Friday: Moving In Like 17 Dimensions

Hello guys! And welcome back to another fabulous Friday with none other than the one, the only, Jack Godlewski (this is actually true apparently).

So, this isn't really hockey related but I was recently selected to be the president of my fraternity. A little crazy for a freshman. Although I know for a fact that I can handle the position, there is no debate that it is a massive time sink. 

College is difficult at times. Don't spread yourself too thin. Remember that, no matter where you go. Inspirational message out.

Not much else to report. Again. I think it's best we might as well move on to the post. 


Do you ever get that feeling that you're really not even a person but maybe an omnipotent being that just exists on this outer realm watching over and controlling the ideas and thoughts of a single being?

I don't know where this is going but voting is still cool.

COTY Semi-Finals votes (end Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
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ASG ReDesign Pick 5 vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)


Alan S - Calgary Flames

Execution: The shoulder patch on the white jersey do suffer a bit from overlapping the yoke. Move it up a little bit more towards the neck line to fix this. Also scale the numbers down. (75%)
Striping: I really like this. The subtle black is absolutely awesome. Other than that, it's dang simple. Closing the yellow and white stripes on the red jersey would have given more similarities between the two jerseys, but strangely I think both work fine on their own. (85%)
Effectiveness: A pretty dang great, simple direction for the Flames to start going in. (100%)
Creativity: I think this is more a design based on already existing elements. Classic stuff. (70%)
Other: I never really know what to think of a Flames jerseys. Usually they do have this same classic look. This isn't bad. Just I feel like it's an old topic. If anything you would've thought the Flames would've just changed their crappy jerseys at this point. (100%)

Overall: It's a simple Flames jersey. A great way to start moving forward. (87%)

Ben S - Robert Morris University v Pennsylvania

Execution: Absolutely amazing (100%)

Striping: These blend eras so incredibly well. The RMU jersey does have this strange vibe of being 70s mixed with 50s and some fauxback jazz thrown in for extra fun. Penn State on the other hand does have that really cool Maple Leafs-esque feeling about it. One thing I appreciate the most is that the body is so barren in such a good way while the arms carry so much of the detail. (95%)
Effectiveness: A Winter Classic style jersey done right. (100%)
Creativity: Incredibly. It blends some really cool elements of both teams. Never really seen much like it. (90%)
Other: I think everything I really have to say has been covered. (100%)

Overall: Need a cool Winter Classic jersey made, NHL? This Ben guy, he's got some good stuff. (97%) and a COTW Nom

Glen W - Chicago Blackhawks

Execution: The numbers on the arms do look really condensed, making them look a little misshaped. (90%)
Striping: The pattern of the V does work on the hem, but I think on the arms it would be better for it to look like wings or talons to fit the new bird motif. (85%)
Effectiveness: I think the jersey as a whole could be adapted as an alternate, but I don't know how well the Hawks would accept this. (50%)
Creativity: Haven't seen much like this for the Hawks before. Really built more around the logo than other jerseys I've seen that use it. (95%)
Other: That being said, the circle behind the logo doesn't fit too well with the angles and sharp edges of the striping. It seems like the jersey is fighting itself. (75%)

Overall: I think there is a great idea with these patterns here, I would love to see a second draft of this jersey! (81%)

Jake C - Arizona Coyotes

Execution: Two major things, the Reebok logo does need to be updated to the word, and the numbers on the arms need to be rotated properly. (80%)
Striping: This is where this jersey shines over many Coyotes concepts I've seen. What a beautiful use of these stitching patterns. It's fresh and really does have this great modern vibe about it. I would lose the sand outline on the side stripes, or maybe add it to the fills on the arms. (95%)
Effectiveness: Maybe the alternate Arizona needs to make their current set look not bad. (100%)
Creativity: First Coyotes jersey I've seen that doesn't use any form of the coyote. The Arizona patch is one of my favorite alternate logos in the league. I think it looks cool front and center here. (90%)
Other: I would suggest moving the foot patches down a bit on the shoulder. Other than that, great stuff. (85%)

Overall: A modern approach that Arizona could probably take some notes from. (90%)

Lucas D - New Jersey Devils

Execution: Great work (100%)
Striping: The pattern isn't really that new, but regardless it is one those classic designs that works very well. I think the maybe taking the yoke away from this would make it a much sleeker black jersey. (85%)
Effectiveness: New Jersey could use some more black. (100%)
Creativity: I've seen a lot of similar concepts. Although I do have to say making the logo white and red like that was very clever and does give it more of a modern vibe. (85%)
Other: I think it would've been really cool to maybe recreate the logo with the numbers, having red numbers with a white outline. Would create more of this mirrored effect. (80%)

Overall: One of the classic concepts that have existed forever. Black Devils jersey. This one definitely does that concept very well. (87%)

Mario A - Boston College Eagles

Execution: Some font needs to be made bigger, other font smaller. Also the logo could be made bigger as well. (75%)
Striping: It's a simple pattern that looks dang classy more than anything. The little bit of gold and black really pop, and the addition of red on the home jersey looks fantastic. (90%)
Effectiveness: Would separate them from the college style jersey. (100%)
Creativity: The most creative thing on this jersey is the red arms. Something I don't really see a pattern like that on a white jersey, very reminiscent of the Penguins jerseys I talk about a lot. (90%)
Other: The font could definitely be changed. I like the whole italicized idea, but it's way too round of a font. Also it needs a stroke to make it pop. The logo on the colored could use either a wordmark or by making the maroon letters white. (70%)

Overall: A far cry from other college jerseys I've seen, but I think that this does need some revision. (84%)

Mario A - Chicago Wolves 

Execution: Again, the logo could be much bigger here, as could the captain patch. (75%)
Striping: I think this is a bit too modern and curvy for a logo so rigid and scary. The balance is well handled, but the white yoke is a bit bright. (75%)
Effectiveness: The wolves use more classical themes in their jerseys. This is a bit of a far cry from that. (50%)
Creativity: This is incredibly creative. It's that 70s modern, something I don't see a lot of. (90%)
Other: Nothing else to really say. (100%)

Overall: Modernity is definitely a buzzword passed around a lot. These are modern, but in a very strange sense of the term. (83%)


That's all for today!

I hope each and every one of you have an absolutely fantastic time this weekend. Best of luck to every single one of you. Until next time...

-Jack G.
Friday: Moving In Like 17 Dimensions Reviewed by Unknown on January 29, 2016 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I'll nominate Mario's BC Concept

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Ben S for COTW

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