Monday: Colourful Post on a Grey Day

The sky in Halifax has semi-cleared up since I made that title, but none the less, happy Monday post, everyone!

I think everyone is All Star jerseys out, so why not design your own so you don't have to look at the crap we got?

Matt Mc.

Phil B

Jared L. 1.

Jared L. 2

Mario A.

Brooks F.

Here are some of the entries we've gotten since last post!

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On to the concepts!


Florida Panthers Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ This striping, despite at this point not what we're getting, would be pretty good compared to current 
+ While the logo is similar Prairie View A & M Universities logo (or something else, you tell me), It works alright 
+ Good execution
+ Always a fan of that shoulder patch 

- The thick red roundel doesn't really work for me, I get why Ryan chose to use it, but the Panther head on its own would do better 
- Numbers are a little plain 

Rating: 8/10

Chicago Blackhawks Concept (By: Glenn W.)

+ While I'm not usually a fan of all tan jerseys, I actually really like this
+ The striping looks a bit familiar to a FAR SUPERIOR CENTRAL DIVISION TEAM!! It works with the primary logo and makes any team look good
+ Glenn's execution is getting better with every concept, keep it up! 

- The NOB is too thin and hard to read
- the TV numbers are too far down the arm, and the edge of the number an striping would be on the left back arm half 
- A shoulder patch would make the jersey look much better
- Primary logo is too far down the chest 

Rating: 6.25/10

Gatineau Olympique Concepts (By: Phil B.)

+ I really like the black and purple Phil is using, they been nicely off of each other
+ The orange and yellow pop too, and make white not really necessary 
+ Good execution 
+ I really like the template Phil used here, like a Flyers/Sabres/Duck mix

- Shoulder patch?
- While I appreciate a jersey that uses little white and looks good, having an away white jersey means you need some white on the purple jersey to balance it.
- Swap the black and purple on the whit jersey to better balance the colours 

Rating: 8.25/10

Gatineau Olympique Concepts (By: Vaughn R.)

+ Unlike Phil, Vaughn went for using mostly black and white, with a little but of orange and purple on the mains and an all orange alternate, while it's not what i would have done, I quite like it, like a 1994 Dallas Stars 
+ Execution is good, aside from a couple points, and Vaughn continues to improve a lot in 2016 
+ Good colour balancing 

- The font really doesn't work, I can live with the NOB, but the numbers don't work at all, the Hurricanes current numbers would make a great replacement 
- The Orange jersey needs some black on it as the purple and orange clash and look gaudy against each other with nothing dark around it 
- the hem stripes are a bit too thin 
- Should patches?

Rating: 6.75/10

Creighton Comets High School Concept (By: Brad F.)

+ This concept would really work for a high school, lots of bright colours and simple striping
+ Most high schools use recoloured logos, and using the Utica Comets logo and mixing it up a bit works, these colours really work
+ Always a fan of yoke stripes, would be unique in your HS league
+ Good execution 

- primary logo is quite pixelated from the recolouring 

Rating: 8.5/10

Dinamo Minsk Concepts (By: Roman S.)

+ This is my first concept i've reviewed by Roman S. so welcome to HJC, Roman! 
+ I like the template chosen for the home and road, it works for the KHL
+ A black alternate with light blue really does pop
+ For a first or early concept, this is really good

- Shoulder patches are too small and the black jersey needs one
- Name and numbers are too small and there are no tv numbers
Fixing those right away will make you concepts great
- The back of the black jersey is pretty plain, and adding some white piping will help a lot 

Rating: 6.5/10

Vancouver Canucks Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ I love a good Vancouver concept that makes a V with the striping, and this is one of the brightest ones I've seen
+ Also like a good concept that uses the Johnny Canuck logo
+ The colours are all big, beautiful and are balanced pretty well 
+ Good execution 

- Shoulder patch?
- Primary logo, socks striping and captain's C are WAYY too big, that does happen why you try new templates, but toy around with the sizing to get it right
- One thing I don't like are the arm yokes, especially the green one, it doesn't look Vancouver. Try the jersey without them and it'll look better

Rating: 8/10

That's the post!
Don't forget to vote!
Also don't forget your All Star Entries
Have a great week
Go Jets, Moose & Mooseheads! 
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