Thursday: To Pimp A Butter-PHIL-y

Hello again everyone and welcome back!

No new news to report for today unfortunately, but if you haven't heard the Canadiens will be unveiling their Winter Classic jersey tomorrow, and if you haven't go check yesterday's post to see the teasers they tweeted! It's looking like it's either the white version of their home jersey like their alternates that they have worn at one point or another. Another possibility is that this will be a throwback to their 1924-25 "world champions" style jerseys, but in white, because their logo is also found on the arms. I don't see that incredibly likely but it's a possibility.

So the Grand Rapids competition is back again, which is really cool since this is one of the few (well as far as I'm aware this is the third, including another Griffins competition) where the jerseys will actually be worn by the team it is being designed for! This is almost any concept designer's dream, so design and get your entries in before the deadline. Along with that we have the COTW vote as always and the voting for the Rewrite history competition, so go vote for that too.

COTW Oct 25-31 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
ReWrite History Comp (entries due Wednesday @ 9:59pm Eastern)
GR Griffins Comp (Nov. 23rd @ 11:59 pm Eastern)

And onto the concepts:

Brooks F. - Columbus Blue Jackets
+Aside from the edge cut, this looks like it could easily be from '67
+The (what I'm assuming is) Ohio state flag striping is a good touch, I'm surprised they don't use it now
+Good job leaving out the name and other features that wouldn't be on a jersey from this time like the Reebok logo on the back
+The logo is solid, it looks like it could come from '67 but also still be used today
-I can understand since the correct templates may be hard to find, but the edge template does not match the time period

Overall: Accomplishes what it's supposed to and does it very well (9/10) and my COTW nomination!

Jack S. - Chicago/Minnesota Stadium Series
+Solid uniforms that tie into the teams histories; Chicago's being closer to a direct throwback and Minnesota's being more of a fauxback
+The logo choice is good for these classic looking designs
+Good job making plain black and white look somewhat interesting, and usually I'd think that amount of stripes is overkill but I think it works with such a plain color palette.
-The jersey and socks on the Wild uniform are very plain - Add a hem stripe and then emulate that design on the socks (the trim doesn't count for that)
-This set seems more suited for a Winter Classic than a Stadium Series, as Winter Classic designs aim for the historical look like these do but Stadium Series goes for a modern look.

Overall: It's a pretty decent set nonetheless (7.5/10)

Ryan G. - Pong Krell Jedi
**Sidenote: As seems to be the trend here I'm not into Star Wars so I'll probably miss some references there. If you want those to be noticed by people like us add a small description on the image so we can see it! That's what I've done with similar "niche" concepts I've created***
+Let's start with the most obvious, the four armed jersey adds a hilariously awesome touch for a concept like this, I mean where else would you see a four armed hockey jersey?
+Simple, classic, and solid stripe design with a simple yoke as well
+As always, the font is also a nice touch
+Great color balance
~Not sure if there's a reason behind it but the gloves have 2 different designs. If there isn't a specific reason for that I'd change it to just one design
-Same deal here, that maybe there's a reason behind this that I don't know about, but the design seems almost too simple, something to spice it up a bit would help.

Overall: Probably some stuff I missed but still a nice concept (8.5/10)

Well that's all I have for today folks, short day here for concepts. I hope you all enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you again next week!

Also I'll leave you guys with this so my title makes sense, let's see if you can spot the difference! (Original on left)

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Unknown said...

2nd Brooks Columbus concept

Anonymous said...

Is that Phil Kessel I see to the right of the guy with the baby, noice

Vaughn Roberts said...

yeah, I see Phil Kessel

Unknown said...

Isnt the rewrite history contest done?

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