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Welcome to another Monday post on HJC!

More minor league jerseys have been unveiled or I've just discovered them. Let's check them out once again, this time there'll be more diversity in leagues. I'm rating them only from 6/10 up, anything worse and it gets a bad joke/10.

Stockton Heat have unveiled a black jersey, something we thought Calgary would have unveiled by now, but frankly, it looks like Stockton did it better than Calgary could have.

Image from Stockton Heat Official Twitter

Funny enough, it is just a Calgary template, but in black, but it's the minor details I quite like. The white numbers are S logo look fantastic. Honestly, it works better than the red C and red numbers. The gold doesn't really work, and the hem would be better with a stripe and not the side things. The tie down is also unnecessary.

Rating: 8/10

While this technically was unveiled months ago, the Adirondack Thunder, formerly of Stockton, have weird jerseys. I went on their shop page to see what they wore and one thing intrigued me, you'll see what I mean.

Photo from ECHLTunder.com

Notice the hem sticking out like Ronald McDonald's hem...yeah...this is an odd one. The arms are Calgary copies, and the flags match that, but the hem is bright yellow and red. Wouldn't it make more sense to match the arms or use this yellow and red on the arms? It looks unfinished. 

Rating: Dollar Menu/10

In the WHL, the Victoria Royals have an alternate that is..well...creepy honestly. I'm totally on favour of the team having a black jersey, but this logo looks something you see in a fever dream

Photo from victoriaroyals.com

Sure, I guess it's supposed to be a lion, and to be fair, the main and mouth look fine, but those damn eyes. On their primary, the eyes are red to make them stand out. On this logo they're grey and makes the face look something from ghostbusters or at least make it look made of stone...in other words possessed or dead. The jersey itself is boring, copying Minnesota's away, and the blue bleeds into the black

Rating: Limestone/10

THIS IS IT, everyone. The vote of the year is here, the COTW final. John Scott is voting in this, Gary Bettman will actually put these options on the online voting poll but you don't need to go far to vote, it's on the right hand side of your page, there's 2 choices. Ryan C, who rose to power last year and has become one of HJC's finest in the course of a year, improving dramatically and showing what hard work, practice and taking criticism constructively does for your concepts. Justin C. has been in almost every COTY vote since the idea began. He's the 1983 Islanders, to Ryan's 1983 Oilers. We'll continue to see these two artists on the blog, but it's time to decide which artist gets the crown. YOU DECIDE

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On to today's 7 concepts


Syracuse Orange NCAA Concepts (By: Mario A.)

+ I do like the colour balancing here, it's done pretty well, and while the team is called the Orange, I've always preferred them in blue

- NOB is too close to the yoke
- TV numbers, Primary logo  and captain's C are too small
- The shoulders REALLY need a shoulder patch, otherwise it looks too plain
- Overall, they're good really but bland jerseys

Rating: 5.5/10

Edmonton Oilers Concepts (By: Alan S.)

+ Always a fan of the Oilers in navy, and I like the emphasis on white on the home jersey, it makes the orange stand out more despite there being less of it
+ I get a nice WHA feel from these jerseys
+ Decent execution

- Don't forget to stop the stitching at the hem stripes
- Captains patch, NOB and primary logo are too small
- Putting piping on the arms of the blue jersey looks great, but rarely do teams put a hem stripe and hem piping together, without trying to blend them together

Rating: 7.75/10

Anaheim Ducks Concept (By: Glen W.)

+ It's an ambitious concept to say the least, and I actually like the way the jade, eggplant and white look on the arms and hem, it's trippy
+ Also ambitions to put the movie logo and the script on the meh, it kind of works honestly
+ Execution is getting better, Glen

- Orange does NOT of with the jade & eggplant, it isn't the worst thing, and it works better than black but perhaps using another colour would work better
- The numbers are too close to the collar on the arms
- The striping on the hem looks lumpy and asymmetrical

Rating: 7/10

Colorado Selects Concepts (By: Jack P.)

I had to Google this team, they are a youth AAA team girls hockey team in Colorado. Their current logos and jerseys do not look bad at all for a youth AAA team (especially considering it doesn't copy and existing team) but there's always room for improvement.

+ I really like the ties to Colorado, like the double blue and altered Rockies/Avs logo on the alternates
+ A team calle selects does have a patriotic ring to it, and I like it to an extend
+ Decent execution

- Logos are all incredibly generic, which I don't mind too much considering the level, but it isn't an improvement over the originals
- Same for the colour schemes
- All the jerseys have been recoloured in paint on a non-paint template, meaning that there's all the loose pixels which hurt the otherwise decent execution
- tv numbers

Rating: 5.5/10 *Check out the tutorial section and the templates section to find what you need to improve

Ottawa 67s OHL Concept (By: Nathan N.)

+ A jersey that uses the 67s gaudy puck logo halfway decently...I'm impressed by that alone
+ Colours are balanced perfectly
+ Good execution
+ It's a small thing, but I love the two tone collar and phantom yoke, it gives it reasons o exist

- Putting 97 PLAYER on the back is suspect you took the numbers from a Sportslogos.net jersey. It isn't huge, but you can EASILY use the templates section and do it yourself. If you didn't that's good but you'll understand why I suggest this

Rating: 8.5/10

Les Apaches France Concepts (By: Max H.)

+ I really like all the native symbolism all over the jersey, the beige jersey, the dreamcatcher shoulder patch, the font and the feathers on the stripes look great and pretty tasteful
+ Great colour choices
+ Also great custom logo, it is clearly based on the Frölunda Indians of the SEL, but altered enough I'd call it semi original
+ Good execution

- The helmet should have a logo on it
- TV numbers?

~What leagues is this for? I'd be interested in knowing

Rating: 9/10 COTW nom from me

Vancouver Canucks Concept (By: Justin S.)

+ I love this..if I had to guess based on some hockey cards I have....1971/72 Canucks look, and they should do a throwback to this at some point soon
+ Good idea using the modern VC and stick in rink, but also using the 70s A
+ also like the lack of NOB
+ Good execution

- Arm stripes are WAY TOO BIG
- I'd reverse the green and white, otherwise the jersey looks to gaudy and dark
- Primary logo is smaller than the arm logos

Rating: 7.5/10


That's the post!
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Go Jets, Moose & Mooseheads! 
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Unknown said...

Woow thanks a lot !

This is a concept for a kids team that will play an annual international tournament in GAP, France: The Bauer Litle Champion Trophy !

I'll be posting more concept ;)

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