo you put together. I also like you taking the alternate logo and mixing it with the Florida state flag. Also, I see no serious issues with the layout of the jersey.
Negatives: The red and white stripes on the pants look completely separate from the whole uniform itself. I don't see a problem doing a striping pattern similar to the sleeves on the sides of the pants but on a much smaller scale or even using yellow instead of white like you did in the alternate jersey concept below. What you have now is just not good enough for this jersey.
Overall: 7.75/10 

 Jay Schreyer- Florida Panthers Third
 Positives: Going with a Fauxback style was a good choice on the third jersey. It brings a similar style of the Panthers' pre-Edge uniforms with a new twist. Also, since you are paying homage to the original jerseys, it makes sense as to why the sleeve numbers are so far down, otherwise I would say put them up near the yoke where they usually are.
Negatives: Only complaint is that the crest patch (main logo) feels a tad too big on the front.

And now for the Toronto Maple Leafs Concepts!

David Kerr- Toronto Maple Leafs Home
 Positives: Using the classic round collar really worked for this concept. it gives the jersey a classic feel. The classic template may also add to that. All and all this jersey keeps true to the Maple Leaf brand with a simplistic yet effective design
Negatives: The back numbers look a little too big for the jersey.
Overall: 6/10

David Kerr- Toronto Maple Leafs Road
 Positives: I'm going to say about the same applies to this concept as the last one but the blue yoke does give this concept a different feel to it.
Negatives: Same negatives apply to this concept as they did for the home jersey.
Overall: 6/10

Ryan Haslett- Toronto Maple Leafs
 Positives: We see the same striping style on this design as we did the last two designs. This is a very good look for the Leafs and with this modern style Yoke helps this jersey come into the modern day of hockey jerseys while paying homage to the teams one hundred year tradition.
Negatives: Don't really see anything negative here. maybe the numbers could do a double outline to give the jersey a more modern feel?
Overall: 8/10

Ryan Christensen- Toronto Maple Leafs
 Positives: Ryan C decided to go with the rumored logo idea for the Maple Leafs with his concept. What works is the fact that it's simple, but at the same time it's not a design ever to be used by the Maple Leafs, which is nice. Also, The concept of having the numbers at the bottom left of the jersey is a really interesting idea you have and really adds to the uniqueness of the jersey set.
Negatives: What concerns me about those numbers at the bottom of the hem is about visibility. What if a play tucks his jersey in on that side? That's something you have to think about when you come up with a concept such as that.
Overall: 8.5/10 TML COTW NOMINEE

Mario Ardais- Toronto Maple Leafs
 Positives: Mario uses some varying striping to and shoulder yokes to come up with a new design for the Maple Leafs and this design works well with the new logo.
Negatives: Using the blue Maple leaf on the blue jersey does not look good on a concept like that. It get's lost in all that blue in the middle with all the white surrounding it. The font for the numbers is also something you should look at changing. The numbers look huge on the back in that font.
Overall: 7/10

Well That's all the concepts we have for this lovely Tuesday. Some of you may say that it's not fair to have a COTW nominee for non Toronto Maple Leafs concepts and one for the five Maple Leafs concepts I have, but it felt awkward having to pair in the Panthers concepts with a bunch of Maple Leafs concepts. So to clarify, this was a one-off style. I will not be doing another two COTW picks again. Sorry but that's how it is.

Have a good rest of the week and I'll see everybody here this time next week! 
Tuesday: Maple Leafs Galore! Reviewed by Steve Marc on February 16, 2016 Rating: 5


Zeke G said...

I second Ryan C's TML concept for COTW

Ryan said...

Two COTW mom's are not permitted for one person in a post, so I am counting the Panthers one as the actual nomination.

Steve Marc said...

I will Second my choice as the Panthers concept.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll actually 2nd Ryan C.

Steve Marc said...

Sorry I didn't clarify my actual Nomination. When it came down to it the Panther's concept just stuck out more to me, but I will say Ryan C did an Excellent job with his Maple Leafs concept.

Tristan M said...

I'll nominate Ryan H's Leafs concept, I think a similar road version would be the ideal set going forwards

Unknown said...

I'll 2nd Mr. Haslett

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