Friday: All the Colors of the Rainbow

Well, it's another Friday! You know what that means!

Jersey concepts and bad jokes! The best way to spend your few hours before the weekend!

I personally don't have much to report to you guys this week, so I'll just skip ahead and start talking about the jerseys!


It just never ends. It won't ever end until you vote. Probably. I think that's how it works.

4th QTR vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Jan 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
All-Star Game entries (due Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)


This contest is starting to look killer! Remember, only one day left to get those entries in. Here's some of the new jerseys!


Tomas V


Alan S - New York Rangers

 Execution: Awesome work, BUT always remember to write your name on your concepts! (90%)
Striping: I like simple, I prefer simple. This is just nice and simple. Really good use of the color palette given. I think that a thicker stripe would help, but the simplicity of this does definitely still work. (90%)
Effectiveness: New York looks much better in navy. I think this is definitely a strong choice. (100%)
Creativity: Not all too creative. Albeit a strong jersey, but the simplified Rangers look is very common. (80%)
Other: Not too much else to say. You did a great job with color balance, that's undeniable. Also this is one of the few times I do prefer to the slanted text. (100%)

Overall: Sometimes simple is the best way to go. (92%)

Brooks F - Arizona Coyotes

 Execution: Great job! (100%)
Striping: This is definitely an interesting pattern. I think that the Arizona flag motif looks great on the arms, but looking at this now makes it like a very strange star-shaped Christmas decoration. Also maybe a bit more black in this design would really help. (80%)
Effectiveness: Anything is better than the current Arizona jersey to me. (100%)
Creativity: Definitely creative using the flag on the arms and hem, something I usually only see reserved for the yoke or the entirety of the jersey. (90%)
Other: The font on the back really doesn't need the double stroke, it gets lost on the red jersey. (85%)

Overall: A very out there design for Arizona. (88%)

Brooks F - Hawaii Shutome 

Execution: This looks awesome! (100%)
Striping: I love the slanted stripes and the crazy pattern on the tertiary makes it look like something out of Hotline Miami. It's simple, but the colors make it so interesting. (95%)
Effectiveness: I think that this could definitely work for the ECHL. (100%)
Creativity: Very much so. Pink is never utilized by teams, save a few. Navy and white give it that old 90s jacket aesthetic. It's really dang cool. (95%)
Other: The logos could use some work. The font on the shoulder patch is so thin that it loses a lot by having so many thin stripes. The primary itself is a little flat, the marlin looking a bit too cartoony. I think having more focus on a more aggressive logo would help amplify this. I know that there isn't too wide a selection of good fish logos to look at, but I think you can find something. Also, not much of a complaint, but back when I first started here Colin Magee posted a Vancouver Blazers jersey that had font that followed the slant. I think including that within this jersey would amplify it. (75%)

Overall: A really cool expansion idea that uses a crazy color scheme. Just the way I like jerseys! (90%)

Chris W - WSU Shockers

 Execution: Amazing work here, but just remember the age old rule. The stitching always stops when striping begins. (90%)
Striping: One little thing I'd like to point out is the inclusion of WSU on the sleeve. That looks absolutely amazing. Simple, awesome touch. The pattern is not really my style, but for this team I think it shines. (95%)
Effectiveness: This captures the college aesthetic to a tee. (100%)
Creativity: Incredibly creative. Small details are strewn about that I love, like the updated logo where you rotated the hands so he could hold a hockey stick. They all look absolutely awesome. (95%)
Other: I think that the one complaint I do have is the font. It's a little too modern for me. I would try to find something with a more baseball read to it, something that would bring out the whole wheat concept a bit more. (90%)

Overall: It's the little things people do that really show talent as artists. Chris has captured this perfectly here. (94%) and a COTW Nom

Jay S - New York Knicks

Execution: Your numbers look a little big, and if possible, try to find a png file so that way the stitching doesn't stop on the arm. (85%)
Striping: Really simple, classic design. Although quite common, the colors definitely do help set this apart. It's bright and flashy. (90%)
Effectiveness: I think that all these basketball designs could just as easily be sold as fan jerseys. This is not an exception. (100%)
Creativity: Nothing new. (70%)
Other: That being said, it is still a great lot of fun to see crossovers like this! Everything looks better on a sweater. I don't think much else needs to be said other than to keep up the great work and keep on being the best artist you can be! (90%)

Overall: Another fun look at basketball in hockey (87%)

Lucas D - Pittsburgh Penguins

Execution: Great work! (100%)
Striping: Very similar to the same as above, with their one simple deviations. I would like to have seen how this would've carried to either black or yellow. Regardless, the pattern here is really cool. It's like a combination of all the things Pittsburgh is known to do on jerseys before they added Vegas gold and became bad. (90%)
Effectiveness: It's a classic design that Pittsburgh could definitely use. (100%)
Creativity: It's a piece that encapsulates many ideas, but it is something that I've seen many times before. It could really use that oomph factor to bring it home. (60%)
Other: Nothing much else to say. Great work! (100%)

Overall: A great nod, but Pittsburgh should start trying more experimental ideas. (89%)


It's been another great week here. I wish you all the best as usual.

Thank you for giving this post a read, and I hope you come back next week! Until then...

-Jack G
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winnipegjets96 said...

Brooks F. for COTW

Ben Shaffer said...

The away and alternate uniform on Chris's WSU concept should be switched. The yellow isn't dark enough for a road sweater, and I can't see the black sweater ever being used as an alternate because it's not a light color.

JJ Anderes said...

Is there a reason my all-star concept was counted twice?

Unknown said...

2nd Chris W for COTW

Unknown said...

Hey JJ, I hadn't noticed and took it off today's post. Sorry for the mixup!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the nominations. I made this Rebirth sports template from the site including the pants and socks. I made a new template for Gemini Athletics recently too. All are only in SVG right now

Unknown said...

I am using a png file. I just cut off the stitching to make it look like the numbers are patched on above..

Unknown said...

I'll 3rd Chris

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