Friday: Six God

Happy Friday! Once again, it's Jack G!

Some of you guys may be wondering why this post is a reference to Drake. I WAS gonna make this a very apparent stab at the Leafs, but that would be way too easy. Instead, I'll just tell you. HJC turns 6 this Sunday!

Just because, I'm gonna try the old classic pros and cons style of reviewing I did when I first started here!

No contest today, I'm gonna sit this week out and plan out all possible contests from this point on. That way I'll always be ahead!
This week we're pushing the same old stuff from the last few weeks. The Griffins are still looking for all new jerseys! Get those concepts in soon!
COTW Nov 8-14 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
GR Griffins Comp (Nov. 23rd @ 11:59 pm Eastern)
Jay S. - Carolina Hurricanes
Pros: Ok, really huge credit for this being drawn out. I love the Canes in black, and prefer the alt logo much more in comparison to the primary. The pants look really sleek. I actually love that pattern. The red helmet was also a really cool choice.

Cons: The checkerboard is a little too... out there. If this were a Checkers jersey, I could see it, but it doesn't fit into the whole Hurricanes persona. Put that primary up on the shoulders. The arms shouldn't have tails like that unless the torso does as well. And the numbers on the back are a little spaced out and the wrong shade of red. Remember your arm numbers as well!

Overall: A lot of ideas that could be really implemented well together elsewhere. (6.5/10)

Jay S. - Dallas Stars 
Pros: Another drawn jersey! The arm stripe thing you've got going on is super cool, and the pants again look super cool.

Cons: A lot of the same issues. The alternate logo should be on the shoulders, the name is a little too big, the logo too low, no arm numbers, the tails of the arms.

Overall: Stronger than the last, but still does have its shortcomings. (7/10)

Matt G - Team Canada (1996 World Cup)

Pros: This is stellar design right here. The maple motif is absolutely amazing. The touch of gold. The strong color balance. And I don't know if you guys could notice it from here, but the bottom of the red and striping of the white jerseys are made of tiny maple leafs!

Cons: ~~

Overall: Absolutely amazing work. It's so splendidly simple. (10/10) and a COTW nom!

Ryan C - Windsor Spitfires

Pros: Great simple design with a modern pattern under the... wings? Really cool design here. Colors are balanced real well, and the font plays along perfectly with the identity. Just a great job capturing that identity overall.

Cons: I do have a slight issue with the proportion of everything. The arm numbers could be a little bigger, as can the name.

Overall: A really simple concept that does some new things. (9/10)

Zeke G - Dallas Stars

Pros: I always love me a chest stripe, and the small yoke you did is really cool!

Cons: I love the chest stripe, but it needs to go all the way around. Try adding a stroke to your numbers to make them pop! Duplicate the stripes from the chest and use them on the arm. The green socks wouldn't work too well with the white. I personally would've used a roundel, as it would've popped better. There is some issues with the stitching, evident on the green as it bleeds in and on the white at the shoulders. Watch out for stuff like that. Ctrl+Z is your friend, and keep trying until you get it right! And finally, always look out for the dreaded one! It acts very differently than other numbers!

Overall: It's a great start to something cool, but does need some patching. (6/10)
That's it for another Friday post. I hope you guys have a great week, a great Thanksgiving for all you fellow Americans, and most importantly, keep making jerseys!

Hopefully we can make HJC last for another year! And maybe even a few after that! Until next time...

-Jack G.

Friday: Six God Reviewed by Unknown on November 20, 2015 Rating: 5


Matt G said...

Thanks Jack! I feel like a lot of people miss some of the small details that I add because they can be difficult to see without fully enlarging the image.

Unknown said...

Ill 2nd Matts Canada Concept... Loved that one during the contest

david pooley said...

jay s carolina for cotw

Zeke G said...

Thanks Jack! I appreciate the criticism. As a rookie concept artist, it's great to know what little things I need to fix going forward.

I second Matt's Canada jersey for COTW. That gold border on the Maple leafs really makes it pop

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