Tuesday: Beginning of The HJC Logo Tournament

No, this is not going to be ran by Ryan (our site leader who basically runs everything that you see on this page). This is just something I'm going to do weekly to fill in my posts more so you have more things to look and interact with. This tournament will flourish off your comments. Won't be a voting poll on the side, and no e-mail interaction. Vote with your comments, and while you're there, give a COTW nomination if you feel.

I'll try to keep this explanation short. I'm going to do the three CHL leagues, AHL, and NHL. Winners of those leagues will face off at the end to decide who has the best of the best. I think we all have some sort of idea already who will be at the end, but I'm curious to see how some logos face off against each other.

We start today with the first round of the OHL. The seeding is randomized. When I get to the final rounds there will be an odd number of matchups. To settle this I will reward a round bye to teams with the highest total votes throughout the tournament. In the comments just write down the team who you think has the better logo. It can be because of pure looks, you're a fan of them, or it's a memorable look to you. I don't care what your reason is, let us know!

OHL Logo Tournament Round 1:

    1A.) Barrie Colts                              1B.) Sudbury Wolves

         2A.)  Erie Otters                        2B.) Mississauga Steelheads

3A.) Flint Firebirds                           3B.) Oshawa Generals

4A.) Guelph Storm                   4B.) Ottawa 67's

5A.) Hamilton Bulldogs                   5B.) Saginaw Spirit

6A.) Kingston Frontenacs                 6B.) Niagara Ice Dogs

7A.) Kitchener Rangers                  7B.) North Bay Battalion

8A.) Peterborough Petes                 8B.) Owen Sound Attack

   9A.) Sarnia Sting                       9B.) SOO Greyhounds

10A.) London Knights                     10B.) Windsor Spitfires

Next week since it won't be a last minute idea I will have the tournament board ready so it's easier to follow along. I think it's obvious to say but you need to vote for every matchup. Votes won't count if you just do one match. Not saying that someone would, but just incase. Make sure to head to the comments section after you check out the rest of the post to vote!

COTW Sept 27-Oct 3 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Golden Blades ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 9:59pm Eastern)


Now onto the normal day of concepts!

Chicago Bulls Concept - Jan S.
This is basically for the most part an edited Blackhawks look with the Bulls logos and numbers on them. And for that reason it's still not a very bad jersey at all. I'm sure these actually exist somewhere in Chicago. The negatives to me are the phantom yokes, and the hem striping on the hem doesn't match the arms. I would go either way. You could take out the red stripe on the arms and it would look just as fine. Also, a white outline on the logo for the home. Can barely see the logo from a distance.

Rating: 7/10

Chicago Blackhawks Concept - John E.
This is a Chicago Blackhawks jersey that keeps it very Chicago Blackhawksy, but also goes in a different direction. Obviously this takes aspects from the Winter Classic jersey but adds some extreme flare. The funny thing is, the slight slant is actually a huge modern swing for the Blackhawks. I like the script and I like the slanted chest striping to go along with but I feel it's a downgrade compared to the Winter Classic look. I would like to see the script done on a white jersey with no chest stripe and have regular Chicago striping just to see how it was.

Rating: 7.3/10

Nashville Predators Concept - Ryan C.
Ryan C goes very traditional in this Predators set. Unfortunately I'm really not a fan of this. It's pretty simple and for the Predators I'd like to see something more. Maybe if the 'NP' logo was on front it would call for a little bit more traditional design but that logo screams for modern. Also, the numbers on the back for the away jersey I would make blue. Blue is the dominant color for the home but takes a step back on the away. Color balance would make the away a lot more effective.

Rating: 6.9/10

Carolina Hurricanes Concept - Taylor R.
This looks similar to a concept I did for the 'Canes awhile back. Glad that Taylor has good taste in design. He keeps it classy and simple but still adding in the Hurricanes vibe on the striping. I was kind of skeptical of the grayscale numbers on the away jersey but under further review the call on the play is overturned, I agree with the color decisions. The whole design for what it's worth is very nice. I would like to see the 'Canes in a more modern style but this is still nice.

Rating: 8.3/10

Tuesday: Beginning of The HJC Logo Tournament Reviewed by Unknown on October 06, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Now that i finally have my google account i can finally nominate... So my first ever COTW now goes to... Taylor R for his canes concept

Anonymous said...

Taylor Roy's Canes concept for COTW. Wolves, Steelheads, Firebirds, 67's, Bulldogs, Frontenac's, Battalion, Pete's, Greyhounds, Knights

Unknown said...

COTW nom to Taylor R.

Jlnhlfan said...

1. Sudbury
2. Erie
3. Oshawa
4. Ottawa
5. Saginaw
6. Niagara
7. North Bay
8. Owen Sound
9. Sarnia
10. London

Jan S. for COTW!

winnipegjets96 said...

Barrie Colts, Erie Otters, Oshawa Generals, Ottawa 67's, Saginaw Spirit, Kingston Frontenacs, Kitchener Rangers, Peterborough Petes, SOO Greyhounds, London Knights

Unknown said...

Barrie over Sudbury, Mississauga over Erie, Flint over Oshawa, Ottawa over Guelph, Saginaw over Hamilton, Niagara over Kingston, North Bay over Kitchener, Owen Sound over Peterborough, Soo over Sarnia, London over Windsor

Unknown said...

Barrie, Missisauga, Flint, Ottawa, Hamilton, Kingston, Kitchener, Peterborough, SOO, London

And as nice as Taylor's Canes set is, I'm giving a COTW nom to John Elbertson's Chicago Stadium Series concept. I like that, for a Stadium Series, it takes some of the more classic and throwback/fauxback elements of the Blackhawks' look and uses them as part of a more modern design; I think it really strikes the right balance for what a Stadium Series jersey is meant to do.

Unknown said...

Barrie, Erie, Oshawa, Guelph, Hamilton, Niagara, North Bay, Peterborough, Sarnia & Windsor

Unknown said...

Taylor's Canes' set for COTW

Anonymous said...

Oshawa (not voting for a team that refused the "Flint Tropics" name)
North Bay
Saucy Ste. Marie

Unknown said...

1 B
2 B
3 B
4 B
5 B
6 A
7 B
8 B
9 A
10 A

Unknown said...

Dylan, you should also do the ECHL, that league is also big and has some great logos

Unknown said...

Good idea Vaughn. Will do!

Unknown said...


Will S said...

1 B
2 B
3 A
4 B
5 A
6 A
7 A
8 A
9 B
10 A

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