Sunday: Oh The Weather Outside Is...

Blah. That's the weather outside, blah. Being an Albertan, I like winter chinooks as much as the next guy, unless that guy happens to be Leonardo DiCaprio, but it's not the greatest weather for Christmas, or outdoor hockey.  I guess we should be glad Alberta isn't having an outdoor game this year. 

Instead, Colorado, Minnesota, and Boston get outdoor games this year, against Detroit, Chicago, and Montreal respectively. It's nice to finally see outdoor hockey for Colorado and Minnesota, but I'm a little disappointed in Chicago and Detroit's involvement. COL vs DET is an intriguing match-up at least, but we've seen Chicago at these things way too often. Let the classic teams do the "Winter Classic", but lets have some new teams (without the Californian novelty factor) do the Stadium Series games.

What Stadium Series match-ups would you like to see in the future? Here's a few I'd like to see:

Tampa Bay vs Florida @ Tropicana Field
Dallas vs Minnesota
Calgary vs Vancouver (90's style jerseys are a must)
Nashville vs St. Louis (Or anyone else that makes sense to pair with Nashville)
Edmonton vs Winnipeg  (played in Saskatchewan)

or here's a crazy thought..
Outdoor All-Star Game!

or here's a crazier thought..
Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final gets played on a neutral-site outdoor game.

or here's a crazy thought..
Florida relocates to Quebec, and Arizona relocates to...

Okay now I'm getting way ahead of myself. I should just be happy that the NHL isn't playing Chicago vs Pittsburgh on repeat every year.

Anyways, here's some voting reminders (including a tie-break vote for the Colts competition), and a reminder for our new Prince George Cougars competition.

Barrie Colts Tie Break vote (ends Tuesday @ 10:59pm Eastern)
COTW Dec 6-12 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Prince George Cougars entries (due Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)

Now lets get to the concepts!

Admiral Vladivostok - Artem S.

As cool as their logo is, their logos are lacking. This definitely fixes that.
Double blue looks good on nearly everything, even the Florida Panthers.
Good use of their unused logo.
Good balance between colours.

I could do without the light blue text outline.

Overall: Starting today's post with a huge hit. Well done! 9/10

Los Angeles Kings - Glen W.

Adding red to the Kings' colours would make them look fierce and give them an almost unique colour combo.
This logo would probably be the best for a red-redesign.

Stripe pattern and arm doesn't go well, and stripes probably should go for the whole arm.
The name is really small, and the number is also a little too small.
The number outline is handmade, which is commendable, but doesn't help the concept at all.
Lots of rough pixels and discoloured blocks tells me this was a maddening copy/paste job.

Overall: Kings + red is a great idea, but the rest needs work. Keep trying!  6.5/10

Chicago Blackhawks vs Detroit Red Wings -  Jack S.

How is it possible that Chicago hasn't worn a black and white jersey yet? 
Black vs Red would be a good colour matchup. I can't see why colour vs colour is such a taboo idea in hockey. Look at Leafs vs Red Wings in 2014. Beautiful!
The Detroit Cougars never had a dark version of the jersey, so this is a fantastic "new" idea.

Detroit has never used a white namebar and red text, and they shouldn't start here.
Chicago's stripes could be thinner, and spaced out more evenly.
Chicago's name is really cramped in there with the stripes. I assume there's a black namebar involved, which is necessary but bad.
The numbers and names on both jerseys are small, and Detroit doesn't have TV numbers.

Overall: As an idea, this is a perfect fix-up. But this needs serious execution work before it can be a great concept. 7/10

St. Louis Blues - Dallas Stars -  Josiah B.

Not one of the SS ideas I mentioned above, but a great idea nonetheless.
Dallas using their roundel logo is almost too good of an idea for SS jerseys.
I like how these jerseys are really no-frills or no funny business, just good, new hockey jerseys. I'd take these over any of the Stadium Series unis.

The numbers on both jerseys don't stand out enough. Green on green and blue on blue just doesn't work. Yellow and silver/white would work better.
I'd like them to be SS jerseys, but they aren't exactly believable because they are so traditional. They'd more than likely be standard alternates, which I'd also be okay with.

Overall: The numbers are they only thing preventing this from being an awesome looking piece. 7.6/10

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Philadelphia Flyers - Josiah B.

A Battle of Pennsylvania would be another great idea for an outdoor game.
Love the Quakers themed jersey with the college twist to it.
The diagonal Pirates theme is kept but improved to make a more modern friendly jersey.
Two styles that definitely reference some obscure yet classic jerseys, perfect for this kind of game.

The back number on the Penguins jersey needs just a bit more of an outline I think.
The striping on the Pens jersey is a little too different from the Pirates one. I like this better, but I think the reference might go over a lot of peoples' heads.
I think I'd go with "Flyers" on the front of the jersey rather than "Phila" but neither is a bad choice.

Overall: Certainly a plausible idea. If these were the designs, we could have an awesome looking outdoor game on our hands. 7.9/10

Ottawa Senators -  Kitt S.

A fixed up version of their 2001 3rd made into a full set, that's just a fantastic idea.
The stripes are well designed.
Colours are well balanced.
Ottawa is sadly one of the blander looking teams in the NHL. This definitely would fix that.

You have the shoulder patches on the right shoulders, but they should be flipped. I shouldn't see the parliament building on the front and back.
The black socks' red and white stripes should be flipped.
I'd use a different secondary logo rather than the maple leaf  on the shoulder patch. Maybe the "O" with the stripes.

Overall: Ottawa needs fixing. This is a great way to fix them. 7.8/10

Rockford IceHogs - Ryan C.

Rockford just emulates Chicago's jerseys. This is simpler but different.
I really like the switch between blue and grey. 
Colours are well balanced.
Execution is pretty solid.

The grey middle stripe is really thin, and when beside the thick white stripe its barely noticeable at all.
Another one of those concepts where there's barely anything wrong with it, but I'm just not overly excited about. This is a nice classic design, but Rockford should have something more exciting.

Overall: Great design, and great switch to grey. Better than what they have, but there's room for something better. 8.3/10

Barrie Colts - Taylor R.

The competition was really close, and Taylor missed the tiebreaker by a few votes, but I think this is the sharpest set in the competition. I'm not sure where the "blue/green" colour comes from, but its unique, stands out, and looks fantastic with yellow and white.
The cartoony logo looks better with this colour change.

I could see this losing out because of the lack of creativity, especially in the logo department.
(Having said that, this recoloured logo looks the best option with exception to the one Jake used).
I don't see this as a set that needs laces, but it doesn't really hurt.

Overall: I agree with the motion that Barrie needs a full overhaul. But Taylor shows that a simple change in colour can make all the difference. 9/10

New York Islanders - Zeke G.

The stripes give a really cool but simple new look to a team desperate for good ideas.
Colour balance is good on the white jersey.

The numbers look way too big.
The name looks like its almost arching, and really doesn't need a namebar on the white jersey.
The blue jersey should have a white hem with orange stripes to match the arms.
The logo looks off-centered.

Overall: Alright design, but needs some major execution work. 6/10

As everyone votes for the other three as a competition winner, I'm going to sit and watch the world burn as I nominate Taylor R's Barrie Colts concept as my COTW nominee.

Disagree with my comments? Have a different concept you'd like to nominate? Then say so in the comments! Remember, just because a concept is seconded doesn't mean you shouldn't third and forth it, as we seen with last week's COTW nominees.

Don't forget to vote and send in your Prince George concepts!

That's all for me, thanks for reading and see you next Sunday!

Sunday: Oh The Weather Outside Is... Reviewed by Unknown on December 13, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I saw my mistake after I sent it in. I guess it really does pay to double check! I'll go and second Taylor's Colts concept for COTW.

Unknown said...

2nd Taylor for COTW... I think a classic look for the colts is exactly what they need

Unknown said...

I feel like I'm the only one who likes Barrie's logo. As for the color scheme, I really just wanted to go with a completely unique color scheme that would still go somewhat well with the logo.

Zach E said...

COTW to Kitt S.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 4th Taylor's Barrie Colts for COTW

Unknown said...

I 5th Taylor's Colts concept.

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