Wednesday: Christmas Eve Eve

Merry Wednesday everybody. Hope you're all enjoying your last minute shopping that I know you're doing. Hopefully there's a lot of sick hockey merch being given this holiday season. I know for some of us, that Stadium Series/Winter Classic gear is a hot item right now.

Speaking of hot items. How about the Prince George competition entries? You can check them all out now and vote for the winner.

COTW Dec 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Prince George Cougars Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)

Alright, Put down your egg nog and get ready for some effin' concepts baby! Yeaaaaah!

Sibir Novosibirsk Concept - Artem S.
Not my favorite template. I'm sure most people would agree. Interesting to see it in different colors sometimes. Nothing too exciting here. I think the socks on both sets could use more red. Some sort of pants design would have been neat here.

Rating: 5/10

Los Angeles Kings Alternate Jersey Concept - Glen W.
The Kings have worn both a purple and a yellow throwback. It'd be nice to seem them try to come up with something new that combines some different eras. This one tries to combine the current era with the purple/yellow days. The logo on the front is too big. The name on the back is spaced weird, and also appears to me slanted. I don't have an issue with the TV numbers being so high on the shoulders, I'd rather see them down on the sleeve though. The white piping on the side panels is unnecessary as it's hard to see on the yellow background. The idea isn't bad, but the execution isn't quite there yet.

Rating: 6/10

Florida Panthers Concept - Brian B.
News of the Panthers upcoming redesign has put out some interesting clues about the new look. One of which has mentioned that the team will adopt chest stripes like the Habs. Brian shows it can look alright, but it seems gimmicky. You've got one Florida team with a Detroit/Toronto mash up, now the other could look like a Habs reject. That's not Brian's fault. He's going off the rumors. I don't really care for how the dark jersey is mostly shades of blue, while the white is traditional Panthers' red and blue. It is interesting however, it's got a Euro soccer feel to it. The home and the clash don't exactly share color schemes, but do, however, fit in the team's existing branding.

The stripes continuing on the back would be nice, as would some thicker pants stripes.

Rating: 7/10

Brian's alternate for his new Panthers' set is a callback to the original jerseys. I'm sure something like this would be welcome, as long as they have the pointed yokes. The muted colors would look better if they were their classic brighter counterparts. Actual yellow and a slightly lighter blue.

Rating: 7/10

Krylya Sovetov Moscow Concept - Artem S.
It seems Artem has just been making use of existing templates without changing too much. But at least he's doing it right. The jerseys don't look bad at all, there's just nothing extraordinary about them. To spice this one up, he could have had the striping emulate the blue gradient in the logo. Even if it was just an alternate there could be a really slick Tequila Sunrise jerseys with the white to blue to dark blue gradient scheme. I'm drooling just thinking about it. Little nitpicks - The Reebok logo on the back of the jersey is wrong, should just be the wordmark and no personal ID.

Rating: 7.5/10

Florida Panthers Concept - Josiah B.
Josiah would like to see the Panthers go back to the double blue color scheme from their alternate a few years back, and build a set around it. It's an aesthetically pleasing set, I'm a sucker for double blue. But the fans made it clear that they wanted their red. So maybe working red into it somehow would soften the blow of losing it. Seeing the rest of the equipment would be nice.

Rating: 8/10

Florida Panthers Alternate Jersey Concept - Ryan C.
Ryan puts together a pretty good fauxback type jersey that would be welcome in a Winter Classic. The old school style logo is pretty good. The yoke is confusing. The front side makes it look like the pointy yoke the team originally wore, but on the back it's a very aesthetically pleasing curve. I think I'd rather see it all pointy but no real complaints here. I feel like the collar could have been gold or red, the white seems like a bit too much white up top. It'd be nice to see the fauxback equipment here as well.

Rating: 8.5/10

There it is! My last post before Christmas and Kwanzaa. Only one more until the new year! Happy Holidays everyone! Have a good one!
Wednesday: Christmas Eve Eve Reviewed by DBro Alexander on December 23, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Second Ryan C for COTW.
A lot of Panthers!!!

Burkus Circus said...

Brian B.'s Florida Panthers Home/Road set for COTW.

MERY CHRISTMAS ADAM!!! (Get it? Adam came before Eve in the Christian Bible. :D)


Unknown said...

I like the striping on Ryan's concept, it just seems a little plain too me. I also like Brian's alternate, but it's too Anaheim-esque for me.

Unknown said...

In hind sight i think i should have went with the panther head logo (minus the roundel) on my concept. I liked it when i made it, but now the all white logo bugs me. Happy Holidays Everyone

DBro Alexander said...

@Burkus - Adam did eh?.......... yeah kind of seems to be how that works.... - AY OHHHHH I'LL BE HERE ALL WEEK

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll throw a COTW at Ryan C, but really any of those Panthers concepts would do fine....even the double blue

Unknown said...

COTW to Josiah B's Florida concept.

And I agree with Ryan C., I would have given it to you but A) a bunch of people already did so I have to spread the love, and B) that all white logo just lacks something.. good job though.

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