Tuesday: Break Time

This time last week I was finishing up school for my semester. It was a very stressful last two weeks but now I am 4 days into my month long break and I'm loving every minute of it. Now during this break you might be asking what I will be doing to keep productive. That answer would be, trying to beat video games. That's basically it. Nothing else much. I'll be working on a concept or two here and there but I'll be looking to just relax and save some money that my school takes away from  me by the hand fulls.

Today is a big day for the last logo tournament I'll be doing (unfortunately) so last vote, LET'S SEE WHO WINS!



I'm actually quite surprised by these last two. I think Utica has a nice logo but I never thought it would be potentially the top logo in the AHL!

COTW Dec 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Prince George Cougars Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)


 HC Sochi Concept - Artem S.
 Artem continues his KHL redesign and he takes HC Sochi to his idea desk. The design, again I think is very cookie cutter and can be improved on with the removal of the piping. Though, the design looks really nice with the colors. The colors though on the white jersey I think could be executed better. AS you can see the blue on the home jersey is plentiful but is almost removed from the design on the white jersey. The color combos need some balance and I would start there when thinking about the white jersey. Other than the logos being sup bar in my opinion, this concept does a good job of making a nice looking jersey set.

Rating: 7.7/10

HC Sochi - Artem S.
Artem also makes an alternate jersey. This one is basically a flipped color version of the home jersey which I think is a bad idea. I would be very upset if a team in the NHL unveiled their alternate to just be a one color flip. I think the alternate jersey is a great chance to try a different design and use the colors differently. Different logos and possibly different fonts. I just don't see "alternate" in this. The does not mean the design is bad, it's not. I would eliminate the piping and make the bottom of the hem blue but other than that it's not bad or anything, just would like to see something else from an alternate.

Rating: 7.5/10

Montreal Canadiens Alternate - Dylan T
 I'll make this one short and sweet, jersey wise I think this is awesome. I think it would be cool to see the Canadiens wear this a couple times a year. My one mark up would be to continue the chest stripe all the way around and through the numbers. Then just make sure your numbers have a red outline. Other than that change, I don't think I have another. Perhaps the 'C' logo could be used on the shoulder but that is a reach. Very nice job.

Rating: 8.6/10

Portland Rosebuds Concept - Glen W.
 Glen tackles the defunct Portland Rosebuds. If you're going for a concept used back when they were playing then yes the logo is fine, but perhaps when making a concept for a defunct team with a very outdated logo, edit one up yourself. I'll assume it's supposed to be when they were around because the whole vibe gives me an "ancient" vibe. The vines on the sleeve seems like something that should not be on a sports jersey unless it's done in a modern and bold stance. With sharp almost barbed thorns on it. That might be interesting. However, that with the red piping is really clashing. Then you have a nice hem stripe which I think could be a great base for the jersey (eliminate the red stripe at the bottom, it ruins the hem stripe and is somewhat pointless). I would move the hem stripe and make them arm stripes and then the jersey could have some balance. Lastly, the font is nowhere near a sports font, even for an old team this this. Simple block font that you can find online would suffice.

Rating: 5.6/10

Michigan State Spartans - Penn State Nittany Lions - Matt G.
 I like the idea behind this series but it seems a little unfinished. I see two modern jerseys with two throwback or old looking logos. Yesterday I saw you had one and I had the same thought. I think if you have michigan state having that illustrated throwback logo then the jersey (fonts) should also represent that. Being block fonts, thin stripes, and a lot of stripes could look really cool. As for Penn State, I don't think the under arm color looks really well. Not only would it be unnoticeable on ice but it doesn't add anything to the jersey. Also, the logo utilizes a lot of gray. I know the team rarely ever uses gray so I think you should eliminate the gray or pick a whole new entire logo to fit the jersey.

Rating: 7.2/10

Prince George Cougars - Ryan C.
 Ryan tackles the competition we are currently doing. I think the jersey designs are basically perfect. I think the striping thickness on the hem could be re done and be thicker but that's getting really to the point. The logo is where my struggles now. I think the logo if it were in the 80's would be believable and this jersey would be great. However, if this is a modern jersey then I think the cougar needs to reflect that. Bolder, simpler lines. If that change is made, this would be fantastic.

Rating: 8.2/10

Pittsburgh Penguins - Zeke G.
I always like to see how people envision Pittsburgh's jersey. It's either the regular gold or vegas gold. Use of white and gold or black and gold, and of course the throwback design elements. Zeke takes inspiration from the pittsburgh Steelers striping and uses that as the basis of this design. Whether that was done on purpose or not, I don't know. The striping on the black jersey I think is much more effective but the jersey as a whole is missing something. Hem striping or a shoulder logo, it just feels empty. The same goes with the white jersey, however I think the striping color needs to be changed so you can have more black. The color balance here again notes why the primary color should be used a lot more. I'd rethink some decisions but it is a decent start to the rebrand for Pittsburgh.

Rating: 7.3/10

Everyone, enjoy the Holidays! Whatever you celebrate or wherever you go, stay safe and have a great time! I'll talk to you all next week!
Tuesday: Break Time Reviewed by Unknown on December 22, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...


DLowry said...

Utica for the win

Unknown said...


DBro Alexander said...

Rockford IceHogs

Burkus Circus said...

Lake Erie (Am I the only one who thinks that logo is cool?)

But in all seriousness...

Manitoba: Nice fierce, realistic moose ... that is grey. The grey is seen nowhere else on the logo except in the outline for "Moose". Maybe they could change it to brown? Speaking of which, the word mark is very good, the arch angle (see what I did there?) is amazing. Very pleasing to the eye. Really cool feature here I just noticed: The breasts of the grey moose sort form an "M". One last thing: Is that the skyline of whatever city they play in (Manitoba is a Canadian State or whatever they call it right? Not a city?) or is it a forest?

Utica: My grandfather who recently passed was from Utica, so it has good sentimentality to me. The logo has good color balance, but the puck-comet is sorta cheesy. The "Utica" is very thin and hard to read, and the blue "Comets" in the white stripe makes it almost seem like a soccer logo (except for the puck-comet). The puck comet also extends beyond the shield-like-thingy. I'm not sure is that's good or bad, though. The bottom also seems a very tiny bit empty compared to the rest of the logo.

Word mark: Manitoba
Main logo feature: Manitoba
Colors: Utica
Shape: Utica
Intensity: Manitoba
Recognizability: Uhhh... Tie
Realism: Utica
Hidden features: Manitoba


Ryan C.'s Prince George Courgars concept for COTW.


Unknown said...

Utica and I'll 2nd Taylor for COTW.

winnipegjets96 said...

Manitoba FTW, of course, sad St. John's didn't represent the Maritimes though.
Dylan T for COTW!
Also, if Lake Erie, while I like their logo, I really like their Crusaders throwbacks
And as for Rockford, pig butt FTW

Alan John Herbert said...


Unknown said...

Utica. A simpler futuristic (or art-deco) logo gives more room for imagination, more classic vintage charme, more feeling of the 'serious' team. And easier to create

Zeke G said...

I'm glad someone caught that,yes, the striping is indeed inspired by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Thanks for the review!


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

U-TI-CA!! Yeah, Utica.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


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