Wednesday: Yellow Day

Hey there my fellow HJC fans. Let's dive into it, shall we?

Originally I wanted to talk about the Erie Otters this week, but I decided I won't..... OK I'll just sum it up.... Their jerseys look bad and they should feel bad. Their alternate is good but I wouldn't want their set based off of them.

So last week we got to hear the Sabres' new goal song and I love it so much. If you haven't seen it, go check out this video. It's great right? So it got me thinking, seems like all the other writers are doing countdowns or posts about their favorite looks in the juniors, and that's great, but I'm sure you all don't want to see the same things with slightly different opinions 5 days of the week. So I've decided I want to do something different. Worst to First style countdown of the NHL's goal songs!

Since there's 30 teams and 30 songs to go through, I couldn't get this ready for today, I don't know if I want to do all 30 in one day, or spread it out like I have with things like this in the past, but you'll find out next Wednesday when I start it. So, now you have an extra thing to look forward to on Wednesdays!

So how about I remind you to vote and you do that and then look at today's grey jerseys.

Grey Jersey Competition (entries due Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)
COTY-September vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Oct 4-10 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Duncan L.

The Man The Myth The Legend - Matt Mc.

Matt G.

Nolan O'B.

Ethan B.
And because I like you so much, I'll throw in a few regular concepts... and I say a few because we need more concepts from you guys!!!

Denver Nuggets - Hockey Jersey Concept - Jan S.
I'm surprised the Nuggets' old rainbow design doesn't come into play here. I love the color scheme, but I think the color balance is a bit off. Their real jerseys focus mainly on the baby blue, white, and yellow, much like the white jerseys here, and that's the best looking of the two. Now, with the dark jersey, the mountain striping is interesting and it COULD work but I don't feel that does here. In Denver's branding, they focus more on the city and the Denver skyline. Check out their actual uniforms. It's a skyline over a set of mountains. That could look good, especially as a chest stripe. I don't like how the sock striping doesn't match the striping on the jerseys.

Rating: 7.5/10

New York Golden Blades Concept - Lucas D.
I appreciate trying to design your own logos. It can be a challenge. The logos here are pretty rough. I think the primary logo, even if refined wouldn't really work. The GB tertiary mark is probably the best. The squiggly "ny" and "new york" doesn't do it for me at all, partially because it's all lowercase. I like the jerseys cut, I always liked the arm length yoke with the inside-arm striping. I like the custom jagged striping. It fits in with the brand you've created.

Rating: 7/10

Las Vegas Black Knights Concept - Matt G.
Wow... the logos are a good look for a possible Las Vegas team, hopefully they go with something like them. Third jersey, great, I like the cohesive double striped pattern throughout. That sleeve pattern, I have to talk about it. It's getting my attention I'll tell you that. I don't want it on a game jersey. You put that on some team branding collateral or merchandise and you'd probably sell a lot. I'm sure people would dig it. I kind of like it on the pants, maybe minus the player number, but it's too busy for a primary jersey. Maybe it could fit on a minor league alternate or specialty jersey. That all being said, the gloves are awesome!

Rating: 8.5/10

Wednesday is over!!! Time to start looking forward to the goal song countdown starting next week!

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Unknown said...

COTW nom to Matt G.

Unknown said...

Hell yeah Duncan L. for representing Elmira!

I'll second Matt G's Las Vegas concept for COTW.

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