Sunday: When One Door Closes...

Hey everyone, welcome to another Sunday HJC post!

As I mentioned last week, this is the last weekly post I will be writing, maybe forever, maybe just for a little while, but we'll see. I'm going to be moving on to different things, but not necessarily leaving the blog. So this really isn't a goodbye, but more of a "so long for now".  I'm feeling pretty bittersweet about it, because I've really enjoyed writing these weekly posts for you guys, and while I'm sure not every post I had was great, I at least hope you guys have enjoyed my time here as much as I have.

That being said, I'm really excited for times ahead for me as well as for HJC. You'll see what I mean soon enough.

But one thing I can tell you about and that I'm really excited to announce is my replacement as the HJC Sunday writer. In his time here, he was an awesome addition to the blog, and he brings a really fresh perspective and a great, opinionated personality to the blog. It wasn't up to me, but if it was, he'd probably be my hand-picked replacement to my writing position. Its been a while, but I'm excited to have him back on the writing team. Ladies and gentleman, I re-introduce...

...On second thought, why spoil the surprise? Tune in next week to find out!

But let's move on to topics other than me.


John Scott. A week or two ago, a mention of that name would surely be the punchline of a joke. Now, its just a reminder of why we can't have nice things.  And really, John Scott himself played no part in doing so.

I'm sure you've heard by now that John Scott has been traded to Montreal. Nashville and a few minor leaguers were also involved, but most of that is irrelevant at this point. It has been suggested that Arizona and the NHL had pushed Scott to decline his ASG invite, and his refusal prompted this trade, effectively taking him out of the ASG picture. That isn't confirmed, nor is the trade's impact on the ASG game rosters, but it all seems really fishy.

So instead of dealing with the "problem" right away, or just letting the whole thing play through and giving the fans, and Scott, their moment of fun, they wait until everyone gets excited, and sweep the carpet under their feet.

Oh, I forgot to mention that John Scott's wife is expecting to give birth to twins really soon. What a great time to be relocated thousands of miles away.

No one is laughing now.

Both the NHL and the fans allowed for this awkward situation to happen, but there were way better options the NHL (and the Coyotes) could have taken instead of throwing Scott under a bus.  Again, none of this was his doing, except for accepting the ASG invite.

And why not? He earned it. The fans wanted him in (for the wrong reasons of course), but it worked.  Yes, he's not an All-Star caliber player. But since when did the game mean anything to anybody anyway? The effort has always been dull at best, and the soundbites and goofy moments were the only "highlights" from the games.

What if Scott was in the game? While others may not give 100%, he surely would, to make himself look like he did remotely belong in the game. And while he likely wouldn't stand out against the star-studded crowd, he'd maybe make them work harder to avoid being overshadowed.  Everyone might actually put in 100% effort into playing meaningful hockey.

Roughly translated: John Scott could possibly make the game mean something.

But we can't have that, because the ASG is only a joke, and we can't have nice things.

Alright, that's more of a rant then I wanted to do, now for some lighter things, like this week's competition: Redesigning the 2016 All-Sta.....dang it!!!


4th QTR vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Jan 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
All-Star Game entries (due Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)

Arizona Coyotes - Zeke G.

(Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha oh wow that's too funny.)

I like how the armstripes look in these colours.
This isn't my favourite Coyotes logo, but a full set with it could work.
Design is an improvement to their current set, that might not be saying much though.

I get the hem pattern being half of the arm stripe, but the hems and arms don't look great together here.
The black yoke is perfect on the dark jersey, but looks out of place on the white jersey. Yoke should be red I think.
The text sizes look inconsistent, the name is too high and the number is a little too low. 
White text on the dark jersey looks terribly out of place.

Overall: Not exactly an all-star caliber concept. 7.2/10

Minnesota Wild - Zeke G.

This set matches, which is more than I can say about their current set.
Colours are well balanced.

The white numbers on the dark jersey are really out of place, but that could be fixed if there were white stripes added to the jersey. That may be tricky to do, because it's really difficult to use vintage and pure white in the same design.
Stripes are inconsistently sized, pixelated and skewed.
Text could use an outline.

Overall: Execution really brings this down. 6.9/10

St. Louis Blues - Lucas D.

St. Louis having a white logo is a pretty cool idea.
I like the recoloured trumpet logo on the shoulders.
This has a really cool 70's feel to it.

The back number could be bigger.
The inner outlines of the logo could be a little bolder.
The yellow outline of the white number doesn't really work well.

Overall: This is a really neat idea that could work well for a Classic or Stadium Series type of game. 7.8/10

Barrie Colts - Phil B.

I really like the rounded arm and side panels design. It's a mid-2000's look, but its still an update to their current look, and would look fresh in the simple-modern style of today. 
Executed very nicely.
Colours are well balanced.

The horseshoes at the hem are cool, but a little too gimmicky.
I think the back number could be bigger.
I'm not sure whether I'd prefer yellow or white text on the dark jersey.

Overall: This is a great set that tries just a little too hard to have an identity. 8.2/10

Sudbury Wolves- Ryan C.

Finally, a good logo for Sudbury!
With an updated logo, its time to burn all of the old jerseys and do something fresh, like this.
That being said, they're an old team deserving of an old-ish look, and this set does that too.
I love the choice of font on the jersey.

My only big issue is that there is either too much black on the logo or not enough black on the jersey. The logo doesn't really match the jersey well as is.
You could start by giving the wolf blue eyes.

Overall: Its definitely an improvement and a bold new look, but it still isn't quite right. 8/10

Windsor Spitfires - Ryan C.

Windsor usually goes with a bold design, and this is no exception.
I love the look of the yoke and side panels.
Colours are very well balanced.
This logo is much better than their current one.

The blue outline on the red jersey doesn't stand out really well.

Overall: This design is simply awesome! 8.9/10

Mississauga Steelheads -  Tyler K.

Anything that doesn't look like a Maple Leafs ripoff is good in my books.
I like how this set uses more grey to match the logo.
The alternate looks really awesome in the double blue fauxback to their Majors days.
Colours and patterns are well matched throughout the set.

The grey outlines could be bolder.
The wordmark logo on the alternate could be tilted a little bit, like Buffalo's wordmark logo.
I'd probably keep their previous logo instead of using this one.

Overall: This team hasn't stood out very well since their rebrand, but this would go a long way to fixing that. 8.2/10

Providence vs St. John's - Vaughn R.

(Side note, it's probably a happy accident, but it's really cool that I get to review Vaughn's concept on my last post. He's one of the awesome guys that I've met while being a part of HJC, and our work during last year's HJC Pairs Competition helped me grow as a designer and helped me to gain a new friend. So thank you Vaughn, and to everyone else that I've met so far during my stay, you guys are what make this community great.)

This series in general has been pretty awesome.
Compared to the other matchups you've featured so far, this is the most realistic.
The Bruins' jersey is a nicely redesigned version of their 2007 jersey.
The IceCaps jersey looks nothing like a Canadiens jersey, which is perfect.

The white numbers on the Bruins jerseys desperately need a thicker outline or to be changed to black.
The jerseys are a little too similar for my liking. And the "dark" jersey having so much white would make this a very dull and confusing visual matchup.
The IceCaps jersey should have a white or red collar instead of grey.

Overall:  Great series, solid concept and believable idea. 7.7/10

My COTW nominee today will be Ryan C's Windsor Spitfires concept!

Don't forget to send in your competition entries, and send in your votes for COTW and our final COTY Quarterly vote of 2015. After this week is the semi final of COTY, which means soon we'll have our 2015 champion!

Well guys, its been a slice. Thank you for reading all of my posts and for helping me become a better writer for HJC. I've really enjoyed my time here, and while I'm saying goodbye for now, I promise you guys will see me back with HJC soon enough.

Sunday: When One Door Closes... Reviewed by Unknown on January 17, 2016 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

COTW nom to Ryan's Wolves concept.

Unknown said...

The whole John Scott thing is a drag.. let him have his day. Let him play in the game for fun. The game doesn't count and no one really like the ASG that much anyways. Sure it's fun but that's the point, it's fun. A true bummer that the league went out of their way to basically make this happen. I hope he gets some sort of redemption.

I'll second the COTW to Ryan's wolves concept.

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