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Today's post is "written" by Ryan.

Hello. You've reached Jack's Friday post. Jack isn't available to do today's post. So leave a message in the comments section and Jack will be back next week.

In all honesty, Jack told me a few days ago he couldn't do today's post and we couldn't find someone to write it in time.

Here are the last of the entries for the Barrie Colts competition:

Brendan K.

Daniel L.

Pall F.

Phil B.

Phil H.

Scott G.

Taylor R.

Will C.


The concepts will be posted, but we need you guys to provide the comments. So lengthy comments are encouraged today. Have fun!

Mobile Mystics by Brooks F

This is a defunct ECHL team. These crazy jerseys match the crazy logo and the crazy idea of pro hockey succeeding in a place like Mobile, Alabama. These jerseys fit right in with the team's mid-90s existence. I really dig the argyle on the alternate jersey. This concept is really well executed and very creative.

Islanders vs Rangers Color Rush by Dylan T.

As has been said all week, it would be best if Dylan noted that he was inspired by "Ordinaire" because right now it appears as if they collaborated on the concept. I like the Islanders orange concept and its simplistic logo. I can't say the same for the Rangers logo as I think that outline should be red rather than another shade of blue. The Rangers jersey is weak in my opinion. It seems like a simple two stripe template with a blue overlay. Also, why show us the backs of the jerseys and not take the time to demonstrate what the numbers and NOB would look like.

Minnesota Wild Color Rush by Lucas D.

I understand that the logo looks the way it does to fit the Color Rush idea, but that doesn't mean it's good. In fact, it's a bad idea in my opinion. I would also say that while the jersey is nice it comes across more as a Wild alternate than a special Color Rush jersey. Execution wise, your TV number 4 on the front view is way off the mark. All you need to do is copy and paste the back view 4 on to the front and you would be fine.

Islanders alternate by Phil B. 
I love the idea of this jersey! It's very nicely done and the execution is great. If it were me I would have used thin stripes for the arms, utilizing the same colour layout but using the pattern from their actual alternate. I really like the yoke and that it extends far enough on the back to include the NOB.

Hamilton Bulldogs by Ryan C.

The current Bulldogs' jerseys are a perfect example of the bad that Reebok can do oh so well. Thus any change is for the better. With the classic arm stripes, and the traditional block numbers, cutting off the hem stripes seems way too modern for this jersey. To help that sync up to the rest of the concept I would suggest a modern collar and a unique stitching pattern. Something to go with the unique/modern hem stripes.

Oshawa Generals by Ryan C.

Oh no! Ryan has messed with perfection and made my favourite junior team look like they are wearing baseball sweaters. Just because I don't like the concept doesn't mean it's not well done. Ryan seems to improve every week and this concept is an example of his willingness to experiment with teams and jerseys. It also shows that he's not afraid to fail and he's confident in his work. There may be a lot of people who like this concept, but I can not be one of those people.

Windsor Spitfires by Tyler K.

Welcome Tyler! This is a really nice fauxback alternate concept for the Spitfire. They were doing okay with the Washington jersey clones, but then they let Reebok influence them too much and now they're a mess. Taylor Hall would be rolling over in his grave if he saw their jerseys now...oops. On the execution side of things, the red in the shoulder patches is not the same red used on the rest of the jersey. There are a couple of uncoloured pixels on the tips of the collar. And the vertical hem stitching should stop at the hem stripes.

I will write a full post late tonight (like 1am). Anyone who gets a concept posted here on HJC deserves a write up.


Write-up complete. Enjoy!
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Unknown said...

Dylan T's latest color rush concept is interesting. I get the islanders and am on board 100%. It's as orange as anything can be and clearly still the Islanders. The Rangers, not so much. I wouldn't have guessed it was a Rangers concept off the bat. I like the idea of two blues (traditional Rangers blue and their darker alt blue), but maybe flip them. Needs a little more red. And the logo is a little too minimalist.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Mobile Mystics (Brooks F): Mardi Gras!!! White jersey could either use more black, or Purple jersey could use more white. Spectacular alternate, but I'd keep the purple pants and helmet.

Islanders Rangers Color Rush (Dylan T): Right way and wrong way to do the Color Rush. This is the wrong way. Logos are awful, though not your fault.

Minnesota Wild Color Rush (Lucas D): Better conceptually than previous color rush concept, I'd use current numbers. Execution of TV numbers needs work.

Islanders Alternate (Phil B): HI GUYS!!!

Hamilton Bulldogs (Ryan C): Don't like the partial hem stripes. Not a fan of the navy blue dominance.

Oshawa Generals (Ryan C): The only wordmark logo that can ever work, numbers on the front work too. Side panels do not.

winnipegjets96 said...

Ryan C's Generals Concept for COTW

Unknown said...

Phil's Islanders concept is my nomination this week.

Sharp, great use of colors and really love the yoke design. That's great.

Bpoe said...

Despite some execution errors my nomination is going to go to Tyler because I really like the look it's going for, fix the execution and it's an absolute beauty (first concept and I already nominated him? Good job damn)

Anonymous said...

One I forgot: Tyler K (Windsor Spitfires): Great vintage feel. No number outline works here, some execution errors regarding stitching ending at the stripes, stripes fitting in the socks properly and the OHL logo (should be colored to match the Spits color scheme used here).

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