Thursday: All Star, Part 2

Hello again guys, and again, welcome back. Hope your week has been good to you so far, been a bit of a drag for me since I'm coming straight off winter break. At least its getting closer to the end.

So as you've most likely heard, the NHL unveiled the jerseys yesterday for the All Star Game. If you want to see pictures of it check out yesterday's post. I'm just going to quickly give my thoughts on it.
+The stripe thing they have on the back is interesting. I can't say it was executed amazingly but it wasn't done horribly either.
+The three stars in the collar insert. Unless I just can't think of anything I believe this is actually the first time in the NHL there's been anything in the collar insert other than the NHL shield. Correct me if I'm wrong on that one though.
Sadly...that's probably the best part of this jersey.
-The fact that the colors are supposed to represent piano keys seems like a last minute excuse for bland jerseys.
-Same with the reflective logo and numbers being a "salute to Nashville's vibrant night-life scene", except that's more of an excuse for the gimmicks they always try.
-The design is literally a paint bucket fill aside from that back stripe
-And that multicolored logo...why...at least make all of the accents one color. In my opinion the worst part of the jersey and gives it a really amateur look.

So yeah..I'm not too fond of this design. I can't believe I'm saying this but I think I like last year's better. At least they were trying something new for that one. ASG jerseys are where I think I see differing opinions more often than not, so tell me what you guys think of them!
So when it comes to voting I'm pretty sure this week is the calm before the storm..only the never changing COTW and the Olympiques comp to vote for, and then the final stages of voting for the 2015 COTY will be in full swing. It's pretty simple this week so go leave a vote.
COTW Dec 27 - Jan 2 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Gatineau Olympiques Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)
Concept time.
Emin Z. - Charlottetown Islanders
Idea: Good idea taking the Charlottetown coat of arms and using it for the jerseys, much more unique than their current ones.
Design: I think you used the design perfectly on the green jersey. The white jersey is a decent idea but I wouldn't like to see it in the main set. Just use a white version of the green and you're set.
Execution: The back number and helmet numbers are big, and the NOB is a bit small. One thing I really like though is how perfectly you arranged the checkerboard pattern on the white jersey to fit the TV numbers, shoulder patches, etc.

Overall: Good start, and with a few touch ups, I'd like to see Sprong wearing these (8/10)

Jared L. - Tampa Bay Lightning
Idea: Tampa's original edge jerseys weren't very good, and I like the idea of fixing the original edge jerseys as opposed to redesigning them completely.
Typography: The fonts on this concept don't fit on a hockey jersey
Design: There isn't a huge departure from the original design, but I like the idea for the new yoke/upper arm color. Could be done better but not too bad. Not a fan of the gradient looking logo either and I commend you for designing your own logo for the alt (at least I assume you did)  but it needs some touch ups.
Execution: The numbers on the main set are too big, and the name is slightly too small. The numbers on the alt are squished as well. The black and blue blends too much on the road jersey's logo too.

Overall: It needs improvement but it's a start (5.5/10)

Jay S. - Lake Erie/Cleveland Monsters
Design: Simple and classy looking design, and the new shoulder yoke design is unique and looks good also. On the outdoor jersey I think it'd look better if the chest stripe went the whole way around.
Logos: I like the logo choice, and I like what I assume to be a logo you partially created, the mashup of their current "CLE" logo and the Ohio state shape.
Colors: The color balance is pretty good through the main set, but a tad more black wouldn't hurt the white jersey. I like the addition of light blue to the alternate, and I'm not sure where the gold comes from either but I think it looks good.

Overall: Definitely an upgrade (8/10)

Nolan O. - Toronto Maple Leafs
Idea: With Toronto celebrating their 100th season, it's a great time to be thinking about what throwbacks they'll wear.
Design: Both designs are fairly similar, the main difference being only the hem stripe and yoke on the blue jersey. Regardless, they're both nice designs.
Execution: The numbers on the green jersey need to be larger and come out of the chest stripe. You did it right on the other jersey so not sure why you did it any differently. The same goes for the logo on the alternate, I think it's too small, and I think the outline is too thin regardless. 
Logos: Unless you designed the logo for the alt jersey, be sure to give credit to where it came from.

Overall: I wouldn't mind seeing these being worn by them (7/10)

Taylor R. - Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks
Design: I love the design here. The stripes are exactly the same on both jerseys, and on each one they're perfect parallel to the balance of color on the logos. The shoulder stripes also look nice.
Logo: Despite how much I like the design, I'm not a fan of the look of the logo on the red jersey. With the white outline like that it looks too cluttered to me.
Realism: Definitely an ice worthy design.

Overall: Great look (9/10) and my COTW Nomination

That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you guys again next week.
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winnipegjets96 said...

For a second straight day

Jan S.'s Monsters Concept for COTW

Burkus Circus said...

That is an actual Lake Erie Monsters logo, just recolored to stand out more. Don't know why it's on the concept considering it's not on the jerseys/equipment.

Taylor R.'s Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks for COTW (I got a Google account just so this nomination would count!)

How 'bout that Johansen/Jones trade!?!?! Good luck to Joey in Nashville!!! I'd love to see a Columbus/Nashville outdoor game (the Horseshoe (home of Ohio State football)?), especially with this blockbuster trade!!!

- Burkus Circus

P.S.: Please refer to me as "Burkus Circus" in replies instead of "burkem".

Burkus Circus said...

Poop. Admin won't let me comment with Google account.


Ben Shaffer said...

I'll nominate Emin Z for COTW. And if I could I'd nominate Nolan and Taylor as well. Great stuff from everybody today!

Unknown said...

I'll second Taylor for COTW.

Unknown said...

I'll second emin z's charlottetown jerseys. I'm not usually a fan of checkers but this one's really well done. Maybe a little more purple in there though. Green and purple is an underused color scheme.

David Pooley said...

Emin Z's Charlottetown Islanders concept for cotw

Jlnhlfan said...

My idea was redesigning the classic 2004 Cup jerseys for Tampa.

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