Friday: Happy Little Hockey Jerseys

Welcome back to another Friday post here at HJC!

Today is the day that the Montreal Canadiens are slotted to release their Winter Classic jersey! Sadly, due to my work schedule, I won't be able to post it in time. You will end up seeing it here eventually though, that goes without question!

Alright, on to the usual dravel!

COTW Oct 25-31 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
ReWrite History Comp (entries due Wednesday @ 9:59pm Eastern)

GR Griffins Comp (Nov. 23rd @ 11:59 pm Eastern)
We're partnering up with the Grand Rapid Griffins again! If there is EVER a chance to get a jersey of yours made into something used by a (minor)pro team, now is your chance! Make sure you submit your concepts in the next few weeks, and since this is such a long and advertised competition, expect a lot of entries. 

And don't just think it stops there, the rest of the website isn't dead! Check out what else we have to offer here on the site, like our current competition and the usual COTW vote! 
Today's theme is vintage NHL teams!

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim

This cartoony duck has made a comeback in recent years as the height of vintage chic hockey. The cool jade color has transitioned into orange, and still to this day represents the team based on the classic Disney franchise. This is a logo that resonates with most hockey fans, as there is nothing more classic than this good old fashioned quack pack patch. 

Atlanta Thrashers

When many see this logo, they think that it's a bird stirring himself into a soup. I on the other hand see a copper bird trying to burst out of its navy blue cage. This logo, while forgotten, depicts the thrasher bird in a light no one ever expected before, because the creature looks like it's going to hit you at the speed of sound.

200 CC'S

California Golden Seals

This pop art logo doesn't represent a seal too well, more a bird. But what really matters is that it is ready to play hockey. This seafoam and gold logo is surrounded by a large green C, signifying the initial of the state of California. It's the dead glare of the seal that sells me on this. It's so incredibly ridiculous it works so wells.
Colorado Rockies

This now close to forgotten relic of Colorado hockey is perfectly represented in the new Colorado Avalanche logo. This piece did a fantastic job at recreating the Rocky mountains in Colorado, and most importantly included the state flag of Colorado in the center of the design.


Minnesota North Stars

This one is a little less subtle, but includes an arrow pointing straight up to the north, where there is a star. The North Star. That's the name of the team. It's a cool logo. 

Hartford Whalers

To finish up, what some may consider the greatest logo in sports. The whales tail and W also hide a hidden H, an ingenious use of negative space to show every little part of the team's identity, as scarce as it may be.

Make sure to vote for your favorite logo from each group! Leave it down in the comments!

Last weeks winners:

Chicago Wolves/Sudbury Wolves - CHICAGO WOLVES
Bridgeport Sound Tigers/Amur Khabarovsk - AMUR KHABAROVSK
Hershey Bears/Charlotte Checkers - HERSHEY BEARS
Jamie R - Calgary Flames

Execution: Good work! (100%)
Striping:  It's really basic, but I really think this is cool. The only issue I can really see here is the fact that the arm and sock stripe look a bit too much like a German flag. Not really close to Calgary. (85%)
Effectiveness: A definite possibility for an alternate. (100%)
Creativity: The use of gray is really cool here. Something I haven't seen before. (90%)
Other: I think the numbers look great, but the only issue is that they need some black in them, just to keep that color balance strong. I also think the shoulder patch is so big that it should be either shrunk a little bit or only be on one shoulder. Maybe another cool thing would be to try this with the plain Flames logo! I think it would actually work really well on this jersey. (75%)

Overall: I really think this is a great concept. Keep up the great work Jamie! (86%)

Lucas D - Winter Classic 2016 8bit

Execution: Nothing wrong here! 
Striping: A good recreation of the apparent striping patterns we're supposed to expect in the next few months.
Creativity: I think that a lot of this was drawn from the images the Canadiens have spoiled.
Other: I personally wouldn't have added the names, maybe a block or something to show that's where the name went.

Overall: Since this is a faithful recreation of a released jersey and a speculated design, I don't know how much authority I have in reviewing it. What I do have to say is that it is a novel idea, and I think you did some good work here.

Taylor R - HK Orange

Execution: Great as always (100%)
Striping: It's real classic striping, but it still holds up perfectly. No real complaints here. (90%)
Effectiveness: Yes, this kind of template could possibly work for every team. (100%)
Creativity: Like I said, this is really classic. I feel like there could have been more done to really bring something out of this concept than a more obvious template. (70%)
Other: Regardless, phenomenal work with balancing color. The small stroke in the yoke is nice, and everything is really tied together. (90%)

Overall: It's another jersey as old as time. Another great edition to the Slovak Extraliiga series TR has been doing. (88%)
That's all I have for todays post!

I hope you guys all come back next week, or even better tomorrow to see what we have in store for you!

Remember that whole Griffins thing. It's a really big deal here, and would love as much participation as possible.

Think a jersey deserved concept of the week? Let me know down below! And as always...

-Jack G
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Atlanta, Colorado, Hartford

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.....hard choice.....Minnesota

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