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Hello everyone! Welcome to another episode of the Friday... Hockey thing.

Alright, enough of that.

Sorry about the delay and the whole not being there thing. Had a crazy little beast called tech week for a show I was a part of. It all went great, but if there's one thing I missed out on it was writing. Rule of thumb, if you guys ever get a job writing for the website, don't let Ryan try to translate your messages. What I REAAALLY said was that the Maple Leafs will probably end up in dead last this season, or the next ten or so slap-slap-slap clap-clap-clap. Classic mess up, Ryan. I don't blame ya man.


Well, I have an idea. Who's got alternate jerseys? I don't know, some teams. So that's what I'm gonna do. Who has the best alternate jerseys in the NHL. This list only pertains to those who are wearing alternate jerseys in the upcoming regular season as according to the calendars that have been posted, and this is only going to count jerseys considered alternate jerseys, not just vintage jerseys a la Sharks. Keep that in mind while reading this! Ladies and gentlemen, let's take it away!

10. Tampa Bay Lightning

We've all heard this spiel by now. This jersey is incredibly meh. The all black was a fine idea, this just wasn't the best way to go about it. The Bolts wordmark also looks a little dopey here.

9. Carolina Hurricanes

I actually think this jersey is just a little... overzealous. It tries to get that whole thematic thing and it succeeds swimmingly, but at the cost of a great jersey. It's good, definitely the best thing the Canes have to wear, it's just not substantial.

8. New York Islanders

Ah, the all new all black. It's so... barren. I wish there was more stuff on this jersey. It is a definite upgrade over past alternates, but christ this jersey just seems very much like what we were expecting and even a little less. People actually told me an all black jersey wasn't going to happen. Well, they were technically right, as the jersey has a little spritz of orange on the stick.

7. Washington Capitals

A vintage jersey. Neat! They aren't the only team on this list that does this. But why are the Caps so low? Because I just do not like the classic red white and blue. I thought that the blue and bronze was the best era for the Capitals. But sadly seeing another team spouting the American flag across their chest is a little uncreative. I don't hate the jersey, I just wish they reached for another time period to grab a jersey from.

6. Colorado Avalanche

It's hard to say much about this jersey. We haven't even seen the real version of this jersey. But from what I can see, I like it. The logo is a little big, but navy is just such a good color for the Avs. I wish they used it more. I guess I am a little biased though, as my favorite colors are navy and burgundy.

5. Edmonton Oilers

This is another new jersey, which in my opinion is very solid. I think it's got some sort of... gusto. It's got that old vintagey feel that translated so well into the Edge template. I think this is a pretty solid jersey, and I hope that Edmonton realizes that orange is such a great color!

4. Minnesota Wild

I love this jersey. Good god I do. It's absolutely gorgeous. The subtle touches of red. The fantastic use of cream. That deep shade of forest. That stylized wordmark. This jersey is simple and effective in all the right ways. I think it's a classic.

3. Anaheim Ducks

Another new jersey, but I'm sorry. I've been waiting too damn long for orange to come to Orange County. And this blew me away. Not only did we get the old classic Mighty Ducks logo that infatuated me so much as a kid, we got something totally new! Everyone was expecting a recolor of the slanted eggplant and jade! Anaheim really has a beautiful jersey here.

2. Columbus Blue Jackets

A classic case of faux vintage done right. This jersey combines the double blue scheme (something adored by most of the writers) with a tasteful roundel, yoke, stripe pattern, cream, and lace collar. All things that make me love jerseys that much more. It's so fitting for the team, I absolutely adore its simplicity.

1. Pittsburgh Penguins

I can hear BPoe screaming from here. I love this jersey because it does mean a lot to me, it holds so much history, and is down right beautiful. It reminds me of my childhood, spending time with my uncle who was obsessed with Lemieux and Jagr. It reminds me of a time when the Penguins didn't think vomit was a good substitute for yellow. It reminds me of a time when the East dominated. Not only that, but good god, those colored sleeves, that bright beautiful logo, that cleanliness and sharpness that makes a player stand out on the ice. I really hope the rumors are true and this will be the primary again. I really want to see the white version of this return, or even better yet (call me crazy) but the golden version as the away.

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It's votin' time! We've got a lot of great concepts, and I mean A LOT. On top of that, we've got some absolutely fantastic concepts for our Golden Blades competition. It's gonna be a close one!

COTW Sept 27-Oct 3 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Golden Blades ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 9:59pm Eastern)


Brooks F - Nashville Alternate

Execution: Solid. (1/1)
Striping: This is a far cry from the other Pred jerseys. I really like the way that it reflects onto the shorts. The yoke outline does seem a little thicker than the the arm and hem, but I'm guessing that's just an optical illusion. (1.5/2)
Effectiveness: I think Nashville would be a good home for this. (1/1)
 Not incredibly creative, but a new idea for the Preds. (1.5/2)
Other: I do like the fact that the jersey does take on this almost guitar pick like shape. It's really cool. One issue I do have is in the numbers. While a great set of numbers, they only shine when there's more straight lines in the concept. It does detract a little, but not much. Switch those numbers out, maybe add a bit more flair, and you've got yourself one hell of a jersey. (3/4)

Overall: A great setup. It does have a few drawbacks, but damn near every jersey does. Still a beautiful concept. Goo work. (8/10)

Jake88 - ERC Ingolstad (DEL)

Execution: Killed it. (1/1)
Striping: It's straightforward. A single slash through one, and some arm stripes on another. I love it. The pants do seem disjointed, not matching up to anything. The pants, in my opinion, should be a continuation of the concept, reflecting ideas or patterns. It's one part of the jersey that a lot of people glance past. While someone in the stands wouldn't be wearing a pair of hockey pants under their favorite jersey, the guys on the ice would be. (1.25/2)
Effectiveness: A great way to simplify a cluttered team. (1/1)
 It feels very Adidas redesign to me. That's good though, the simplicity of the ideas matched with modern tastes. I love that template too. Please, if you're reading this post a link to it in the comments! (1.5/2)
Other: The removal of red was smart. Blue on blue is a real winner no matter what. The jersey is very simple and straightforward. One thing I would've done is to drop the light blue stripe of white socks to the bottom of the leg. (3.5/4)

Overall: It's a great, simplified concept. I've seen a lot of stuff like this, but that doesn't mean I still can't appreciate it. (8.25/10) and a COTW nom

Jan S - Charlotte Hornets (NBA)

Execution: The resolution of the jersey itself seems a little low to me. On top of that, it seems as though there were a few dead pixels left around the collar. The stitching from the jersey should end right where the striping starts. Look at some other artists to see what I mean. Another thing that Jake did in the last concept was make sure to watch the 1 next to the 5 on the arm. It's a small detail, but put into perspective it speaks about a jersey more than you would think. Lastly, the numbers are way too big. Just watch for some of those details! (.25/1)
Striping:  I don't know how i feel about the home. It's a little too traditional for a team whose colors are indigo and teal. That being said, the home is perfect. Beautiful job with the use of color, the ghost yoke, and the overall sense of connection. Again, try to do something cool with the pants! This does work here, but it could tie in a little more. It works for the home, but try to consider that away as well. (1.25/2)
Effectiveness: Yeah, as a fan jersey I could definitely see this being sold at an athletic store. (1/1)
 It isn't new. But it's new enough. That's always my mindset for concepts. This doesn't break new boundaries, something that could be done easily with the Hornets. So much I feel that an NBA or specifically Hornets comp should be the next on the calendar. The away definitely does a better job of conveying the message. (1/2)
Other: I gotta say it here. That font is fantastic. I know it's a little too... basketball. Christ, though. It's amazing here. I think this font could be used in a lot of great places. (3/4)

Overall: Keep working out all those kinks!  (6.5/10)

Lucas D - San Jose Sharks

Execution: If you're going to be using logos for a project, a good rule of thumb is to look for background-less png files. That'll get rid of that white border. If you want a font, try using the fonts on the website. Also check out the left shoulder on the home. Finally, make sure you watch the 1 against the 2 on your arms! (.25/1)
Striping: Two things have happened here. You've taken the current Sharks jerseys and added a stripe at the base, with a yoke at the top of the away. The second is that orange has been replaced by silver and placed so there's a symmetrical striping pattern. It's basic. A tried and true design. (1.5/2)
Effectiveness: San Jose is always a team to do some weird things just because. I think this is a little too traditional for them. (0/1)
 It's a jigsaw puzzle of the Sharks' past, not really presenting many new ideas. (.5/2)
Other: I think the biggest hit for this jersey is the execution. There are pixels randomly erased, the logos and font have those dead spaces, the arm numbers. It's the fine details that can make or break a concept. Really try to hone in on those. (2/4)

Overall: It needs a lot of work. Try going for those resources that the website has for you! Check out some of Ryan's tutorials on the site! We've got a lot of stuff here that can really help take your jerseys to the next level. You've got the ideas, now it's just that execution. (4.25/10)


Well, that's it for today! Let me know what you guys think.

I want to hear what I did wrong. I want to hear what I missed. I want to hear all of that. This is just my opinion, but you guys can have an opinion as well, and you should voice it! 

After finally getting myself really settled in at college and getting on a consistent schedule, I can finally clear my mind, declutter, write the articles that I want you guys to read, and focus on what I love. Graphic design, hockey, and the great combination of both.

I hope your team has a great run this season. Unless you're a Kings fan. Then I hope you end up missing the playoffs again. May the best team win, folks. May the best team win.

-Jack G.

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Unknown said...

Top 10 Alternates:

Honorbale mentions: Colorado, St. Louis, Philly

10 - San Jose
9 - Toronto
8 - Anaheim
7 - NY Rangers
6 - Minnesota
5 - Calgary
4 - Columbus
3 - Ottawa
2 - Edmonton
1 - Pittsburgh

richard lewis said...

Second for Taylor r for COTW

Unknown said...

Also Brooks for COTW

Unknown said...

Wow really? I'm now getting COTW noms without even having a concept present. Who had the first nom lol

Pretty sure you mean Jake

Unknown said...

Technically the Oilers orange jersey is a heritage jersey and not an alternate. I believe they are only wearing it like 5 times this year, well below the minimum number of dates for a third, to celebrate the farewell season at Rexall and as such it is not subject to the three-season minimum usage requirement for an alternate (see turdburger). however I could totally see the oilers using this jersey as a full time alternate in the future. It appears to be a hit with fans and critics alike.

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