Monday: You Knew We Had to do the West

Hey gang, welcome to the Monday post!

Happy election day in Canada! I'm not going to discuss politics because a) jersey opinions get me in enough trouble and b) it's been 3 months of this election already and we're all pretty sick of it. But do go vote, you do it on HJC, why not real life, it's just as important.

The Jets are doing well so far, impressively well. If things continue like this, we'll see a very strong Ehlers & Hutchinson, maybe even the long and drawn out dethroning of Ondrej Pavelec. Beating the Rangers last Wednesday was a HUGE win, proving they can beat powerhouse teams. Now if only we could win divisional games....oh well still a good start!

Jersey News!

The Dayton Demolition of the FHL unveiled their jerseys for this year, replacing the Dayton Demonz but they aren't the same franchise...it's complex, look it up..here're the jerseys

Photo from @DemolitionFHL

For a team with a logo that wouldn't be out of place in Arena Football comes out with simple jerseys... I like them. Looks like if the Stars away jerseys and the Flames from the 80s got grey on the hems and then mixed together...it works. The colours balancing is the real problem wth the white jersey, the yellow collar really kills it, the only way it'd work would be if it had a red yoke, which wouldn't be a bad idea. For the FHL, this is good, but not the best 

Rating: 6.75/10

As promised last week, here's the conclusion of my ultimate CHL power rankings, finishing up with the WHL, and this one was equally as difficult to rank as the OHL, seeing as there are many different factors, however, without the massive amount of relocation, and is also the largest of the 3 CHL leagues.

22. Kootenay Ice

Photo from: bcdailybuzz.com 

Putting the Ice at the bottom of this list may seem harsh, but I cannot understand why, in the almost 20 years the Edmonton/Kootenay Ice have existed, they haven't once updated their look. The logo isn't the worst, but coupled with an uninspired jersey, it really stands out as bad. Why isn't the team using blue as their main colour? Why do they wear Avs clones in a worse colour scheme? These design choices coupled with the logo, that is too busy for its own good, leaves a team in desperate need of a redesign. Sad they used to wear the greatest jersey every designed with their logo on it...shame...

21. Moose Jaw Warriors 

Photo from sports.yahoo.ca

I think most of us can agree with Warriors don't have a bad logo, but an extremely dated one. Even adding some subtle detail and enhancing the colours on the script would help make it look less out of a late 80s cartoon. The jerseys aren't the worst use of the Buff-a-slug, but it's no where near the best (if such a thing exists). I'm still not sure why the team insist on using that moose logo, but the team would look better if they swept it under the rug. Thankfully they don't wear this jersey much anymore. 

20. Prince George Cougars 

Photo from ckpg.com

The new logo is enough to keep this team out of the bottom spot. Honestly that old logo was awful. Look at the left image...tell me the team could not make that logo work? Pretty easily with a nice modern design. However, just slapping it on the old jersey....not what I would have chosen. Yes, I am going to say that keeping the old jerseys is enough for me to keep this team down, since it is such a waste of a good logo

19. Portland WinerHawks

Photo from travelportland.com 

Blackhawks rip off...seriously! I don't usually like when teams go from a native to bird logo...but Winter Hawk sounds like a bird. Sure, the team has looked the same since the mid 70s, but now with teams ditching their copy looks (at least in the CHL...sort of), in the words of John Cena...the time is now!

18. Kelowna Rockets
Photo from am1150.ca

I really do respect the Rockets organization, they're a model CHL organization and I do quite like their jerseys..but that logo is AWFUL. I'm sorry but what does it have to do with a rocket? I get it's based on a local native legend of the Ogopogo (sorry if I butchered that spelling), but what's the connection? On to of that the logo is overly detailed and is too much to be used on a jersey. Simplifying it would be the first step, and then ditching the script and going with just Ogopogo. I will say though the team is going back to their original jerseys from 1995 this year to celebrate the team's 20th anniversary in since moving from Tacoma, and this have a nice logo and beautiful striping, so maybe going back to that and keeping the Ogopogo as the mascot wouldn't be a bad idea.

17. Saskatoon Blades 

Photo from thestarphoenix.com

I really digged the Blades look....5 years ago, but now, it is in need of change to not look straight out of 2005. It too me a while to figure out the logo was a skate with it's blade tip having the letters in it, and while it isn't a bad logo, the updated double blue stick blade logo from the 70s/80s/90s would do fine. Then again, the team also has an awesome light blue jerseys that is an update on their script logo from the 90s. The team has lots of options, but the current one isn't working anymore. On top of that the home and away don't match, which is a huge pet peeve of mine!

16. Prince Albert Raiders

Photo from oilers.nhl.com

This team has done a good job updating from their awful previous look with the Pirate. Making green their primary colour and an updated but not controversial logo were good steps in making the team have their own identity. The problem is their logo looks like a shoulder patch! Seriously? This is a shoulder patch, and it should be on the shoulder. I'm not sure if the design team made this really good shoulder patch but couldn't think of anything better so they just put it on the jersey. 

15. Victoria Royals

Photo from hockeysfuture.com

The Royals took the Lightnings' BOLTS blue jersey, made a set out of it and ran with it. Granted, I don't know why the victory stripes are still there but hey, this jersey matches the logo. It's hard to say whether I like the logo, but I don't...not like it. The shoulder patch does not match the primary and looks like...the Warner Bros. logo, and I don't know why they chose that look. It isn't awful but it's cartoony while the primary is clean cut and edgy. 

14. Lethbridge Hurricanes 

Photo from ottawacitizen.com

Boy was this a tricky team to place! I really like their logo set. Ditching the Caps rip off logo for an original logo that's their own...hows about those jerseys though? Honestly, the Caps ripoff jerseys have been a problem for this team since the beginning (aside from 8 years of Lady Liberty rip offs in 2000). They've been doing it for so long it's hard to imagine the Hurricanes without a Caps jersey...but that doesn't make it right. Imagine of the Spitfires, Hurricanes and the Caps all played together, their red jerseys would all look the same.

13. Red Deer Rebels 

Photo from nhl.com

Welp....this team is pretty decent...decent but not great. Going through this series I've noticed a lot of teams like to wear striping patterns of teams that look good and recolour it, and yeah...the Blackhawks, especially their black jersey have been used by a few teams now, including this one. The logos are pretty good, and their red alternate and beige alternate are good. At this point, I can't really give the Rebels too many points for their jerseys, and frankly...something for original would be nice for a team with a marketable and easily identifiable logo. 

12. Tri City Americans 

Photo from oursportscentral.com

I'd lump the Americans in with the same category as the Victoria Royals, they took a look from another team, and went with it. Their jerseys really compliment the logo, which as everyone knows, looks like the the Top Gun logo or the Rescue Heroes or something else patriotic with oversized calves. The Amerks suffer the same problem a lot of teams do, having too many different logos. I like the eagle logo more than the TC logo, but on the shoulders the TC fits better. I already gave my thoughts on the jerseys before, but they continue to hold up.

11. Brandon Wheat Kings

Photo from theprovince.com

The Wheat Kings have one of the best and most unique logo sets and name the CHL, they are easily identifiable...too bad their jerseys are this. Honestly, if it wasn't for the yellow on the arms, they'd be blank black uniforms with yellow numbers and the logos.....Just do some simple striping but HAVE SOME STRIPING, LADS! The away isn't much better, but the yellow alternate is quiet nice. Overall, the jerseys need a lot of work, but the logos are perfect! 

10. Swift Current Broncos 

Photo from thehockeynews.com

I may have been a little too forgiving of the Broncos previous look, and this look has grown on me a fair amount. I really like the colour scheme, since double blue has become a sort of "trendy" thing, it's good the Broncos went back to something that was their's. All the updated logos look fantastic but overall, the jerseys don't really wow me. They do look like throwbacks, like the Flames red 80s jerseys, they look great, but not on a full time basis. Maybe darkening the colours would look better. Though they are far from bad.

9. Medicine Hat Tigers

Photo from tigershockey.com

Wondering why I chose an old picture (not that old but old enough) of the Tigers? The team has for the same thing for the vast majority of their history, and I can appreciate that. The jerseys are simple, almost too simple, but they let the logo's details show and not overcrowd the look. Honestly, it's hard to explain, but the Tigers have a really appealing look I hope they don't change. 

8. Kamloops Blazers 

Photo from kamloopsthisweek.com

I was really split on how to feel about the striping on these jerseys. Are they really Blackhawks rips offs, or is it based on the Oilers. The white jerseys say Oilers but these jerseys say Hawks. Honestly, either way VAST improvement over anything the team has worn before. The new shoulder patch is one of the best logos of the year, and makes good use of the Calgary alternate logo, but is original enough for me to call it Kamloops' own. 

7. Edmonton Oil Kings 

Photo from nyrangersblog.com

Another great western hockey identity, the Oil Kings do what the Norfolk Admirals couldn't, and used the 3 primary colours properly on a jersey. The jerseys are again simple, some have argued they're templates but they're a classic team, they shouldn't be flashy....which brings me to their alternate. I don't hate it but it is going to be so incredibly dated in a few years, even its hardest defenders have to admit, it looks like it was made in 2011 and always will. 

6. Everett Silvertips 

Photo from myeverettnews.con

Another team that has worn the same thing for most of their history, the Silvertips really knew how to make a jersey theirs, that hem pattern is so simple but couldn't be used by any team in any league without someone saying "That's the Silvertips' logo". The logo isn't my favourite, but it works, not to mention the very fitting colour scheme. One thing I never really got about this team is for their 10th anniversary, they chose to wear weird Caps templates that weren't awful and could work as an alternate...but the next year they just went back to these...kind of a waste but hey, those jerseys will be hopefully worth something.

5. Vancouver Giants

Photo from vancouversun.com

If the Giants weren't a staple of the WHL...well they should be. Another team with a unique identity, a really good logo set, and easily recognizable. The jerseys could use a hem stripe but they are far from awful. Not much to say...here's their weird alternate.

4. Regina Pats 

Photo from leaderpost.com

I recently gave my thoughts on these jerseys, but they really are great, especially that away for no particular reason. The logo isn't great but it isn't bad. Here's some terrible alternates the team has worn over the years. 

3. Seattle Thunderbirds 

Photo from mynorthwest.com

The Whalers jerseys did not die in vain. Call them a rip off, but in fact, the Thunderbirds have worn it a lot longer the Whalers did. The colour scheme fits Seattle perfectly, and the logo is gorgeous and frankly...a Seattle NHL team should take this look, it's good enough for that. Why this team isn't #1 is our preference, but on a non-biased look, these guys did it right.

2. Spokane Chiefs 

 Photo from snipview.com

Habs rip off? Hard to say. Obviously yes the jerseys are the Habs template, but at the same time...the jersey work really well for the Chiefs. The logo is simple but it really does a good job of efficiency, the S/C in one letter and the feathers are the right kind of dated, where in a couple years, they'll be classic. Also they wear red helmets so HA! I WIN!!!

1. Calgary Hitmen

Photo from calgarysun.com

Completely...not completely biased reason why I really love this specific jersey. 13 year old me, right before I got into jersey designing and way before HJC, was in Calgary to see the 2009 Grey Cup (BTW, seeing sports history is amazing). We were in the Saddledome watching Great Big Sea and a bunch of other Canadian acts when I saw through the window of the closed jersey show this BEAUTIFUL jersey. I still have yet to get one but I assure you it will be worn often when I do get one. The mask stares right at you, the colours are perfect and yes...the Hitmen make this template work. Honestly though, it's a really creative name, creative jerseys, and even wear pink because Brett Hart...Imagine if John Cena has a WHL...okay I'm done.

Disagree with me? You know the drill at this point, comment down below. What's next week? I don't know. If you wan't Jets96's opinion on a league or some other topic, post it in the comments. 

COTY 3rd quarter voting is on! It's very important as you know, you could tell by the grey voting tab on the side. If you see that, you know Ryan means business and he will make sure that your favourite team makes a bad trade with the Leafs to get them into the playoffs and your team into the basement...he has that kind of power...don't make him use it.

The grey alternate contest is in its voting phase. It's top 5 and is as easy as posting a comment. Get on that now or Ryan will then make your favourite team trade their best player for David Clarkson...

Oh and don't forget about COTW, it's right under the 3rd quarter vote, it'd make no sense to do one and not the other.

3rd Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Oct 11-17 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Grey Jersey Comp Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)

On to the concepts! 


Chicago Blackhawks Concepts (By: Brooks F.)

+ It's nice to see the current Blackhawk logo in black and white, it looks very interesting, almost like a trippy late 80s music video
+ The striping is great, perfect amount of black and white and the space between the stripes, there's space to breath
+ Great execution
+ It's a small detail, but the numbers are a cool font

- The shoulder patches look like crossbones instead of crossed tomahawks 
- While the yoke looks good, a square one would fit the jersey better

Rating: 8.75/10

Team New Zealand Concepts (By: Duncan L.)

+ I love the fern leaf and tribal pattern, those things that are clearly New Zealand and like Belarus's knitted pattern, this would be a great way to get a unique aspects not team could copy
+ Good execution
+ Simple hem is a good idea

- I know New Zealand wears black and white (and probably grey) in international sports, but the red doesn't help the look much
- The hem stripes should both be like the grey jerseys
-Red script on black is hard to read, grey would be easier to read 

Rating: 7.75/10

Colorado Avalanche Concept (By: Lucas D.)

+ A two tip mountain pattern would be really unique for the Avs
+ Square yoke looks great for the avs
+ I'm really starting to like the Avs using minimal detail in their striping

- Execution needs a fair bit of work, especially with the striping thickness, the arms and hem are of two different thicknesses which wouldn't normally bother me except how noticeable it is
- the numbers and logo are really heavily pixelated, I can't read the name and the numbers made me think there's something wrong with my computer
- Shoulder patch is really needed
- The mountains striping should be on the back too

Colorado Avalanche Concepts (By: Phil B.)

+ Jagged mountain pattern is also interesting
+ The way the colours lay out make the colours pop out, like a planet
+ Love the amount of blue and red
+ Good logo choices
+ Good execution

- Swap the red and blue on the away so the colours are balanced bette
- Black is okay, but I'd like to see how the jersey would look at least without the black gear
- Shoulder patches are too large

Rating: 8/10

Sith Empire Concept (By: Ryan G.)

+ Ryan does a really good job choosing logos and numbers for his Star Wars concepts, and this one is no exception
+ Colours are perfectly chose, they've menacing and scream Sith
+ This is one of the few cases where a phantom yoke & pipping work, and chest striping makes it work
+ Good execution

- Since the white is so prevalent on the logo the white should be stronger on the jersey or thinner on logo

Rating: 8.5/10

New York Golden Blades Concepts (By: Vaughan R.)

+ Lots of purple on both concepts,  and good balancing

- There really isn't much striping to these concepts, there's one purple stripe on the home and a tiny yellow/white pipping on the away, aside from the numbers and letters, that's it
- The black script on the purple jersey is practically illegible, or at least look like one big blur from any distance except for right in front of it
- The numbers are far too high up , they should be above the first of the 3 arm panels

Rating: 5/10


That's the post!
Don't forget to vote in all 3 votes and if you're Canadian, reality, you still have plenty of time in every part of Canada 
Go Jets, Moose & Mooseheads
Have a great week! 

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Unknown said...

Eeek, maybe we should do a contest to redo those Dayton Demolition jerseys, those are horrible.

winnipegjets96 said...

Hmm.....good idea,Ryan! Keep that in mind because we can always use reader contest ideas

Unknown said...

Normally, buffaslug rip offs aren't good, but my minor hockey team, the Coquitlam Chiefs, we have buffaslug socks, jerseys, and a logo based of of it, but they look really nice

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