Thursday: Throwback Thursday

I know what you guys are probably thinking, "How many times has he used that title?", and yeah, I've probably used that title before- possibly multiple times. But it fits yet again, so oh well. 

As most- if not all of you- know by now, the Maple Leafs unveiled their new logo on Tuesday night. If you want to see it go check yesterday's post, but I love it. Great classic look, with subtle yet effective nods to their past. While some may say that honoring Stanley Cup victories in logos gives off the mentality that they won't win any more, I disagree completely. I think that it's more of just honoring the history of what they have won, as opposed to thinking it will stay like that for a while. And if teams who do this win another one, I'm sure the logo will either be changed, or that feature in the logo will no longer have the same meaning anymore. Simple as that.


And continuing the throwback theme, I figured I'd continue what I started last week, but count down my top Winter Classic matchups instead.

3: 2012
Photo from nydailynews.com
While this matchup may or may not have looked better with the Rangers in regular white, they were both some great jerseys all around, and both of them were new designs as well. The Rangers one especially stands out since they usually do not have any sort of logo on the jersey, only a diagonal wordmark.

2: 2008
Photo from penguins.nhl.com
Maybe I'm biased because of the Penguins, but it's hard to argue these both aren't great looking jerseys regardless. Especially considering that at the time, the Edge takeover was in its first season, and the Pens and Sabres uniforms were...not exactly the best. This game was a "breath of fresh air" for both teams when it comes to uniforms.

1: 2014
Photo from espn.go.com
This ones a hard one not to love. One thing that pops immediately is that it's a color on color matchup, a rarity in the NHL unfortunately. Aside from that, both some great, classic designs, and the Detroit jersey is a nice fauxback.


There are some things that happen only once a year- like birthdays, holidays, and when we name our top concept of the year. Of course we can't do that for 2016 yet, but we still have to finish up the 2015 vote, and your vote now means more than ever. So go leave your vote for the 2015 COTY, and while you're at it drop by the COTW vote. Ah 2015, I remember it like it was last year...
2015 Concept of the Year vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Jan 23-30 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Jonathan H. - Blainville-Boisbriand Armada
This concept is another stolen concept, from the same person's Soo Greyhounds concept, but with one change here. Said change makes it a bit unique, but I wouldn't necessarily say it's a great change. 

Overall: It's mostly stolen, so it gets a (0/10)

Jonathan H. - Val-d'Or Foreurs
Like I had mentioned (if you saw the post before this edit), I had some hesitation reviewing this one. It also appears to be stolen from this concept, by Dylan Nowak/Wonka. I can see the resemblance, but there are also some areas that set them apart, so judge that as you will. Also, thank you to "Ty" in the comments for pointing this out.

Overall: 0/10

Dylan T. - Buffalo Sabres
Colors: Vibrant blue and yellow is so much better than what they use now, and the elimination of gray is something they really need.
Design: Seemingly a callback to previous designs, and pretty simple overall. Solid look.
Execution: The arm stripes are larger than the hem stiles, and while that's probably intentional, it's better to keep them the same. The back numbers are also too big -they need more space.

Overall: 8.5/10

Lucas D. - Minnesota North Stars
Colors: Similar to the one previous concept, color schemes like this are underrated. I think the black as an accent color looks much better with brighter greens and yellows, so it's a bit disappointing that you left it out on the home/away set.
Execution: Numbers are still a bit too big.
Design: Another simple design. I like the black alternate's "gradient stripes" though, and the white logo really pops there.

Overall: 8/10

Unknown Jake C. - All Star Game
First off, ADD ID. Without seeing the name on the file, I would have no idea who made this.
Design: This is basically just a paint bucket filled Flames jersey, so that's going to drag it down a lot. Not creative much at all, and out of anything you can paint bucket fill, I'm not sure how the Flames design won out, but if you like that template then to each their own I guess.
Logo: I like the idea of taking the "NHL" out of the shield for the crest, but the "all stars" below just seems tacked on.
Execution: Unless you're going for a really weird and crazy design, the tv numbers need to be rotated to match the arm.
Typography: That font doesn't fit on a hockey jersey at all. It's hard to go wrong with something like a block font.

Overall: Most of the points are lost on creativity, but aside from that, it's a start (4/10)

Chris W. - Eastern Illinois Panthers
Design: Simple pattern again. I like the white hem on the blue jersey, white hems/cuffs on dark jerseys is one of my favorite looks. The double chest stripe on the alternate gives off a really vintage vibe as well.
Colors: The blue on this concept is a great shade, and the subtle lighter blue accents look great. The vintage white works perfectly on the alternate here, for once I'm not sure if the regular white would be better.
Logos: Good logo choice, and the roundel works amazing on that jersey.
Execution: Names are a bit small on all the jerseys.

Overall: 9/10

Lucas D. - St. Louis Blues
Effectiveness: This concept literally made me say to myself "what the hell" When I first saw it. This definitely would work for a 90s jersey, aside from the fact that it's an edge cut.
Presentation: I really like the edited screencap of sportslogos.net, and it's also an indirect way of saying this concept is supposed to be set in the 90s, wether that was intentional or not.
Colors: The colors are the main thing that gives this 90s look, as these are some colors I could really only imagine being used then.
Design: The design is pretty simple at its base, but the inside stripes that draw from the logo are a great touch, I'd love to see something like that today- in their current colors though of course.

Overall: 9.5/10 and my COTW nomination.


That's all folks. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week.
Thursday: Throwback Thursday Reviewed by Bpoe on February 04, 2016 Rating: 5


Caz said...

Lucas's Blues concept is freaking rad. I'm seconding that for COTW. More of that, please.

Unknown said...

I'll 3rd Lucas

winnipegjets96 said...

I love the Rangers Winter Classic jersey, the Winter Classic was criminally underrated
I'll 3rd Lucas D, the striping alone is good...
But I love the teal....It's so bad

Ty said...

Jonathan H.'s Val d'or is stolen too. This is Dylan Wonka/Nowak's London Knights concept being recoloured and with a new logo. Look up ohl redesign. It's the second concept to come up.

Anonymous said...

@Ty that is so true. Just the colours are pretty much all that is different

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