Sunday: A Grand Post of Rapid Proportions

Did that title make any sense? No? Ah well, I'll run with it.

Hello and welcome to another Sunday HJC post!

Have you guys checked out the Canadiens' Winter Classic jerseys that were released this week? If not, what the heck are you doing? Get on that! Scroll a little ways down to yesterday's post to see the pictures Ryan uploaded and see his take on it. I pretty much agree 100% with his review, and would give it about a 9.5/10. Easily one of the better Winter Classic jerseys ever made, and way ahead of the Bruins' WC jersey this year.  But what do you guys think? Over-rated, under-rated, not liking the globe on the arms? I want to know!

Continuing on this week is our Grand Rapids jersey competition. The Griffins of the AHL need a special alternate designed, and the winning designer gets a personalized version of their jersey. I mean, how cool is that? Going to a hockey game or walking down the street wearing your own jersey surely racks up your street cred (if street cred is still a thing, not sure on that).  You have until the 23rd to enter your design, and there's a few good designs submitted already, so bring your A game!

We also have votes galore this week, with our 90's World Cup, COTY-October and COTW votes all happening.  All of those votes end on Friday, and they're all done via polls on the website, so you have no excuse to get your votes in.

It's really nice to see a lot of new faces in the Grand Rapids competition, but despite that, we haven't had a lot of concepts on the blog itself lately. Hopefully the newer designers start submitting concepts to us. Sometimes it's intimidating putting your work out there with some of the best concept designers out there on the same page, but its how you grow as a designer.  Someone who uses ms paint or even hand-draws concepts are greatly welcomed here and are just as valuable to the blog as some of our top featured artists.  Without any of you, this blog couldn't exist. 

Speaking of which, I haven't seen a hand-drawn concept in ages. There's nothing quite as raw or genuine as putting pencil to paper and using the imagination work. No Paint, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc, that's just all for polish. So I challenge all of you, top artists and newcomers, to send in some true homemade concepts. 

With all that being said, let's look at today's concepts!

COTY-October vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Nov 1-7 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
World Cup 96 votes (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

 Vine - Dylan T.

Nice arm style that makes a potentially boring look a lot less.
I like the use of the roundel as opposed to the V by itself.
Good balance between white and green.
This shade of green would look cool on a hockey jersey.

Socks are really bland.
I think green cuffs would look nice on the ends of the arms.

 Overall:  For what its meant to do, it looks good. But on its own its nothing to write home about. 7.5/10

 HK Proprad - Taylor R.

Colours and style are really unique, similar the Rimouski Oceanic, but arguably cooler.
Colours are well balanced.
Spacing on jerseys with diagonal striping can be problematic, but these look fine.
A good, traditional design for a team nearing 90 years old, but looks modern enough to stay relevant.

Not sure if I like the outlines on the numbers, but they'll pass. 

Overall: I believe this is the first time HK Poprad has made an appearance on HJC, and its an awfully good start. 9/10

Arizona Coyotes -  Zeke G.

Their current jerseys are too busy with too many colours and an unbalanced design.
Still not a fan of the contrasting shoulders, but it works well with the hem style.
A black and beige alternate would be perfect, and the design used here looks sharp.

Sticking with the 3rd, I'm not exactly a fan of that logo.  I know there isn't much that would suit a 2 colour design, but I'm sure there's a better alternate.
I don't like using beige on the home jersey and white on the road. 
I especially don't like having a white jersey and beige socks.
The shoulder logo on the 3rd could go away, or be replaced by their primary logo.

Overall: You're on the right track, but still not quite a perfect replacement.  7.2/10

My COTW nomination for today is Taylor R's HK Poprad concept!

So don't forget to vote, vote, and vote some more, as well as send in your Grand Rapids concepts (and any other concepts you're working on).

Thanks for reading, have a good week!
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