Tuesday: The Second Post!

Hey everybody. Steve M here with his first Tuesday post. Before we get onto the concepts, there is a "What if..." I'd like to bring up. My friend, who's a big Major League Soccer fan, said to me the other day "What if the NHL changed jerseys every year like they do in soccer?" I'll let you guys respond to that question in the comments below.

Another subject I'm sure that's getting beaten like a dead horse around here are the All-Star jerseys. I personally think that the design is kind of plain compared to the team that's hosting it, but it's not something outrageous so I'm content with them. However, no All-Star jersey has won my heart over quite like these.

Before we get into the concepts, I have to remind everybody to please, for the love of all that is good, vote for COTW and COTY-December.

COTY-December vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

COTW Jan 3-9 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern) 
How about we get to those concepts?
Will Scheibler- Canada

Positives: First off, Credit to you for taking a plain jersey you already own and put a custom logo, name, and number on it. The use of a beaver, or "castor canadensis", as an alternate logo to the usual maple leaf was an interesting choice. Also, the maple leaf logo looks good as a shoulder patch.
Negatives: On the concept you have the name in the yoke of the jersey and the number on the back too large. Now, I can see why you did it that way by going off of the actual jersey you have in front of you, but I have to judge on the concept of it. Also, the beaver logo itself seems a little too plain for a national team jersey. The whole concept overall, though, is very rough and needs to be a lot cleaner.
Overall: 5.5/10 Good idea for a plain jersey lying around.

Vaughn Roberts- NWHL vs CWHL (BOSvMTL)
Positives: Part of a "Winter Classic" series by Vaughn, both jerseys came out pretty clean and well done. The retro style sleeves (with TV numbers done correctly) of Boston's jersey is nice to see on a new team trying to celebrate the past. Also, good attention to detail using SP Apparel's logo on the back instead of the template's generic sponsor, as well as the winter classic patch on both jerseys.
Negatives: Those numbers on the Boston jersey don't fit with the retro style. Use the same Pro Block style, as with the Montreal jersey, in black. the same can be said for the nameplate of the Boston Jersey. Also, the Montreal crest logo looks a little too big.
Overall: 8/10 Good Execution on this one Vaughn.

Tyler Kostiuk- 2016 Winter Classic
Positives: The concept is pretty clean overall. The yellow Boston jersey is an interesting take on a throwback of the jersey. Also, I like how you modified the collars to a classic style.
Negatives: The white boarder around the Boston logo is rough so it makes the crest logo itself look out of place. As for the Canadiens' jersey, the sleeve stripes with the numbers in between them just look awkward and inconsistent with the hem stripe.
Overall: 7/10 Not bad

Lucas Daitchman- Boston Bruins 3rd
Positives: showing the yellow more prominently by making it a larger center stripe with two small accenting white stripes was a good choice. What most don't realize is that the yellow has always been the outside stripes so this is a nice change.
Negatives: The collar looks like it's floating above the jersey instead of being apart of it. The back numbers could be moved down a bit.
Overall: 6.5/10 Good concept. Just work on it more.

Shai Rotbard-Seelig- Team Canada
Positives: Using the top of the Maple Leaf as the hem is a good idea design. Much like it was in the Summit Series with Russia in 1972.
Negatives: To start, there are no numbers on the jersey, which leaves it feeling unfinished. The straight "CANADA" script is too plain. It's also kind of hard to see that script when it's in black against the red jersey. In general, this jersey is really rough.
Overall: 4/10 Good idea. Not so good concept.

Mario Ardais- Arizona (NCAA)
Positives: The custom sleeve striping looks awesome on these jerseys, as well as the tiny contrast color bottom hem strip. Also, your crest logo looks a good size.
Negatives: The nameplate, conference logo, and part of the captain's patch is on the yoke, which is too high. That leads to the numbers being too large. Also, that white boarder around the Arizona "A" logo is not consistent around the logo itself.
Overall: 6/10

Mario Ardais- Arizona State (NCAA)
Positives: The Striping pattern is definitely unique and looks to fin the Sun Devils current uniform scheme with there other sports. Also, you got the nameplate in the correct area.
Negatives: The crest logo needs to be bigger by a sizable amount. Your sleeve numbers aren't lined up evenly on each side of the jersey, and your back numbers are a little too big.
Overall: 6/10 You're getting better Mario. keep it up.

And that's all she wrote ladies and gentlemen. COTW nomination goes to Vaughn's Winter Classic Concept.

Well I hope everybody has a good rest of there week and I'll be back here this time next week! 
Tuesday: The Second Post! Reviewed by Steve Marc on January 12, 2016 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Vaughn for COTW

Unknown said...

Thank you for the Nominations guys!
Welcome Steve!
I have to say, Tyler's concept is cool, it's like the teams swapped winter classic jerseys.
Props to Will for the work put in that jersey,

JJ Anderes said...

When's the next contest?

susieQ said...

I just found ur blog and I love it I live in Atlanta and these concepts makes me look back when teeth rashers were still here

susieQ said...

I don't mean to b pushy but will u link me to the coolest thrashers concept uv seen :)

susieQ said...

I ment the thrashers

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