Sunday: Live From New York (And Area)

Hello everyone and welcome to another Sunday HJC Post!

Last week had a bunch of things going on, but it's slowing down a little this week.  We're still accepting entries for the Grand Rapids Griffins competition until the 23rd, and we have a great COTW vote going on this week: a 3-on-1 concept clash between Ryan C and Brooks F.  You guys need to check those concepts out, and pick your favourites!

So I've heard that response to my handdrawn concepts request has been awesome.  There's none on today's post, but hopefully we'll see some throughout the week.  Maybe I can sprinkle some more magic and inspire some more concepts?

Hmmmm..... oh, I got it, and you're going to love it!

How about some Roller Hockey International concepts? Who can forget some of the classic franchises like the Vancouver Voodoo, Oakland Skates, Toronto Planets, and Minnesota Arctic Blast?  Microsoft Word clipart never looked so cool, but maybe you guys can improve on it.  There are some cool identities to work with, and maybe we can even get an RHI concept that is COTW worthy. That's a big stretch goal, but who knows!

Alright then, let's get to today's concepts.

 COTW Nov 8-14 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
GR Griffins Comp (Nov. 23rd @ 11:59 pm Eastern)

 Buffalo Sabres - Ryan C.

I liked the wordmark logo. It's not a great logo, but it's better than most of the Sabres' ideas lately.
Buffalo definitely needs a yellow alternate.
This old-style layout fits the kinda look Buffalo should be going for.
Good choice of font.

The yellow outlines on the TV numbers really aren't helping readability.
I would take the blue away from the shoulders and put it on the cuffs.  Not really liking the contrasting shoulders here.

Overall: This is the start of an awesome idea, but its just not there yet.  7.6/10

Washington Capitals - Ryan C.

Its been almost 10 years since we've seen these colours, and I'm glad Ryan's concept agrees that its been far too long.
This simplification of the previous jerseys really works well here.
Colours are balanced nicely.
The cuff and hem pattern matching like this looks much better than what we see on the concept above.

I never really liked this logo.  It makes for a good secondary logo, but I think most people are going to want the eagle back.
The brown colour doesn't work well as an outline for the white numbers.
The logo on the front looks way too big. 

Overall:  I really want to like this concept, but that's probably for nostalgia's sake.  7.5/10

New York Islanders - Taylor R.

The alternating stripes add much needed colour, while still working for the theme of the jersey.
The collar and laces make this look like more of a respectable hockey jersey.
The equipment is really nicely done.
 The small bits of blue in the jersey don't distract from the overall look, but add nice touches.
This definitely looks like an Adidas jersey.

I feel like more can be done with the numbers. Why not small orange and blue stripes on the middle of the numbers, to match the logo? Or an outline?
 Not sure how I feel about those little side panels.  And I feel the B logo could be on one of the shoulders.

 Overall: This is the alternate they should have went with. 9/10

Buffalo Sabres - Zeke G.

The half stripes on the arms and yokes actually could work here.
The contrasting shoulders don't look great, but it is a unique idea for the Sabres, and one that could work with some polish.

Whatever you did with the fill-tool really messed up the stitch lines, names and some of the numbers on this concept.  The name bar is barely readable.
The name itself is too small, and the number looks too spaced out and uncentered.
"Reebok" on the pants should be a different colour, and the pants stripe goes through the pants.
The gloves should be blue, or yellow, and  the logo on the helmet should be smaller.
The TV numbers should be lower.

Overall: Keep working on it. Even professional designers can screw up a Sabres design.  At least this looks like a good idea.  6/10

My COTW nominee today is Taylor R's New York Islanders concept!

So don't forget to vote for COTW, send in your Griffins concepts, send us any concept you work on (maybe some RHI concepts?)  and to just be awesome!

Thanks for reading, and see you next Sunday!

Sunday: Live From New York (And Area) Reviewed by Unknown on November 15, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I really only put those B side panels on because they have them on the current alternate and I feel it's quite unique. I also think putting the stripes through the numbers would just make it too soccer-y. And yea I kept the numbers white too much the logo, so putting on an outline would diminish that, although I do think a orange and blue outline would look good.

Unknown said...

I'll 2nd Taylor R. For COTW

richard lewis said...

Second Taylor r for COTW

Anonymous said...

The only thing I would have done differently with the Isles concept, as an Islander fan that loves the black and white jersey, was to (for technical reasons only) keep the Reebok branding, added four thin orange stripes on the numbers, and use the current font the Isles have on those jerseys (which is one of the highlights of the current black jersey).

Unknown said...

I hope I can still nominate Taylor R's NYI 3rd for COTW

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