Thursday: All Star Countdown

Hello everyone and welcome back here yet again.

With the All Star Game right at the end of the week here, I figured I'd count down my top 3 all star jerseys! (All images from nhluniforms.com)

1- 1989-91, 1993
Simple design overall, usually seems to be the case with the best looking jerseys. The color balance is done well on this set, a bit better on the black jersey than the white though, I love that white yoke. The stars are incorporated well. They wore this same design from '89-'91, and then again in '93, but I'm using the '93 version here because the numbers on the black jersey were changed to white, which makes them much more easily visible.

2- 2004
Another pretty simple design, this one aiming for a more vintage look. Not too often do you see vintage white take the main color for jerseys, but when it does, like in this case, it definitely looks better than having regular white and still trying to incorporate the vintage. The green and red colors both look great on these jerseys, and the stars are incorporated into the design very well again. And if you didn't notice, the green jersey looks an awful lot like the alternate jersey the Wild currently use.

3- 2009
So maybe this technically isn't one of my absolute favorite all star jerseys, but I wanted to add a modern design to the list to keep things interesting. I think this is the best turnout for a modern design in the post-edge era, and a really unique idea. The asymmetrical design is really not something you see often, the only example I can think of right off the bat is the Thrashers. Pretty cool that they're each a reverse of the other team's design too. It wasn't the best look overall but like I said I think it's the best turnout for any of their designs in the edge era.
We're getting closer and closer to crowning our 2015 concept of the year, and only 4 concepts remain at this point. Along with that, we have the COTW, as always, and the All Star redesign vote.  So go leave a vote. I see no reason why not to.
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Also, now that all of our new writers have written a post I think it's a good time for this reminder
Ben S. - Stadium Series
Idea: I think a lot of people would like a Pens/Flyers classic. Only problem is that they've both been in two already. I'd be fine with this but I'm not sure if others would.
Design: They're both vintage/classic looking designs, and both fauxbacks. I like the simplistic approach of the Penguins one, while it also does have links to their jersey history. The Flyers jersey gives a bit of a Quakers vibe as well.
Colors: I think the vintage white fits really well for the Flyers jersey and the colors are balanced well, and the color balance for the Pens jersey is interesting but I think it works.
Other: I wasn't sure where else to put this, but I'm not a fan of the namebar on the Pens jersey at all. Get rid of that and it'd be a lot better.

Overall: 8/10

Brad F. - Saskatoon Blades
Colors: Blue and yellow is a really nice color combo, sometimes not used to its potential. I'm not a fan of the gray on the jerseys though, especially on the white jersey it makes the yellow look "muddy"
Design: Very conservative, usually can't go wrong there. Not a fan of the "phantom yokes" though.
Execution: Speaking of those, you forgot to add the phantom yoke on the back of the white jersey. A bit of nitpicking now, but I don't believe the WHL logo gets recolored at all, and the CHL logo should have an outline.
Other: This is unrelated to the concept itself, but I'd recommend putting a background on the image. Still save it as a png, but put a white background behind it all instead of keeping it transparent.

Overall: 7.5/10

Glen W. - Nashville Predators
Idea: I wouldn't mind seeing an alt for the Preds
Design: At its basics, it's not a bad start. The side panels with a partial hem stripe type design has been used by the Preds before, and the upper arm fill has an interesting pattern, and could work with a yoke like that.
Colors: I'd simplify the palette a bit to what they currently use. I don't think the steel blue works very well for a jersey for the Preds.
Execution: Now let's get to the metaphorical elephant in the room here. The execution could use a big improvement. The logo is squished, the name is too thin and pixelated, and the numbers are pretty pixelated too. The tv numbers also look too small. The inside collar (around the tag) should also be colored to match the yoke. Also, you need to add ID to the images.
Other: Not a bad start. Work on the execution and you'll see a lot of improvements.

Overall: 5/10

Jake C. - Prince Albert Raiders
This template works decently well for the Raiders, and I like the logo and font used. You're also missing TV numbers. Other than that there's not much more to say since this is just a recolored template.

Overall: The score is only so low because it's 90% a pre made template, not necessarily because it looks bad. Be more creative with your concepts if you really want them to stand out (4/10)

Jimmy T. - Providence Bruins
Colors: I like the emphasis on yellow. I actually think it works well even on the white jersey, but it does throw off the color balance. In some places it's hard to tell the white apart from the yellow too.
Design: Quite simple overall, the yoke looks a lot like their and the Bruins current design. I'd make the inner stripe thicker though, as it is now its too thin to really have a good effect there.
Logos: I like the idea of getting rid of the "bounding box" from the logo, however I'm not sure why you have them slightly different. I'd stick with the one on the black.

Overall: 7.5/10

Lucas D. - Philadelphia Flyers
Design: The design is quite reminiscent of the Quakers, but not exact, so this makes for a good fauxback design. I like the collar choice, definitely adds to the look.
Colors: The jersey is mostly orange, which gives a surprisingly good look. The choice to use regular white here instead of vintage white was the better one, in my opinion.
Execution: The name and number on the back look slightly small to me.
Other: I like the keystone for the C patch. It's unique, as the only other team that could use it is the Pens.

Overall: 8.5/10 and *sigh* my COTW Nomination

Mario A. - Alabama A&M Bulldogs
Colors: I'm not sure if these are the team's official colors or not, but the black and maroon blend together way too much. Especially on the white jersey they're almost hard to tell apart at times.
Design: Another quite simple design. Done pretty well too. Not much to complain about there.
Logos/Numbers: Similar to the colors, the logo on the white jersey would look much better in white, and the numbers would look a lot better with an outline.
Execution: TV numbers, name, and C patch look a bit small.

Overall: 7/10

Mario A. - Northwest Tech Mavericks
Design: Now this is interesting. It falls in the middle of going for a traditional design and a modern one. As it looks on here, I like the arm stripes, they're unique, and hopefully they'd look good on the ice as well. Not a big fan of the contrasting mesh (or whatever material it may be, I'm not too sure) under the arms, though.
Colors: Good choice having contrasting upper arms in red on the white jersey, it really helps balance out the colors.
Logos/Numbers: Similar to last concept, the logo on the red jersey would look much better in white, and the numbers would look better with an outline.

Overall: 7.5/10
And that's a wrap for this week. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you again next week.
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winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Lucas D, just wish the numbers on the back were larger

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