Thursday: It's a Hockey Night in Pittsburgh

Hello again and welcome back!

So I don't have too much time today for the post so I won't be doing any lists or rankings of any kind, maybe next week if I have time. But if you're reading this you probably have some time on your hands. And you know what you can do with that time? To vote! A large COTW vote and a competition vote this week, so go place your votes!
COTW Sept 27-Oct 3 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Golden Blades ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 9:59pm Eastern)

Just moving right along, onto the concepts already:

Steven M. - Rochester Americans
+Definitely has a classic look to it
+As expected with an anniversary/fauxback jersey it's kept quite simple
+I like the star shoulder patches
+The logo fits really well on the jersey
-It needs to be a tad bigger though
-The numbers and name should be plain blue, or at least blue with a red outline, to match the logo
-there should really be hem stripes here, especially for a classic design
-ADD ID unless that's what Torbs is

Overall: Simple, solid design (7.5/10)

SOmeone- Newcastle United
+Quite an interesting design there for the home/away
+B&W matches the team colors
+The alternate sticks closer to their actual set and also adds some new things
+I like how the pants stripe on the home/away matches the arm stripe..thing
-The vertical stripes on the alt socks...I mean it could work but it would have to go all the way up/down, and I also wouldn't do it anyways
-I'd also get rid of the pants stripe for the alt, the jersey already has a good bit of stripes.
-The home and away could use something on the hem

Overall: Interesting design (7/10)

Jan S. - Brooklyn Nets
+Matches their jerseys a bit but also brings something new to the table
+Simple and solid
+Both designs are good designs
+I like the font
-I think it would be better if the jerseys matched
-Stitching needs to stop at the hem stripe
-On the dark helmet, it shouldn't recolor it like that, there should still be a shadow rather than that turning into highlights

Overall: Nothing to blow you away but a solid design nonetheless (7.5/10)

Lucas D. - 8 Bit NHL Jerseys
So our last "concept" today is the only NHL in this post today, and it isn't really a concept. I think this is a pretty cool idea, I'm not sure what it's for though. This does remind me of Minecraft and the skins for it I've made myself. The only critiques I really have are that the Pens jersey should have a white stripe on the bottom above the yellow, and the Habs logos are too large on the jerseys, but it doesn't matter on the white as much as the red. Not sure how to rate it so I'll just leave it at that.

And that's that. I hope you guys enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you again next week!

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Steve M here. Yes "Torbs" is my ID so I can differentiate between different Other Steve's. I'm glad I got a local Pittsburgher to judge my work. Thanks for the feedback.

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