Thursday: The Night Before Christmas

Hello everyone, I hope you're enjoying your holidays so far. Today is my first day off so I'm pretty happy that I don't really have any obligations for the next week and a half or so now, or at least the only things I may have to do I'll enjoy. Always nice to have a stress relieving break like this in the middle of the year.
So I liked what William did on Sunday so I decided...why not do the same and give my opinions?

So...who in the NHL could use a redesign?

Anaheim: Not bad jerseys by any means, just a few touch ups and it would be a great looking set.
Arizona: Logo is fine, not the best choice but it works. The jerseys aren't horrendous but they could use new ones already.
Atlanta: Jokes on this one, but if they still were in the league with the same uniforms I'd say redesign them.
Boston: No redesign needed by any means, and I think the current version of their logo is the best version of it.
Buffalo: Close but not quite on their last redesign, just a few touch ups would work but I wouldn't mind seeing another full redesign.
Calgary: The logo is a classic, and has stood the test of time quite well. They got one of the worst edge makeovers though so they could definitely use a better jersey design.
Carolina: The logo isn't anything great to me, but I think it's fine. The jerseys are fine too but they could do much better and be much more unique.
Chicago: One of the best looks in the league. I can only imagine a redesign happening if their logo sees controversy other teams represented by indians have seen. It would sure be quite interesting to see what the new design would look like though.
Colorado: Like Calgary, great logo, but Reebok edge hit them hard and a jersey redesign should be in order.
Columbus: Logo is just fine, jerseys aren't horrible but I think a redesign would do them well.
Dallas: I think they're fine as they are.
Detroit: Another classic identity. Would again be interesting to see what the product would be if they did redesign, and this goes for just about all of the classic teams.
Edmonton: They're just fine like they are.
Florida: We already know a redesign is coming and I think it's due for sure. I've always thought their logo was too busy so I'm glad to see that's getting changed up as well.
Los Angeles: Going back to a purple and using their crown logo would be the ideal look for them in my opinion.
Minnesota: Their uniforms are alright, but they could benefit from some consistency for sure.
Montreal: Would be very interesting to see a new identity for them, but they're far from needing one.
Nashville: Small improvements could be made to the jerseys but the logo is a vast improvement over their previous one.
New Jersey: It's lasted this long being virtually the same, why change now? I'd like to at least see an alternate though.
New York Islanders: They look just fine now.
New York Rangers: Another "would be interesting but it's unneeded" team.
Ottawa Senators: Everything needs fixed, but the vintage jerseys could work just fine, and their side facing alternate logo would be a solid replacement for the current primary.
Philadelphia Flyers: They look fine already
Pittsburgh Penguins: I like the logo but the uniforms really need a redesign.
San Jose Sharks: All they really need is some hem stripes and they'd be fine.
St. Louis Blues: In my opinion I think they have one of the best looks in the NHL
Tampa Bay: I like the logo but the jerseys could use something more.
Toronto: They don't need one, but we already know they're getting a redesign.
Vancouver: I think they could use one, but considering how many identity changes they've already had they would need to make sure the product can last for a good while.
Washington: The weagle would make a better primary logo and the jerseys could use a redesign.
Winnipeg: I think they're fine, but the logo could use some improvements.

So that's my view on these teams. What do you guys think? Leave a comment and tell me.
Speaking of redesigns, we did one here for the Prince George Cougars but now we need your help to decide which one is the best. We also need you to decide which concept was the best concept from last week. So go take just a few minutes and leave a vote, eh?
COTW Dec 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Prince George Cougars Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)
Aaaand now the concepts:

Artem S. - Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk
+Really like the double blue color scheme
+I think the font fits the overall look of the concept
+Execution looks good
-Road jersey needs more dark blue to balance the colors better
-Not a fan of the templatey look, at all.

Overall: Some templates work, I wouldn't say this is one of them. (5/10)

Artem S. - Yunost Minsk
+I like the logo choices
-Without the logos on the jersey, you wouldn't even know this team has a second shade of blue. That would be something really nice and unique to fit into the team's color scheme, if you keep the red too.
-I think you need more blue on the road jersey again.
-Another template fill jersey.

Overall: This is another template fill jersey that doesn't work. Either way, just filling in templates isn't creative at all. Get out your inner creativity and try something new instead of just filling in templates, I know you can do better than these. (5/10)

Ben S. - Colorado College
+First off, good job giving credit to where you got the logos.
+It's definitely a unique design.
+I think the absence of white on the dark jersey works pretty well in this case, and keeping that in mind the colors are balanced well.
~I don't really like the wordmark logos like that...but you don't have a great secondary option with their actual logo so I think I'd prefer the wordmark this time.
-On the execution side of things, the numbers look too spaced out, the name is too small, and the sock stripes are too high up on the sock.

Overall: Solid look for sure (8/10)

Lucas D. - Florida Panthers
+This design seems to closely follow the rumors we've heard for the Panther's rebrand so far, making it a realistic concept
+I like the new logo, but I'd prefer it without the roundel, even though I think that's part of the rumors
+The sublimated (what I assume are) "sun rays" on the hem and cuffs are a nice touch.
-The numbers on both jerseys get a bit hard to read with the chest stripe there, something needs to be done to improve their visibility.

Overall: If this is what they revealed for next year, I think it would be a good look (8/10)

Brooks F. - Detroit Red Wings
+I'd say this concept definitely gives off a "crazy 90s" feel
+The design is unique to the Wings for sure, and it's what I'd imagine them looking like if they changed their look, but sans purple
+The octopus on the shoulders is definitely something that seems 90s-esque
+The purple actually manages to work here
-I wouldn't want to see the purple actually used by them but it works well for the purpose of this concept

Overall: You managed to combine the craziness of the 90s with a good look for Detroit. That can't be an easy task (9.5/10) and my COTW nomintion.

+If you thought that last concept was a crazy 90s concept...
+I like how the yoke/side panels/thing connects with the hem stripe on the back, and the different coloring doesn't come out of nowhere.
+Black and purple for the Red Wings really makes this thing a crazy concept
+It's not a bad design overall
+The jersey being almost completely devoid of white works quite well, and the small amounts of white on here don't look out of place or anything
-I don't think the colors would be close enough for the jersey to not look pretty bad with different front and back colors. It didn't work well for the turdburger and it doesn't here either.

Overall: Definitely another crazy jersey...(8/10)

Ryan C. - Grand Rapids Griffins
+Simple and effective striping pattern
+The logo looks good
+I really like the shoulder designs, and the white yoke on the dark jersey, and how they go into the namebar as well
-There are a few loose pixels around the concept, most notably the armpits of the black jersey and on the back hem outline of the white jersey.
-Name also looks a tad small

Overall: I'd like to see them wearing this design (8/10)

That's all for today guys. Some of you may have noticed the lack of a top 5 countdown this week, but I think I'm going to do it every other week now as opposed to every week, but let me know what you think. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week.
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Unknown said...

COTW to Ben S

Unknown said...

COTW to Ryan C.

Geoff said...

I think the Redwings should update their logo. Get rid of the wire wheel and change it to a traditional hot rod or muscle car type wheel and just tweak the wings a bit. Perfect person to redesign it would be Chip Foose. He would retain the heritage of it while changing it enough to make it the best logo in sports

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