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Since we've been doing a few "what works & what doesn't work" lists on this blog for the past couple weeks, and I thought I'd continue it this week. Let's look at how equipment can make or break a jersey. Last week, Dylan N. brought up in the comments how Anaheim's away looks better with the gear and the all black gear helps to balance the colours better, which is true, look at how good it looks with John Gibson's black pads. Anaheim isn't the only case. Using the right colour pants, helmet etc. can save an otherwise meh jersey, or hurt a jersey's colour balancing.

Done Right

Buffalo Sabres Away

Photo from sabrenoise.com

One jersey that I might have added to my worst away jerseys list was the current buffalo away. Aside from the yoke, there isn't nearly enough blue in the striping. It's mixed in with the white and grey that throughs off this jersey on its own that makes it look much too light. The blue pants and gloves act as an extended blue cuffs/hem that balance the colours much better than just the jersey on its own. The grey pits and side curve piping should go, but the gear really makes this jersey look better in action...even when the team doesn't...

Chicago Blackhawks Stadium Series '16

Photo from: committedindians.com

I was very skeptical of this jersey when it first came out. I though it looked....weird, not bad but weird. I was pleased with the amount of black, but the collar thing and lack of hem stripe, it felt empty. With the gear, the jersey looked like something from the 20s, it's beautiful the logos and red stripe standout against all the black around it, which again, looked better with the gear. I think a lot better of this jersey than I did at the unveiling. I'd consider getting one...if I had to get a Hawks jersey and I didn't have to pay for it.

Flying V

Photo from forums.canucks.com

These jerseys certainly were not good, but were an interesting experiment in a time in hockey that needed these jerseys to shake things up. The teams were usually playoff worthy, which helped their cause, but on their own, the jerseys don't hold up. The V on the pants really works to the jersey's benefit, and acts as a continuation of the arm V. I'm not saying these jerseys are good, but they really look better with the full uniform. 

Done Oh So Wrong

1994-95 Winnipeg Jets

Photo from hfboard.hockeysfuture.com

These are some of my favourite jerseys ever, and the red pants looked gorgeous....however the Jets in their second to final year got curious and tired something I have only ever seen on the Kitchener Rangers...red helmets on a blue jersey. It didn't work. I'll admit it may have been worth a try and was cool seeing, but it proved to throw off the red on the jersey and made the Jets look like a beer league team rather than the best team in the NHL...sort of. This is something you'd expect the Jets AHL team to do to distinguish them from the Jets in a way, which neither the Moncton Hawks nor Springfield Falcons did.

Carolina Hurricanes Home

Photo from senshot.com

Yeah, the Hurricanes have had this problem for a while. Going all red with your whole kit works for Detroit, but for Carolina, with the lack of black or silver on the jersey, the word blood clot comes to mind. Black pants would work much better, or even a black helmet. It might throw off the white jersey a bit, but it would still look better than the Hurricanes do now at home.

Any jersey With White Pants

Photo from CBSsports.com

Photo from novacapsfan.com

It's a unique idea that works on paper, but in reality, as anyone who's gone to East Side Marios in a white shirt will know, white stains really easily. With hockey players tumbling and falling and slamming and sliding all over the ice, their pants get dirty, and go to off white, light grey to eventually grey skid marks up the sides and back. It makes them look like they got them from a thrift store. It did look okay for the Caps, but it never lasts for that reason. They look like they smell like smoker.

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Team Denmark Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

+ Hmm..considering one of the Jets future stars (Ehlers) is Danish, and it's not an exact copy, I like the striping
+ Great logo choices
+ It might seem hard not to balance 2 colours, but the colours are balanced perfectly on each jersey
+ Major improvement over their current jerseys
+ Great execution

- I'm split on whether there should be some black on the jersey, but one place it would be good would be on the numbers

Rating: 9.5/10 COTW Nom. from me

Yugra-Khanty Mansiysk KHL Concepts (By: Zack M.)

+ While it's not a major improvement, I'd say these jerseys are a good westernization
+ The striping is like a mix between the Jets & Maineacs
+ Good colour balancing, love seeing as much green as possible

- a shoulder patch & tv numbers would make this concept look better
- Remember to stop the vertical stitching at the hem striping
- On the home jersey, the hem piping in white doesn't really work, it only works if there is no striping or if it is a part of the striping
- primary logo is a too large
- NOB is too low set and the numbers are too small

Rating: 5.5/10

Toronto Titans NWHL Expansion Concepts (By: Brooks F.)

+ Always a plus when someone creates their own logos, and while these logos are simple, they'd be a nice addition to the NWHL
+ Great colour balancing
+ Love the striping pattern, I think think an octagonal pattern was possible but Brooks pulls it off nicely
+ Great execution

- I know these are supposed to be the only Canadian team in an American league, but the flag patches never really work

Rating: 9.25/10

All Star Game 20XX Concepts (By: Jared L.)

+ Well, you can't call these jerseys boring, they certainly are colourful and easy to tell apart

- The image is really small and hard to see some of the detail in the font
- As for the font, I can appreciate you want to be unique but I can't read the atlantic jersey at all, and rarely do hyphenated jerseys work ever
- All the jerseys are templates from 8 years ago (Thrashers 3rd, Nashville, Dallas & Thrashers away) which don't really have any unifying theme, the top two's schemes could work, but the Pacific division is a mess,
- Using actual logos instead of typeface on paint work work a lot better

Rating: 4/10

Philadelphia Flyers Concept (By: Jamie R.)

+ I get a Cleveland Brownies vibe from these jerseys, but that does work for the Flyers
+I by no means think every team should do this but the Adidas 3 stripes work in this jerseys favour
+ Good colour balancing, it's like the old black pre edge jerseys with some much needed orange
+ Good execution

- I get Jamie wanted to used a bell logo, but this jersey would look better with a regular Flyers logo

Rating: 8.75/10

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept (By: Lucas D.)

+  Love the Ohio flag reference on the jersey, this something they should do full time
+ Good colour balancing
+ This would make a great 3rd jersey, and finally makes good use of the swooshing flag logo
+ Good execution

- Cannon logo shoulder patch is a must
- Blue cuffs on the end of the arms with a white space in-between the ohio stripes would make this jersey perfect

Rating: 8.5/10

Toronto Maple Leafs Concept (By: Noah B.)

+ Love the striping with the current shoulder patch
+ It's funny but I love the lack of an NOB
+ While the primary logo is plain, it works really well with the jersey
+ Good execution

- Inside of the collar should be blue
- Try this concept with the current Leafs logo and the new one

Rating: 8/10

That's the post
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Have a great week
Go Jets, Moose & Mooseheads
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Unknown said...

Taylor Roy for COTW.

Jlnhlfan said...

The templates were to represent a team in each division:

The Atlantic Division is represented by the Montreal Canadiens.
The Pacific Division is represented by the Los Angeles Kings.
The Metropolitan Division is represented by the Philadelphia Flyers.
The Central Division is represented by the Nashvile Predators.

I intended the jerseys to look modern. Also, those jerseys were a concept for the All Star Game competition a while back.

Unknown said...

The jersey actually started out as Canada, but I felt it better suited a country with a dual color scheme.

winnipegjets96 said...

@Taylor, I can see what you mean. If it were to be a Canada jersey, it'd be a decent throwback with the giant reebok logos and of course the blue pants

@Jared- I can see the Montreal now in the Atlantic jersey, from the 100th anniversary jersey. The problem with the templates chosen is that they're all from jerseys no longer used, and 3/4 of them were much worse than what the respective teams wear. I'd like to see you redo this concept with your new skills and with a better choice in template. That'd be interesting to see.

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