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I sincerely apologize for the lateness of this post!

Currently, I'm on vacation in Disneyworld with my family and didn't get home until very recently. Thankfully I had this preamble written so I jumped right into the concepts. Hope those of you on break from University/College/other school/work are enjoying it as much as I am. Also I'm seeing the new Starr Wars movie on Christmas Eve in Disneyworld which will be a blast from what I've heard. Who knows, maybe one of the actor will show up?! one can dream

Next week I'm heading to Blainville, QC to see a Blainville Boisbriand Armada game against the Val D'or Foreurs. For those who don't know where Blainville & Boisbriand are, they are twin cities in Quebec that is 40 minutes northwest of Montreal and are the newest LMJHQ team. I saw them play the Halifax Mooseheads in October of this year but seeing as I have a friend who is a native of the cities & knows French much better than my weird of Ontarian Chiac and Grade 10 French knowledge so...Bon Chance. Photos will be posted of the game, the jersey I pick up & the arena/city. Also Molson Export.

I'd highly recommend you support your minor hockey teams, in any league, whether SPHL, ECHL, AHL, WHL, LMJHQ, OHL whatever it is, support them! The games are quite fun and usually quite inexpensive compared to say...the Leafs? A Mooseheads game will run ya about 12 bucks as a student, which is the cost of lunch for like 2 days or 24 packs of Ramen or 10 packs of slightly better ramen so not very expensive.

Continuing with our Best/Worst series, this time, a team with more history...hmm....Boston Bruins

Best: 1974-1995 Black jersey

Photo from: staging.sportslogos.net

If I had to pick one jersey for the Bruins to wear forever, this would be it. It might be dated by today's standards (especially on the shoulder patch), but it encompasses most of Boston's greats from those 20 years. Cashman , O'reilly, Milbury, Bourque, Neely, Park etc. Would be nice to see this jersey be modernized.

Honourable mentions: Current set, 1996-2007 set, 1967-1973 black jersey

Worst: 1940-1948

Photo from Boston.com

Boston has never had a HORRIBLE jersey. Not even a bad one, perhaps the best way to describe a bad Bruins jersey is a dated one. It was a toss up between this jersey and the 1995 Alternate for most dated, but this jersey is much more dated to be. It's by no means bad, but it certainly leaves a lot to be desired. I like the pervious jerseys with the big simple block B, but the numbers did look like a football jersey...and at the time...football jerseys did look like this so yeah. I would like to own one, but it's certainly not at the top of the Bruin's best jerseys.

Honourable mentions: 1995-2006 Alternate, 2008-present Alternate, 1924-25 Brown

Agree/Disagree, lemme know in the comments!

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On to the concepts


Minnesota Golden Gophers V. Wisconsin Badgers Concept (By: Matt G.)

+ This whole series has been a great mix of simple/modern jersey designs, and vintage corny college logos, and despite not really following the NCAA, I love it!
+ Both jerseys contrast each other nicely
+Both jerseys are also unique enough that they'd stand out from what the teams normal wear 
+ Good execution 

- The shoulder patches would look better if a) The Gophers had the M on their shoulders and b) the Badgers jerseys had the W on the shoulders 

Rating: 9.5/10 COTW nom. from me

Seattle Metropolitans Concepts (By: Zack W.)

+ Great colour scheme choice. It is similar to the T-bird & Seahawks, however, the way the clouds are laid out is unique 
+ I like the big bold vintage yoke & striping, with the modern numbers a good mix
+ Zack's execution is getting pretty good, keep it up!
+ It's funny how just a plain S can work as a logo

- The NOB is too large
- The sleeves are very crowded and the striping at the edge of the yoke is why, getting rid of that would free up space for the numbers. 

Rating: 7.75/10

Vancouver Canucks Concepts (By: Zeke W.)

+ This is an idea I've liked for the Canucks if they didn't want to keep the green & blue, the double blue looks great for them
+ The grey and white add a nice polar feel to it, which matches their not so loved Orca logo 
+ Execution is decent
+ Something about that style of yoke make me really like the blue jersey

- Shoulder patches?
- Numbers on the back, primary logo are too large 
- Don't forget to stop the stitching at the first hem stripe
- One thing, I would add some of the blue from the ice on the whale C to the jersey to put that shade somewhere other than just the logo 

Rating: 7/10

Anaheim Ducks Concept (By: Jake C.)

+ Like the idea of a zombie jersey, though the logo is a little over detailed for me
+ Fan jerseys with custom logos usually look better with simpler striping but one that doesn't look like a rehash of a previous jersey 
+ Good halloween colour choices 
+ I don't think I've ever reviewed your work before or seen it, so welcome to HJC, Jake!

- Execution needs work: The NOB (name on back) is too large and spread out, as are the numbers
- The primary logo and shoulder patches are also too large but are placed properly, which is good
- Don't forget to add some sort of ID to your concept, as well as numbers on the sleeves (tv numbers)
- Finally, teams usually use either a straight hem stripe or a curved on that blends into the piping, or just the piping on the hem, never both

Rating: 5/10

*Check out the template & tutorial sections for lots of great resources 

Quebec City Nordiques Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ Really good mix of WHA & NHL jerseys here, not easy to do
+ The jerseys no longer look light blue and boring but with the darker blur and red, this would be what I'd want the Nordiques to return in
+ Good execution, minus on or two flaws
+ This is one of Lucas's best concepts to date

- Forgot the TV numbers
- Numbers on the back are slightly too small because of how big the NOB & yoke are, reproportion that and you're good

Rating: 8.5/10

Dinamo Riga KHL Concepts (By Artem S.)

+ Using and underused template that works with the colour scheme and logo, nice, I think the designers of the 07/08 All Star games would appreciate these...all though we'll get to what that isn't entirely on Artem's part
+ Changing the side bars from grey to white looks good on the red jersey

- The jerseys are still VERY similar to the what they already wear, dare I say these jerseys are almost exact except without the awesome and team defining skyline hemstripe
-TV numbers and pants logos are too small
- Don't forget to change the RBK vector logo on the back of the jersey to either the Reebok script or CCM

Rating: 6/10

Dynamo Moscow KHL Concepts (By: Artem S.)

+ This time the jerseys are more different, and the 67 Leafs striping works for a team who's entire look is based on blue & white
+ Execution is better on this concept

- Same thing as the previous concept for the logo underneath the back of the collar
- Same thing for the pants logo

Rating: 6.5/10

That's the post
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Have a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, whatever you do
Go Jets, Moose & Mooseheads

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Burkus Circus said...

Zeke G.'s Vancouver Canucks concept for COTW


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I second Zeke G's 'nucks concept

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