Thursday: Mostly Red

Hello again guys and welcome back!

So the only real news isn't about jerseys themselves, but the All Star game format. The new game will instead be a few games, and a 3 on 3 divisional tournament as opposed to the regular all star game. Now this opens up the possibility for a different jersey design and color for each team, which I'm pretty sure we'd all love, but sadly it's been reported that they are not taking that route. Oh well. But maybe some of you guys will want to try doing a separate design for each division anyways? I'd like to see some of your ideas for sure.

So this week we have the Griffins comp wrapping up soon along with the usual COTW voting. The voting is simple enough, just click 2 buttons, so if nothing else go vote!
COTW Nov 8-14 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
GR Griffins Comp (Nov. 23rd @ 11:59 pm Eastern)

And concept time!

Brooks F. - Virden Oil Capitals
+The two tone jerseys always have a nice and unique look to them
+I think the striping pattern is simple but unique enough to not look unoriginal
-The numbers on the back may be a bit hard to read from a distance, but I can see that it would be hard to figure that out with this jersey, and this is definitely one of the better options for that nonetheless
-One thing about this style of jerseys is that it would be hard to work with a light and a dark color, as it could be hard to tell if it’s for home or away. That’s also the case here

Overall: Ill give it a decent to strong (8/10) and my COTW nomination!

Jay S. - Arizona Coyotes
+Good job hand drawing this one
+I like the return of black
+Also like the return of the leaping coyote
+The pants striping is also unique, and I like it
~The design at the top of the sock is mostly useless as it will most likely if not definitely be covered up by the player’s pants
-The red helmet may stand out in a bad way with nothing else in this set being red
-The red in the logo and jersey are different shades, but I think it gets a pass since it’s hand drawn
-No tv numbers, and the AZ patch on the upper chest would be better on the shoulders
-The design is much too plain in itself, lose the phantom yoke and make the rest of the stripes thicker and it has much more potential

Overall: Feeling a strong 6 to a light (7/10)

Jay S. - Boston Bruins
+I like the usage of yellow over black
+Simple design that resembles what they already wear and improves upon it
-There is minimal white in this concept, and I think it would be better without any so I’d get rid of the white outlines on the numbers for sure
-No TV numbers
-That sock stripe would most likely be mostly, if not completely hidden under the pants. It would be okay like the last concept except that is the only stripe on the sock.
-Just like their current, some hem stripes would be nice

Overall: Feeling a light to decent (7/10)

Ricky M. - Arizona Coyotes
+Definitely haven’t seen anything like this for the Yotes before
The sand color replacing the white was definitely the right move
+I like the font
+The alternate brings back a similar design from their old one, and it works for an alternate
-However the stripe comes up a bit too high on that one
-The back numbers look too small and the tv numbers look too large, and a small detail, on the alternate jersey the 9 should overlap onto the other side of the arm for the TV numbers, as having one number on each arm would not be centered
-The home and away set is basically a stripped down version of the buffaslug
-There shouldn’t be white on the away jersey, especially if the only bit is on that outline and the rest is sand colored
-Not feeling the chest numbers
-It’s a nice touch and attention to detail, but unless the jersey is completely sublimated the inside hem wouldn’t be a lighter color than the rest of the jersey. The alternate would most likely be sublimated though so it works there.

Overall: I think a decent to strong (6/10) is good for this one

Ryan C. - Columbus Blue Jackets
+I’m a fan of their old logo, so it’s nice to see that brought back
+I think a chest stripe design like this works well for them
+The design is simple enough, but unique at the same time
-The name is a bit too high and the back numbers could use a white outline
-I’d drop the silver from the logo, or add it more on the jersey
-I’d also drop the neon green color from the logo, but it doesn’t make a huge difference either way.

Overall: I’ll give it a light to decent (8/10)

So that's that. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you again next week!
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Vaughn R said...

COTW Nom to Ryan C.

winnipegjets96 said...

2nd Brooks for COTW!

Richard Mazella said...

I think the big issue with mine after hearing the feedback, is me trying to customize several templates together... aside from having been a while from having made a concept (and a super old laptop)

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