Friday: An Interesting Week

Once again it's friday!

This has been one hell of a week. Tuesday came Fallout 4. Wednesday came the very important Veteran's Day. And of course, throughout all of this, America is up in flames about a cup. Not the Stanley one, the holiday ones at Starbucks.

Wowee folks. One hell of a week.


We've still got our Griffins contest raging on! Plus, a lot of other great things! 4 tags today, more than I've ever had in a post. And that means there are 4 different things that you could have an effect on! That's awesome.

COTY-October vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Nov 1-7 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
World Cup 96 votes (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
GR Griffins Comp (Nov. 23rd @ 11:59 pm Eastern)


This week I'm gonna make a change to the logo contest. For sake of not wasting all the best logos in the span of a few weeks, I'm gonna start doing only one matchup per week. If you guys think three is the better choice, just let me know and I'll change it back!

Today's theme is going off of the veteran's day concept and using patriotic logos. 

Saginaw Spirit

This fierce symbol of American pride is painted red white and blue to match the flag's iconic colors and patterns. A noticeable thing here is the pinched wordmark, something that I'd consider a hit or miss idea. You decide, does it work or no?

Tri-City Americans

A recreation of a United States Air Force logo, now featuring a few small updates, such as three nautical stars, representing the "Tri" in Tri-City. This logo is much more traditional and straight forward, but nonetheless a stunning remake of an already classic design. 

Last Week's Winners

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim vs Atlanta Thrashers: Atlanta
California Golden Seals vs Colorado Rockies: Colorado
Hartford Whalers vs Minnesota North Stars: Hartford


Francesco L - NYCFC (MLS)

Well, I don't really know to handle this jersey. Seeing as I'm looking at multiple jerseys at once here. What I really want to know is how you made this? Was it through a site? Was it your own personal project? If it was the latter, I commend you. Keep sending in stuff like this. In the mean time, I'll be working on a way to review these jerseys. Although I'm not giving you an objective number, I can say without a doubt that this is awesome!

No Name - Vancouver Canucks

Again, I won't be reviewing this jersey, but for different reasons. It's because this is it. I mean I could review this jersey, but I think that wouldn't send a proper message. Remember folks, if you don't have your info on your concepts, then it's like not sending in a concept at all!

Ryan C - Arizona Coyotes

Execution: One small detail is the NHL logo on the collar. (95%)
Striping: It's a little too barebones for my taste. I feel like with Arizona more is average and way more is satisfactory. I do also think that some sand could be used in here. As everything is better with sand. (75%)
Effectiveness: Hell, this is leagues better than the current jersey. (100%)
Creativity: I'd say this is isn't too creative, but also creative at the same time in a weird way. (80%)
Other: I think there isn't much else of an issue. One tiny thing, as much as I love the running coyote though, it's severed head would probably work better here just because of the way it would use that negative space. (95%)

Overall: A little plain, but going heavy on the black and maroon makes these jerseys sleak. (86.5%)

Ryan C - Chicago Blackhawks

Execution: Again, just that tiny NHL logo (95%)
Striping: It's... actually really cool. I think that this looks much better on the away, but the home still looks really nice. A perfect fit for all those Nike redesigns you kids keep doing these days. (90%)
Effectiveness: It's a little sad for me to say, but I don't know if the Hawks could ever switch. (50%)
Creativity: Surprisingly a creative idea. (95%)
Other: I have two little details to watch for. The color should be two tone, that way there's more balance. The inner flap should have matched the color of the jersey, as now it pops too much, and it's just currently an empty space. Another thing, I think that this jersey could actually benefit from having a logo that bursts free of its roundel. (80%)

Overall: As a Hawks fan this makes me conflicted, as it does many radical things that work very well for the team. I actually really really like this concept. (84.5%) and a COTW nom


That's it for today! I hope to see all of you folks back here next Friday for another great post.
Remember to keep on sending in those concepts, and to make sure you send in a jersey for the Grand Rapid Griffins competition this year. This is a very cool opportunity for you to potentially get a jersey printed, something all of us strive for!

I'll see you folks right here agian, same time same place! Until then...

-Jack G

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winnipegjets96 said...

Tri City Americas x2830831323

Ryan C's Blackhawks concept for COTW

Unknown said...

The Spirits logo seems so much more patriotic (the eagle) so that's who I'll go with,
Also, Ryan's Coyotes concept for COTW.

Unknown said...

Saginaw Spirit!!! And thanks everyone for the cotw noms. I appreciate it

Anonymous said...

Saginaw Spirit.

And as much as I hate New York City FC (NY is RED), That concept is pretty cool. Just wish there was a logo on the front and the MLS patches were on the shoulders. Not digging the Pens design, but it does have that light blue that City is known for. I wanna make a MetroStars one now...

Richard Mazella said...

If I had to guess, the NYCFC faux-jersey is for the season ticket holders. Note the patch of the seat stub. That would tell me that that particular patch is the only individualized part of the jersey. I like it and also the formation numbers in the back, but I'm not sure they need the striping to emphasize that aspect. If other teams did this, they could make a lot of money (assuming execution is roughly as good as this)

Francesco A. Lombardo said...

As the designer of the NYCFC Hockey jersey I would like to say thank you to all of you that liked it. I designed and executed it by having custom patches made. The WE ARE ON and Seating Info was embroidered afterwards by LIDS. I am 6ft 240lbs and will never be able to comfortably wear an MLS soccer jersey. That is why I designed this. Thank you again. FL

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