Friday: A Very Merry Christmas

Hello to all and a very Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone's ham and eggnog binge fests were fantastic, and I hope that all of you are perfectly safe and happy with your Christmas. It may be a little green this year in Illinois, but that don't mean it ain't Christmas! Best wishes to all of you and your families!


Well if it ain't another one of them votes things.

Guess you know what that means. You better click that done there button on the side yer screens. 

COTW Dec 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Prince George Cougars Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)


Artem S - Salavat Yulayev UFA

Execution: Really solid (100%)
Striping: I've never been a fan of the sides being colored, but I do think that what you did on the arms is actually a super classy design. The touch of gold is really cool, but the balance would be much better if the piping down the torso was gold. (75%)
Effectiveness: In the KHL, anything is possible! (100%)
Creativity: This isn't the most creative thing we've ever received. (60%)
Other: I love the logo here, and the font used. I've always been one for using the pants to create a break between the jersey and socks, and think that navy would've worked much better for this. (75%)

Overall: A big step in the right direction! (77%)

Artem S - HC Ugra

Execution: Again, great work (100%)
Striping: This is really really cool. The small pattern that's in there is awesome. It's simple in essence, but the edition of the little ornate design helps make this stand out. (90%)
Effectiveness: Very effective. (100%)
Creativity: I'd say this jersey's biggest differentiator is the little pattern. I've seen similar designs before, but it's that little aesthetic detail that pulls everything together. (80%)
Other: The choice of leaving the stroke off the letters did cut down on the clutter. One place where more detail would've been cool would be the pants. Just something simple to add more color. (85%)

Overall: Great work, Artem! (89%)

Matt G - Minnesota v Michigan

Execution: Another stellar edition (100%)
Striping: Simple, gorgeous, and perfectly accentuates the team's identities. (95%)
Effectiveness: A more modern twist on the current jerseys. Perfect for a special game. (100%)
Creativity: Very simple, yet also creative. The little details on the pants are super cool. I also appreciate how every matchup so far has gotten their own jerseys. (100%)
Other: I never really liked the navy and yellow scheme for Michigan. With yellow as the primary, the jersey didn't look as heavy as this. The Minnesota one alone though looks fantastic, and is perfectly balanced. (90%)

Overall: A fantastic series with so many great entries! Keep up the great work! (96%)

Ricky M - Buffalo Wings

Execution: I think this is awesome, but watch those numbers on the arm. Also, this is more a framing issue but the background is a little distracting. (85%)
Striping: Not much to go off outside of the yoke and little pouches on the stomach. I would've loved to see a bit more silver in the jersey. (80%)
Effectiveness: I'm not gonna guess how Roller hockey jerseys usually look, but if I were to I'd say that this looks like Roller hockey. (100%)
Creativity: Very much so. This is the first time I've seen something on the torso like that, or a color palette like this. (90%)
Other: I like the wild and wacky letters, gives it a cool 90s vibe. Also all I can think about when I see the white jersey is how easy this could be turned into a Buzz Lightyear concept. I know that these are the colors of the team, but I had to throw that in there somewhere. (90%)

Overall: It's zany, kooky, and I  actually really like it. (88%)

Ryan C - Austin Ice Bats

Execution: Crisp, clean lines. (100%)
Striping: One really cool detail is the fact that the yoke kind of invokes this idea of a vampire's cape. The rest of the patterns are just nice and simple. I do wish there was a way to put some white into the black jersey. (85%)
Effectiveness: This team could be brought back just to wear these jerseys. (100%)
Creativity: Ok, I'm guessing this is your own original logo so that is incredibly awesome. Like really frickin cool. Kinda reminds me of the Bacardi logo. (90%)
Other: The font looks awesome here, and the color redesign looks fantastic. Again, that's just my love for this color scheme, but one cannot deny that it looks totally awesome. (95%)

Overall: Another great jersey, and every concept you send in keeps getting better! (92%)

Ryan C - Chicago Wolves

Execution: Great work! (100%)
Striping: I do really like just having some simple pattern on the arms like this. Although I would argue that adding black wasn't my favorite choice. I know it's evident in the logo, but it doesn't fit too well with the other colors. (80%)
Effectiveness: A really cool redesign that throws the screaming wolf head out the window. Probably for the best. (100%)
Creativity: Again, great work with the logos. I can tell this is your first time playing with roundels, so do try and play around with the fonts and colors a bit more. (90%)
Other: The white stroke on the maroon jersey is a little distracting. I would've done the inverse, with white numbers and yellow stoke. (80%)

Overall: Again, another fantastic piece! (86%)

Vaughn R - Prince George Cougars

Execution: The numbers on the back do look a tad high. (85%)
Striping: As much as I like the claw marks, having piping without a yoke looks a little... lost. Maybe adding that black to top with a gold and red outline would really help. I'm not too fond of the scars either, they're a little too thin for this. (70%)
Effectiveness: I think as an alternate, this could be easily taken on. (50%)
Creativity: I don't know what direction to really perceive this in. It's got really original elements, and then I've seen a lot of the other stuff in other concepts. (70%)
Other: I really think everything else with this jersey looks just fine. (100%)

Overall: A cool addition is a small part of a bigger piece. While it can be a focal point, every part should be awesome too! (79%)


Well, that's all I got for you guys this Christmas! I'll be back New Years Day with an all new post and maybe even something a little special (aka the video I was talking about last week it's all dependent on if I can get a green screen or not). 

Now I know I didn't give out a COTW nom, that's mostly because it is difficult for me to decide from today's jerseys! I think a lot of these jerseys are deserving of the title. 

See you all here tomorrow! Until next time...

-Jack G
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