Friday: Old Habits Usually Never Die

Funny story. Remember how I used to write for Monday? Yeah, I don't either. ANYWAYS, find out that I actually set up this entire post around the concepts that were already posted earlier this week. Haha, crazy eh? It's like old habits never die. Except for sometimes.

So that's where today's title comes from. Because I'm making some changes. 

Happy friday, folks. Welcome back to HJC. I'm Jack Godlewski, resident other Blackhawks fan and closet Ducks fan. I am studying to work in marketing and advertising across all fields. I want to sell stuff. That's why I've dedicated so much time to graphic design and television. I am also a frat boy and enjoy flannel shirts, pop punk music and pizza. Go team.

Now that you hopefully know some more about me other than what I have said many a time before (bet my team allegiance hasn't been shoved down your throat enough at this point), I can move on. I am noticing a trend for my posts. Very low traffic. Of course, I can only guess this by reading the comments, and numbers are sparse. I want to change that. Break double digits. This isn't some power trip for me, I hope that eventually every writer will be able to have that success, and this website to become a very popular and great place and all of our jerseys all get printed and used by the appropriate team. You know, cool stuff! And that all starts with drawing more people in.

The changes I've made are hopefully for the better. The first is simple. I'm changing my rating system into a percentage and grade system. Look at a course syllabus and you'll have the right idea. I'm gonna be the hockey jersey professor. Although that sounds terrible and is gonna have to go back to the drawing board. The system is relatively the same, splitting everything into sections that equal a final grade. They read as such:

Execution is 10%
Striping is now 30%
Creativity is 20%
Effectiveness is 10%
Other is now 30%

I decided to give more points to striping because it is striping that gives a jersey its identity, a huge part of the review. I made this change because I think seeing a percentage is a much better view into what needs to be done to get to a full 100%. On top of that, it allows me to go more in depth with each review and assign points out of 100 for each section, which is huge for me.


It's a very big voting season right now! Second quarter for COTY. That is OF THE YEAR. The entire thing! That, plus the whole grey competition that's going on at the moment!

3rd Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Oct 11-17 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Grey Jersey Comp Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)


Here's the other change.

We're gonna have ourselves something new here on Fridays! A voting competition based completely on your votes. I'll start posting three sets of two logos, which may or may not be in the same league. A lot of this is the "who did it better" kind of stuff, but it isn't at all limited.

We're gonna stir it up some. Have some fun. And best of all, you guys vote for what logo is best! Today, we're gonna start with all teams in ECHL. Test the waters a little for the next couple of weeks. If this does get more replies, then we're gonna continue this indefinitely!


Orlando Solar Bears
Colorado Eagles


Manchester Monarchs
Reading Royals


Fort Wayne Komets

Indy Fuel

Emin Z - Bakersfield Condors

Execution: You have the stitching bleeding into those center stripes. I'd just cut them from the template just to remove any chance for a mistake. Also the bevel and textures are just a total eye sore. Unless the actual jersey has that marble texture, then I wouldn't include. Matte colors allow us to picture things much better. (55%)
Striping: The striping here is actually really nice. The chest stripe is one of my favorite patterns. I'm not a fan of tiny stripe on the tail, though. It doesn't add all too much. Add it to the outline of the jersey to mirror the arms. On the pant leg, the center of the stripe should be white just to add that contrast. (70%)
Creativity: Just by making Bakersfield this new color scheme, you've managed to hit the creative mark. The jersey is just a little too templatey, but the scheme definitely separates from other Condor concepts. (90%)
Effectiveness: It's very close to something that I could see. Yes. I'll give it points. (95%)
Other: Not really much else to say. If you want to put a logo on the legs or helmet, try not to have it be so crazy. The alternate logo on the leg would be much better.  (60%)

Overall: The change in color scheme was a good choice, but some slight tweaks to the jersey would be great. Also, the texture is just too much for the eyes. (72%)

Hayden D - New Jersey Devils

Execution: The nature of 1's on arms are different than those of regular numbers! Check out Ryan's tutorial on how to handle it on the blog. Also make sure you have the relevant logos somewhere on the jersey! (60%)
Striping: It's not my style. It's really missing something. I feel like it's a bit too... out of character for New Jersey. I think that if the arm stripe was flipped, so that it was pointing down the arm, it would make the arm feel less congested. (70%)
Creativity: I think it is definitely creative. Especially for New Jersey. BUT. That logo does look a lot like some clip art. It pulls away from the concept for me. (65%)
Effectiveness: I don't know if this jersey would really be considered by New Jersey (0%)
Other: I actually really like what you conceptually did here. The actual (or apparently real) Jersey Devil is a goat headed demon, but the horned skull gets the point across. It's really a cool idea for an alternate logo. The primary just works so well that I wouldn't change it. Also, the numbers on the arms should be white. (70%)

Overall: Needs some changes here and there, you seem to have a good grasp of the program. It's just about taking that next step. (61%)

Brooks F - Vancouver Canucks

Execution: Everything here looks great! (100%)
Striping: I think making the yellow bleed into the black on the alternate wasn't the best choice. It just makes the color look more muddy than anything. If you look at the original jersey that this is most likely based on, you can see that the colors fade into red, another warm color. It created more a sense of speed behind that skate, as everything behind it got blurred by its sheer speed. The colors just seem bleched up here. The diagonal striping on the other jerseys though are absolutely pristine. One little tip for those, if it was angled perfectly with the angle of the skate, boom. That would be awesome. (75%)
Creativity: It does draw from other jerseys, but it does do its own thing. I do think that slanting the stripes on the old spaghetti jerseys isn't the most original thing to do, but it's executed well here. At least in a better way than what I've seen. (85%)
Effectiveness: I'd say this is the perfect heritage set for Vancouver. (95%)
Other: I think the alt pants need something here. A logo or some striping. The numbers on every jersey are the best possible colors. I also prefer having an alt patch on the shoulder, and I know that Vancouver doesn't have much to draw from, but regardless this is solid. (80%)

Overall: This is actually my favorite Vancouver color scheme (call me insane), and would love to see something like this hit the ice for some event where they use a fauxback jersey or something. All this really needs is some adjustments on the alternate. (83%)

Jan S - New York Islanders

Execution: The name and numbers look a little far apart. That, and all the text, i.e the C and numbers on the arms look a little tiny. Also, your numbers shouldn't be casting shadows. (65%)
Striping: It's a solid idea going for the minimalistic look. Something the Isles could use. I think that the sock needs to have the thinner design, and the pants should also end in that slanted cutoff. Maybe having something on the sides of the jersey just to make it seem a little fuller? (65%)
Creativity: For New York, this is creative. For most other teams, this is creative. It's something I haven't seen much of. It's very good at differentiating from other jerseys I've seen. (90%)
Effectiveness: Regardless, I can't say that this is an ice ready concept. (0%)
Other: One thing I'd like to address here is the logo. I think it's a little too stock for the Islanders. I think it needs to be a bit bolder and in your face. That, and using roundels for the shoulder patch is much better, as it fits perfectly square. You've already got a beautiful roundel to use. (70%)

Overall: This looks like the first step towards a Stadium Series jersey. Keep working at it! (65%)

Taylor R - New York Knicks

Execution: Perfect. (100%)
Striping: It's simple and clean, but it's great. Only putting half the stripe on the sleeve was a very solid idea. It sets this jersey apart. (90%)
Creativity: It's so simple, but so well executed and has so many sparks of originality throughout. (90%)
Effectiveness: Yes. (100%) Yes.
Other: Those pants. Those damn pants are so genius. One thing I do have to say though is that conceptually the blue jersey is just all blue. I'd say some orange pants could help split that up. I think it's just a weird thing for me. I know Edmonton does it, and I don't really like Edmonton's look all that much. (80%)

Overall: I think this is a fantastic set. These NBA sets are always rock solid. (89%) and a COTW Nom

Vaughn R - Brandon Wheat Kings

Execution: Good work. (100%)
Striping: I'm not a fan of that dinky little stripe down at the bottom. You've got this big thick stripe on the arms, and it's mirrored by this tiny little thing. When the Bruins did it, it still looked weird. I think the yoke being black in comparison to yellow arm stripes just looks a little clunky. (60%)
Creativity: I don't think this really brings anything too new to the table. (65%)
Effectiveness: I also don't really think this would be a suitable jersey. (0%)
Other: I want you, as a reference, to check out Brooks' concept that was submitted to the grey competition. Same team. Totally different take that draws upon more identity. I'm not saying to take the idea for your own and reuse it. But all I'm saying is draw some more from that identity of the team and reflect it more into a jersey. (60%)

Overall: I think what this jersey lacks is that sense of cohesive identity. It could work for most any team that uses black and yellow, but could still be improved on. (59%)


Well, that's the lengthiest post I have ever done without a doubt! I should go back and do a word count on each post... never mind.

Don't like the changes? Don't like what I had to say? Leave that down in the comments!

You know what else should be left in the comments? Who you think should be the COTW nominee for today's post! And while you're at it, go through the options for COTY, as well as the entries for the grey competition!

It's been great writing here. I absolutely love it. It's like I'm just a part of another group to watch and enjoy hockey with. But it's really so much more than that. It's something absolutely beautiful, a bunch of people making art for something they love, a great sport. I cannot talk enough praise for the people on this site. Yeah, I may be an idiot from time to time, but damn I still feel like I'm learning every time I read someone's post, or write, or see a concept, or vote. It makes me feel that much better to be here. I say stuff like this every week, but I mean it. This website is amazing.

Until next week...

-Jack G.
Friday: Old Habits Usually Never Die Reviewed by Unknown on October 23, 2015 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

1 Orlando
2 Manchester
3 Ft Wayne

Unknown said...

Orlando, Reading, Fort Wayne

Unknown said...

Fort Wayne

BTW, if anyone could answer this for me, that would be great. What exactly do you do with the stitching when doing chest stripes?

Will S said...

Fort Wayne

Like that you have Execution at 10%. Much rather see a good idea with some stray pixels, or a bit of bleeding, or is a tiny bit off in some way get better marks than a so/so one that "has everything in the right place".

winnipegjets96 said...

Orlando, Manchester, Indy

Also I'll 2nd Taylor for COTW

Unknown said...

I was hurry to Grey Jersey competition, and forget about stitches and some details. That's why it mixed with stripes :) Many thanks, Jack

Unknown said...

Vaughn, in most cases the stitching on the jersey is used as a guideline while designing. This is mostly for piping or any design on the sides of the jersey. If you look at real jerseys, there is no stitching there unless it does have piping or a side pattern. My suggestion is to just remove the stitching from the center of the jersey. Remember, the template is just that, a template! Warp it to fit whatever needs you have to!

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