Wednesday: Tonight's the Night

Today's the big day!!!! The Cubs-Pirates Wild Card game!!! I mean, HOCKEY STARTS!!!

After what seemed like a million years, the regular season officially begins tonight, and the Blackhawks attempt to defend the cup starts as well. Of course, I'll only be half paying attention to that because the Cubs are playing in a playoff game, which is weird to say.

It feels weird to be paying attention to baseball at this time of year, since the Cubs have been in major rebuilding mode, or as some here might know it, "Edmonton Oilers Mode", for a few years, they're basically eliminated from playoff contention in like, MAY. So tonight may be the only night I'd ever wear a shirt like this...
Shirt/Image - Cubbytees.com
No big CHL logo or jersey tournament, or power ranking. No time for that today. Busy day with playoff baseball and opening night hockey. I'm sure you all have your own preparing to do, so I'll deal with the Erie Otters next week... I want to talk about them.......

Anyway!!!!!!! Before we get to the good stuff, I'm going to remind you all to vote.

Please vote....

COTW Sept 27-Oct 3 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Golden Blades ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 9:59pm Eastern)

Ok Ok Ok... Guys... calm down... jeez.... Here's your concepts

Boston Celtics Hockey Jersey Concept - NBA/NHL Mashup Series - Jan S.
First off, I'm not seeing where the "NHL" part of the mashup is, so maybe consider changing the name of the series. If you really wanted this to be a NBA/NHL mashup, then maybe make the logos or Jersey more Bruins-ish...

Things are kept pretty simple on the uniforms, much like Boston's actual jerseys. The three stripe looks good. If you really wanted to stick close to the Celtics jersey design you may only use two stripes, but this is still pretty close. I don't really care for the addition of black to the green jersey. I know the actual Celtics did that, but meh. The white jersey is much better since there's no black in the striping. That's another thing that bugs me, the jerseys are basically the same but there's inconsistencies with the design, but that's more of a personal thing I guess. Also, the sock patterns don't match. I think the white sock is the best because it matches the jersey, I don't see why the green sock can't do that. The phantom yoke could also go. I also don't feel that the pants design goes with the rest of the uniform.

Rating: 6/10

Team Belarus Concept - Taylor R.
Look at that pattern. Mmm. Classic looking jersey with the patterned striping and boy howdy does it look good. I like everything here except the number font. Maybe it's just the one looks weird with the wimpy little serif. I think a more basic block font may be best, or maybe there's a better font to go with the pattern in the striping.

Rating: 8/10

Team Switzerland Concept - Taylor R.
Taylor wanted to use the cross, and he sure did. I think he's teetering on overkill with it. I think if the crosses on the hem, both front and back, I think it'll be perfect....maybe the pants or socks ones too.... Otherwise, pretty solid.

Rating: 8.5/10

Ottawa Senators Concept - Ryan C.
Ryan makes the copper color a part of the uniforms again, and it looks great. The design is simple but it works. I also really love the font, maybe because it's the Cubs number font, but damn does it look good here. Nothing much to say. Very simple design but it works. It hella works.

Rating: 9/10

And there it is. Another Wednesday dead. The next time you hear from me, the NHL season will be a week old... Isn't it beautiful?
Wednesday: Tonight's the Night Reviewed by DBro Alexander on October 07, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

COTW nom to Ryan C.

Unknown said...

Love that Belarus concept.

COTW To Taylor R.

Ben Shaffer said...

Second for Taylor R Belarus.

Unknown said...

I actually really liked Jan S's Celtics jerseys, I think they should have gotten higher than a 6, I'd rate it an 8-8.5

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