Friday: Alternate Equipment

Hello folks!  As you know we've had alternate jerseys in the NHL for a couple of decades now, but the Nashville Predators did something new this year by using a yellow alternate helmet.  That got me think about what other teams could use alternate equipment to add a bit more variety in their uniforms.  I think both the Hurricanes and Lightning could use existing equipment to create an alternate uniform set.

The Hurricanes could use their home jerseys and socks, with the black equipment from their third jersey to create an additional "look" for them.  I'd think it be interesting to see for a handful of games each year.

That idea would also work for the Lightning, blue jerseys and socks with the black gear from their third jersey.  It's a long season, why not switch it up once in a while?

A few other teams could copy Nashville by creating new alternate gear including...

- Maroon pants to go with the Coyotes white jersey (I wouldn't mind seeing that full time with their white jersey).
- A green helmet for Dallas.
- The Flyers rocking an orange bucket.
- Teal lids for the Sharks.

What do you think of these ideas?  Leave your opinions in the comments.

In other news, don't forget that the Canucks will be wearing these awesome throwback jerseys tommorow...


Vote, don't vote, I don't care.  We've decided the 2015 COTY, and the 2016 winner won't be decided for another 12 months.  I'm not even going to bother with those silly colourful banners.

Edit:  Okay Ryan just called me and said I still had to include voting reminders (he seemed pretty mad).  He also wanted me to remind you that the deadline to get your entries in for White Jersey Competition is today at 10:59pm EST.  Please vote so I don't get in trouble!

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Here are the White Jersey Competition entries that have come in since the last post...

by Ben S:

by Bradley D:

by Caz W:

by Chase C:

by Jake M:

by Jarret T:

by Jay S:

by Jimmy T:

by JJ Anderes:

by Ricky M:

by Ryan C:

by Tyler F:

by Zack M:

by Zeke G:


Chicoutimi Saguenéens, by Jonathan H:
This is a recolour of an Oshawa Generals concept by CCSLC member _nxche.
Rating:  0/10

Rimouski Océanic, by Jonathan H:
This is a recolour of an Erie Otter's concept (torso) and a Barrie Colts concept (arms) both by CCSLC member _nxche.
Rating:  0/10

Toronto Maple Leafs, by Daniel K:
When the Canadiens celebrated their 100th anniversary they wore five different throwback jerseys, and rumour has it that the Maple Leafs are going to do something similar next year.  Here we see a couple of options sent in by Daniel, starting off with their 1938-58 white jersey.  This is a fairly faithful adaptation of that jersey, the only difference I notice are the lack of blue cuffs.  This is one of the longest lasting leafs jerseys in history, so it's a good choice for a throwback (although less likely to happen now after the new logo reveal since their new jerseys are likely to be very similar to this, but this was sent in before the new logo so I should just stop talking).
Daniel also sent in this concept which is a throwback to the Leafs 1963-67 sweater.  Once again a very accurate adaptation, the only difference being the player's name added, but most throwback's include names regardless of whether the original jersey had them.  The collar looks a bit wonky, I don't think the area behind the laces should be white.  It's interesting these are on the old CCM style jerseys, we've seen that before in the Reebok Edge era (most notably Calgary's 30th anniversary jersey), I wonder if the Leafs will be allowed to as well.  I'm not giving these a real rating, since they're more of an idea than a true concept.
Rating:  I agree/10

Winnipeg Jets, by BRX:
BRX continues his NHL Adidas series with this concept for the Jets, which uses their alternate logo as the primary and a striping pattern which is somewhat reminiscent of the original Jets 1979-90 jerseys (just in the new colour scheme and a slight change to the hem).  That striping looks good, but it also kind of feels like a generic version of the Jets current jerseys.  Also, I'm not a fan of promoting their alternate logo to primary, it's a good alternate logo but I don't think it works as a primary.  The colour scheme for the first alternate jersey is interesting, I think it would be a better as a fan jersey, and the name and number would be hard to read.  The fourth jersey is alright, but I wonder if it would even better if the two blues were separated by a thin vintage white stripe.
Rating:  6/10

Binghamton Senators, by Jimmy T:
Jimmy gives the Binghamton Senators a set based off of Ottawa's third jersey, although with true white instead of vintage white and the addition of gold into the stripes.  The addition of gold to this jersey seems to be a popular idea, as if seen a few other similar concepts for Ottawa.  I like the idea as well, the gold looks particularly nice on the white jersey where it separates the black and red.  This concept does have a few issues though, the logo is too small, the sleeve numbers are too low, and the vertical stitching should continue until the hem stripes.  The back numbers are also a bit hard to read, I'd suggest a double outline like what's on the Senators third jersey.
Rating:  7/10

San Diego Gulls, by Jimmy T:
For his second concept, Jimmy gives the Gulls some spiffy new jerseys.  I like the liberal use of orange, especially the orange name and numbers which look great and match the wordmark in the logo.  I just noticed the order of colours in the striping also matches wordmark, I like this concept even better now.  There are still a few execution errors though, the sleeve numbers have the same issue as the concept above, and also the sock stripes are just a bit to high (which I forgot to mention on the previous concept).  However there are some execution details that are done well, the NHL logo was removed from the collar, and the Reebok logo was switched to CCM since the AHL wears CCM branded jerseys.
Rating:  8/10

Florida Panthers, by Hayden D:
The Panthers are rumoured to be getting new jerseys with chest stripes next year, but for this concept Hayden takes them in a different direction.  I like the sublimated triangles in the jersey stripes, it's a nice tie in to the logo.  Speaking of the logo, the new panther looks great, good job with that.  I'm just not should on the use of the sun as a back-drop, the yellow panther camouflages with the yellow sun too much.  I am a fan of the name and number font though, the sharp angles work great for the Panthers.  Execution is mostly great, except the vertical stitching should stop at the hem stripes, and the Reebok logo is missing from the back.
Rating:  8/10


That's all folks!
Friday: Alternate Equipment Reviewed by Steven Grant on February 12, 2016 Rating: 5


Matt G said...

I don't think anyone has posted about the Red Wings JLA patch that they will wear next year. I think it's pretty nice.


Dave H said...

Is the issue of the stolen concepts going to be addressed, or are recolored concepts from others allowed? Just curious as this has been going on for a while from Jonathan.

Unknown said...

I think...if a concept is stolen, don't post it. Give others a chance to get reviewed because they actually spent time designing (I know they'd get reviewed eventually, but just to eliminate the useless ratings)....just my two cents.

JJ Anderes said...

I'd like to nominate Hayden D's panthers concept from today's post.

Unknown said...

I'll 2nd Hayden D. for COTW.

winnipegjets96 said...

What do you think of the original Jets's red helmets in 94-95?

Steven Grant said...

@Josiah: I agree.

@winnipegjets96: I thought they were interesting, but I think their blue helmets looked better. Do you happen to know the story behind them? I tried to google it a while back but couldn't find much.

Bradley D. said...

@Josiah: I was just about to say the same thing

COTW nom for BRX Jets concepts

Burkus Circus said...

Stolen concepts = ;(


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