Spooky Wednesday

OoooOoooOooOhhhh Happy Halloween Week HJC'rs! Hope you're all having a spooky week, and especially a spooky hump day...

I wanted to post something that would give you all a good scare, but I just can't do it... it's too vile and evil...

Ok fine, I'll hide it through a link...


Good luck sleeping to those who clicked the link...

Maybe voting and submitting contest entries will help you cope with what you saw...

COTW Oct. 18-24 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern) 
REWRITE HISTORY- Entry Phase (ends Wednesday Nov. 4th @ 9:59pm EST

We have a few entries for today... so ... here you go...

Lucas D.

Jared L.

And now, your spooky Wednesday concepts OOOOooooOOOoooOoOOOOOOHhHhHhhhh!!!!!

Facebook Jersey Concept - Social Media Hockey League
Interesting idea for a league, but I'm not seeing this as super believable. The blue bar in the main logo shouldn't be there. It's clunky and also I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be allowed through Facebook's brand guidelines. The name and number font looks too large and clunky as well. The striping pattern on the sleeves is too large and clunky to me as well. I see a facebook jersey as mostly blue with some very simplistic and sparsely used white stripes. Same goes for the socks.

Rating: 5/10

St. Louis Blues Alternate Jersey Concept - Jan S.
Very close to their actual alternate jersey, but with more yellow. I like it. Maybe it's just me, but the yellow hem stripes look slightly thinner than the arm stripes. The yellow outline on the yoke is unnecessary, so that could go. The sock striping and pants striping should all match the jersey striping, that's the best striping in the whole uniform. The Blues' logos on the shoulder are the wrong blue. The whole jersey, and the logo inside the roundel is navy, but for some reason the shoulder logos are royal. Either make the chest logo royal or make the shoulder logos navy. Also, there's some random royal blue inside of the collar of the jersey.

Rating: 7/10

Florida Panthers Concept - Zeke G.
I love the name Zeke. Dope... These jerseys seem very reminiscent of the team's first jerseys. I think the striping should be slightly thicker and the sleeve stripes should be slanted. I think it'd look good with the angled side panels. I think the sleeve stripes also starts too high up the sleeve, but if you thickened the stripes that would make it better. Also, the white jersey is too blue. There was a time when the Panthers went away from a red jersey and focused on blue and they went back to red because people wanted it and it just looks good on them. So definitely find a way to work more red into the white jersey.

Rating: 7/10

St. Louis Blues Concept - Ryan C.
Ryan has been putting together some good looking jerseys, and individually they're pretty good. But as a series, they're all the same. Hem stripes and angled sleeve striping. I get it. It looks really good, but if the whole league did it, it'd be boring. So some uniqueness between teams would be good. The only thing I'd change here is give the white jersey blue numbers and the blue jersey yellow numbers.

Rating: 7.5/10

HK 36 Skalica (Slovak Extraliga) - Taylor R.
It's really hard to do red and green without making the jersey look like Christmas. The gold kind of makes it Christmas-y, but the black seems to cancel that out. I'd say add slightly more black to avoid elf jerseys. The striping is nice and the green jersey looks good as it is. Now, with the white jersey, I like the green hem and cuffs, but I don't like the red yoke. I think that jersey would look best without the yoke, but that's just me.

Rating: 8/10

Spooky Wednesday Reviewed by DBro Alexander on October 28, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

The fact that the Bruins W.C. Jersey got revealed like 3 days ago, and no one has posted about it is the spookiest thing on this blog.

Unknown said...

My concepts are not a series, just individual concepts.

DBro Alexander said...

@Scott: super spooky

@Ryan: I know they're not a 'series' but they all are being posted around the same time and all have a very similar look, so it comes off that way

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