Tuesday: Stadium Series Jerseys

Yesterday (and today) have been pretty big for us jersey geeks. The Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks have unveiled their Stadium Series designs. I'm going to give my quick thoughts about them.

Detroit's for the most part is a nice modern looking jersey. I think the biggest downfalls are the massive TV numbers and I think the white sleeves start up a little too high up on the jersey. If they were lower and the numbers were a size that's bearable I think this jersey could and should be the new alternate, but as it stands I wouldn't want them to promote it. The changes would need to be made.

Chicago's I think again, is decent. I think the base design is pretty awesome. I think the collar and the way the red stripe stops on the arms throws me off. If they just had a white outline of the 'C' patch instead of it just stopping it would look better. The stars are odd to see with Chicago Blackhawks and I understand why they are there but I personally would like to see them eliminated OR all the way around the collar. Just being on one half irks me.


1.) Hartford Wolfpack vs. 16.) San Jose Barracuda

2.) Hershey Bears vs. 15.) San Diego Gulls

3.) Houston Aeros vs. 14.) San Antonio Rampage

4.) Iowa Wild vs. 13.) Rockford IceHogs

5.) Lake Erie Monsters vs. 12.) Rochester Americans

6.) Lehigh Valley Phantoms vs. 11.) Providence Bruins

7.) Manitoba Moose vs. 10.) Portland Pirates

8.) Milwaukee Admirals vs. 9.) Ontario Reign

Here are this week's matchups. Seeding next week will be the final 16 teams and will be seeded by how many votes they won by. So, now that the Griffins competition entry phase is over you have time to vote in the COMMENTS! While you're there, leave your opinion on today's concepts!

COTW Nov 15-21 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


St. Louis Blues Alternate Jerseys - Andrew Warren
 Andrew has two concepts today that are St. Louis Blues alternates. I'm all for more white on a Blues jersey but I feel this concept has overdone it. With how thin the outline stripes are you don't get much out of them. It's almost like they aren't even there. It just seems like a Blue and white jersey and I think it needs more of that gold to offset the two. My annoyances could just be with the logo though too. I think if you are going to have white as the main color in the logo you need it just plain or a bigger blue outline. The gold and white don't do enough to make it stand out. So my changes would be, make the white stripes smaller (shorter) and make the gold stripes thicker. I think those changes could go a long way for this concept.

Rating: 7.3/10

 Andrew's other alternate I feel is much better. Throws a modern twist on a retro Blues jersey. I much prefer this one to the old ones they wore with more red. The small accent red helps with the throwback feel to the era but adding the dark blue to the main portion of the jersey keeps it modern and unites it with their current look. I'm all for this if they want to do a throwback look.

Rating: 8.6/10

Los Angeles Kings Concept - Jay S.
 Jay has more hand done concepts. These are really nicely done by hand and smartly done by printing the logos on. Is that how you do the numbers too? Anyways, the design to me doesn't fit with the logo or the yoke design. It seems as though there was just a "slap on some slanted striping" conclusion to the design. To be honest straight stripes would have looked nicer, In my opinion. Also, again, I believe thicker stripes on the hem and arms is a must. Thin stripes like that to me look like the jersey is cheap and it doesn't really add anything since you can barely see them. See, on the St. Louis Blues jersey above the thin stripes work, or if you are going to do a really sharp and bright accent color, but when the colors are being used prominently elsewhere and blend with the other colors then you need them to be thicker. I think the names and numbers also need to be filled with either gray or making them completely black. Making those changes I believe will make this a very sharp jersey.

Rating: 6.9/10

Lincoln Stars Concept - Jay S.
 Jay comes back with a set for the Lincoln Stars. The striping you came up with here is pretty awesome. I really like how you executed it. My problem with it would be does if fit the name "Stars". I see a more oceanic, rounded, calm team name with the striping used. I like the striping, but maybe not for this team. The alternate, while looking nice with the use of colors I think needs a new logo on the front. Scripts (unless beautifully done with calligraphy) need to come off of hockey jerseys. If there's words in the logo, fine, but just the script logo I think doesn't add a lot of character (haha) to the jersey.

Rating: 7.4/10

Chicago Cougars Concept - Matt G.
 Chicago Cougar concepts are still rolling in with Matt's redesign for them. First things first I would say something about the colors looking washed out but....part of me actually likes it. Maybe more of an electrifying green would look better but I think it's interesting the way it is. The striping and sleeves used I like. Except on the white. I think if you just kept the striping all yellow and kept it inside the green sleeve it would look so much better. Something about it with the green continuing and the gold going over the white looks confusing and messy. Only other change I have in my book is having green for the numbers and name on the white jersey. Pants are interesting, I don't mind them!

Rating: 8.5/10

Tri City Americans Breast Cancer Awareness Concept - Phillip H.
 This is a pretty cool jersey for a special game. The color combo is very pleasing on the eye. There's a lot of pink used but it is balanced out by the blue and gray very nicely. The patch made works well too. I think all in all this is just a nice jersey to roll out with. I don't have any real complaints. It's done nice and well.

Rating: 8.8/10

Providence Bruins Concept - Ryan C.
Ryan closes off today with a Winter Classic inspired Providence set. The home jersey, I like. I think it needs a shoulder patch to make it less empty but it's a good jersey and it would be nice to see. The white jersey on the other hand I think is almost there. I like what you did with the sleeves, however, the hem stripes could be worked with. The thin stripes don't do much and how high up they are a bit weird. My solution to this would be just to have two or one black stripe to match the rest of the set. 

Rating: 7.5/10

Another Tuesday in the books! I hope everyone has a splendid Thanksgiving (for you Americans) and for all of you Canadians out there I hope you have a splendid breakfast this week. See all y'all next week!

Tuesday: Stadium Series Jerseys Reviewed by Unknown on November 24, 2015 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

Andrew W.'s 90s Blues fauxback for COTW!

winnipegjets96 said...

Oh Hartford, San Diego, Houston Aeros, Rockford, Rochester, Providence, MANITOBA, Milwaukee

Unknown said...

I'll second Andrew's Blues concept for COTW.

Stadium series jerseys: asymmetrical collars! No! Why!!?

Unknown said...


COTW Nom goes to Andrew W ' white and blue STL alt

Unknown said...

Matt G. for COTW and Hartford, Hershey, San Antonio, Rockford, Rochester, Lehigh Valley, Manitoba, Milwaukee.

Unknown said...

I dont follow stadium series jerseys super close cuz they are usually fairly yuck... But is it normal that there is no "Reebok" logo on the jerseys this year?

Unknown said...

@Ryan C. - there is. On the back like usual!

DBro Alexander said...

Yay IceHogs!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Hartford, Hershey, Houston, Rockford, Rochester, Providence, Manitoba, Milwaukee

Richard Mazella said...

Logo picks:: Seeds 1, 2, 14, 4-7, 9

Burkus Circus said...

Logo picks:
1 vs. 16: San Jose
2 vs. 15: San Deigo
3 vs. 14: San Antonio
4 vs. 13: Iowa
5 vs. 12: Lake Erie
6 vs. 11: Leigh Valley
7 vs. 10: Manitoba
8 vs. 9: Ontario

White St. Louis Jersey for COTW

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