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I'm back in Halifax and had plans to again respond to Caz's top 5 list but....I totally 90% agree with him. The jerseys he listed were the worst in the NHL, though I think one that may drives me nuts more than Calgary's cluttered mess.

5. Anaheim Ducks

Photo from: Montrealgazette.com

In all seriousness, this jersey would be one of my favourites, it is a colourful jersey that has a good pattern and is one of the few cases where the white jersey could be better than the coloured one...well..minus one issue. THE DAMN ORANGE CUFFS & SIDES. The balancing is off so much, the cuffs and sides should match the yoke and/or be inverted of the primary colour of the dark jersey..which in this case is black. Simple fix, pisses me off to no end. Is the Flames jersey technically worse?....maybe, but these jerseys really do hurt because they're so close to being perfect. It's like being disappointed in a kid who gets straight As and then gets a C because they rushed through the test and made stupid mistakes.

What else to talk about this week? Maybe the elephant in the Hamilton? Okay, let's look at what the Bulldogs picked from their fan design contest. Josiah B had one of my favourite Bulldogs concepts, and I like their 1996/97 jerseys...How will they improve on those?..or will they?...you probably know the answer...

Photo from hamiltonbulldogs.com

Let's go through these one at a time and see what we've got here:

1. Penguins alternate/1991 clone, not very original but I get why the team wants to go for a Tiger Cats/Hamilton Canucks look since, like Pittsburgh, the city has a history with these colours 
2. YAWN, looks like the Rangers and Whales bred in 1998 to have this and bulldogs fell on the front. It's also weird seeing the Bulldog in silver. It isn't too bad but still looks off to me
3. WOW, what do we have here. There's no arm stripe, the arms are basically bare, the underside of the yoke has a dark grey triangle, lots of grey. I like it..I honestly do...it's so bad.

But in all seriousness, this will INSPIRE, the next jerseys, so my vote will go to 2 or 3 because both are slightly original and are only most likely gonna have the colour scheme used. I actually do like the triangle things on the orange jersey without the grey sides and yokes, and an actually striping pattern would make it very original and colourful. Especially if the Firebirds don't last and/or move to Belleville.

My real pick for the Bulldogs would be to go back to 1996/97 and wear their Oilers copy jerseys, that ended up looking better in the AHL. It's amazing this is the 3rd version of the Bulldogs and they've used one logo throughout and still looks good.

Image from sportslogos.net

This next part is awesome. I was a huge fan of the Chicago Express's logos and colour scheme during their only season. I love any logo that does a train well. Let's look at the entries that have come in so far...

Zeke G.

Also don't forget to vote for COTW, we got 3 great concepts to vote for.

COTW Feb 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Chicago Express entries (due Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)

On to the concepts!


Team Sweden Concept (By: William B.)

+ I really like how modern this concept is. People tend to play it safe with Sweden as they've never really had an "out there" jersey
+ The chest stripe gradient has been done perfectly
+ Good logo choices
+ Like the idea of a white alternate
+ Good execution

- The font, while really creative and unique, doesn't go with either of the logos or striping
- Hem stripe should be slightly thicker

Rating: 8.75/10

Wheeling Nailers Concept (By: Jake C.)

+ I dig the Nailers using Vegas gold, it works well with their logo when the colours are inverted
+ The numbers in the arm striping look okay
- The nails on the front are growing on me

- There's a lot of execution errors that keep me from liking this concept more. The logos are really pixelated, along with the numbers, name and nail
- The inside of the collar should be black to match the yoke
- The little white square on the back of the jersey shouldn't be there
- There should be nails on the back, I don't think it wouldn't be over crowded
- A small gripe, but logos with scripts under them work as primary, but rarely on the actual jerseys

Rating: 5.25/10

Vancouver Canucks Concepts (By Jared L.)

+ Jared's execution is certainly improving, keep this up!
+ I really like seeing the 40th anniversary jersey in blue and with a name on the back, but also the inverted colour version of the modern stick in rink logo, which is something I haven't seen, looks awesome

- The tv numbers are much too small and are too spread apart
- A Jonny Canuck V or VC shoulder patch would be perfect
- Tv numbers/captain's C are too small and the NOB is too large
- The concept is very small and would look better and easier to review if it were a larger image

Rating: 6.5/10

Las Vegas Wranglers Concepts (By: Brooks F.)

+ Brooks really knows how to make good looking unique modern striping patterns this patter is absolutely gorgeous
+ The Wranglers have had a lot of logos, and while I like parts of the casino theme, I love the western logos and these logos go together perfectly
+ The way the colours are balanced reminds me of the Sabres red jersey
+ Great execution

No complaints

Rating: 10/10 COTW Nom from me

Mississippi River Kings Concepts (By: Caz W.)

+ Very nice striping pattern, I love the peak on the arms that look like wave? Still awesome
+ Great colour balancing, minus one thing
+ The unique font for the NOB and numbers look great and match the logo
+ I like the Caz is sharing these "behind the scenes" concepts that could have been used, frankly I like these more than were used but behind the scene concepts give us a look into the design process that we usually only get glimpses of

- The yellow shoulder patch and NOB on the white jersey are hard to read, changing those and the collar to black would make it better
- The pants are pretty plain, but I get this may not have been Caz's choice

Rating: 9.75/10

Mississippi River Kings Concepts (By: Caz W.)

+ I like the early 2000s Pens esque striping which looks much better with the yellow
+ A lot of the pluses from the previous jersey carry over, especially the better than what they went with
+ Great execution

- I would prefer on the white jersey the yellow and white swap on the arms and hem
- Same thing with the name and shoulder patches, which I looked and it is on the jerseys they went with

Rating: 9.25/10

Washington Capitals Concept (By: Zeke G.)

+ The striping and stars on this jersey has an appealing vintage vibe to it, but is original, I would have preferred this to the current red alternate
+ Weagle looks great on a chest stripe
+ I also dig the oversized tv numbers and NOB, this is how to do them right
+ IF this is a stadium series concept, I really dig this for that type of game
+ Good execution

- If this isn't meant to be a SS jersey, the NOB is too large
- The pants need some striping or stars
- Sock stripes are too thin

Rating: 9/10


That's the post
Don't forget to vote and work on your Chi-town Express jerseys 
Have a great week
Go Moose, Mooseheads & Jets!
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Caz said...

Yeah, the plain black equipment and yellow names/shoulder patches were requests of the team.

The RiverKings new colors pop on the ice a lot better than the old color scheme, but the yellow text is lost on the gold jerseys from more than 20 feet.

RiverKings ownership didn't like the lack the horizontal striping. I could see that they wanted something very traditional, and bowed out. They didn't need me if they just wanted a conservative design with just a couple horizontal stripes.

Their ownership did hire some good people a couple years ago who became the catalyst behind their new colors, logo change, and new font. They've got some really great elements to their new branding, they just need some equally unique jerseys.

winnipegjets96 said...

thanks for the info Caz! It's a shame they passed on either of these concepts, the actual jerseys were a big disappointment, especially the white one. The logo is fantastic. You're right! It needs a good, unique jersey.

Richard Lewis said...

I'd like to nominate nate g's caps jersey for cotw

Zeke G said...

The last Washington Capitals concept is actually mine, not Nate G's.

winnipegjets96 said...

Sorry Zeke, I thought I fixed that typo

Zeke G said...

No worries!

Unknown said...

I agree on the Ducks with just the jersey. Granted, I don't think it's 5th worst. However, on ice with the black pants I like them a bit more. On their own, I agree the orange throws the balance off. With the whole uniform though I think it works better.

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