Sunday: First Post of November

Hey guys, welcome to another Sunday HJC Post!

Last week some last minute things came up, and I wasn't able to do my post, so I apologize.

Last week would have been the finale of my Memorial Cup of Logos tournament, so I'll give you my thoughts on the best logo in the CHL, and you guys can say whether you agree or disagree.

The three logos I picked as best in their leagues are: Calgary Hitmen, Oshawa Generals, and Rouyen-Noranda Huskies. The Halifax Mooseheads logo is also involved after receiving a reader vote.

So here are my final power-rankings out of those 4 logos:

4. Oshawa Generals

Undoubtedly classic, but the wordmark just doesn't stand out against these other logos.

3. Halifax Mooseheads

Very identifiable, great colours, just not exactly fierce and intimidating.

2. Rouyen-Noranda Huskies

A very solid logo, but...

1. Calgary Hitmen

Yes I know I went with the cheap nostalgic answer, but who can argue that this logo is not one of the most identifiable, fierce, iconic, original, and just plain cool logos in hockey?

What do you guys think? Who has the best logo in the CHL? Let me know in the comments!

So for the last little bit we've been hosting a nostalgic competition for the 1996 World Cup of Hockey. There's 3 different divisions you can enter in, and we've seen some really cool entries so far! You have until this Wednesday to send everything in, so get working on those entries!

No new entries to show today. There's only a few days left so get working!

And just before I get to the concepts, I just want to remind you guys to check the blog tomorrow for something huge! I'm excited, and I know you will be too, so stay tuned.

COTW Oct 25-31 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
ReWrite History Comp (entries due Wednesday @ 9:59pm Eastern)
Big News (Monday @ 12:01 am Eastern)

Alright now its time for some concepts!

Anaheim Ducks - Brian B.

Anything with the old Ducks logo looks great.
Straight arm and hem stripes would work better than their side panels with this logo.
Cool stripe pattern on the arms.

Wish the hem stripes matched the arm pattern more.
Colours aren't really well balanced.
I don't know if the numbers really need a white outline between black and orange.

Overall: Its not really better or worse than their current road jersey. I like the old logo being used, but the jersey seems a little off.  7.3/10

Anaheim Ducks - Ryan C.

Again, great to see the old logo.
The logo looks really sharp on a black jersey. Most concepts only use it on white or orange.
Again, straight stripes look better than the side panels with this logo.
Colours are well balanced.
Arm and hem stripes match, and make this jersey look great, and almost throwbacky.

The "OC" or webbed "D" logos would have been better for the shoulders.
Not really liking the number font. They have a pretty good font to use already.

Overall: I wouldn't be against the Ducks using these as their main set.  8.4/10

Ottawa Senators - Ryan C.

Unique stripes, for the Sens at least.
Considering their history, the Sens should use stripes more often, not the modern curvy designs you see on their current jerseys.
Good, basic font suits this jersey well.

This logo doesn't look good on a red background unless it has a lot more of an outline.
There definitely should be some more yellow on the jersey itself.  They've only ever done that on their 2000 alternates, but every jersey since has missed that opportunity.
If there's not more yellow, there should at least be more black.

 Overall:  This is a minor step up from their current jerseys, but that's not saying a lot.  7.2/10

Tumblr -  Dylan T.

Not much of a Tumblr-er, so hopefully I don't miss too many references or design choices...

Simple colours and theme for the jersey fit the website nicely.
The icons on the bottom of the back are a nice addition.
The subtle grey highlights are well done.
Cool idea for a series

I get using the existing colours, but the aforementioned icons would look better in the jersey's colour.
The fonts are from the logo I'm assuming, but they just look awful on a sports jersey.
I wonder if the grey could be just a bit darker.

Overall: #different #unique #notbad  7/10

Colorado Avalanche - Ryan H.

By the way, it's Ryan's birthday today!

Grey works with some teams and doesn't with others.  I didn't think it would for the Avs, but this looks fantastic.
Stripe patterns look great, and work well with the logo and numbers.
Colours are well balanced.
I'd take these over their new alternates or Stadium Series jerseys any day.

The hem looks likes something is missing. Just needs to be a little more busy and colourful.

Overall: Fantastic work! 9/10

Ryan's Colorado Avalanche concept gets my COTW nomination today!

So don't forget to vote for the COTW, send in your WCoH entries, and check back tomorrow for some big news!

Thanks for reading, and see you next Sunday!
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Unknown said...

Happy Bday Ryan H, and ill second his grey colorado concept

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Ryan!

I'll second Ryan H for cotw

Bpoe said...

This is a repeat comment now really but happy birthday Ryan, and another nom for your concept too!

Ryan said...

Thank you everyone. It's very much appreciated!

Unknown said...

Hey it was also my birthday! Happy birthday man!

Ryan C's OTTAWA concept for COTW.

ALSO: How many submissions can you have for the new GRG competition?

Unknown said...

Happy Bday Scott!

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