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Hello hello hello folks!

Today is once again Friday, and that means that I'm gonna be talking about all the crazy stuff that's been happening in jersey news lately.

Such as...


Okay, first I have to give kudos to Taylor Roy for predicting this design almost to a tee. The only major difference is the thickness of the stripes and the placement of the numbers. Great work, man!

This is what the Boston Bruins will be wearing during this year's Winter Classic! It's based on the jersey used in the original season in Boston. The two can be seen side by side. A few interesting notes. The arm stripes are much lower on the new jersey than the old one. Interesting idea. Second, the collar on the new one is closer to that of an actual sweater. More a wool crewneck. I wish they would've done the whole turtleneck thing, but oh well. Beggars can't be choosers. And probably the most obvious thing you may have noticed, it's black! This could lead to some very interesting speculation. Either the Canadiens are using something a little more original, or the Bruins wanted to go along with their more recent color scheme. Whatever the case, I like how they drew back so far for this jersey. Although I think I would've preferred the brown... but that's probably just me.

I'm gonna give this one a 7.75/10. What do you guys think? Let me know down in the comments!


That's right! Voting season is still in full swing!

Plus you have the ability to literally rewrite history! Do you know how neat that is?

Get those entries in by next week Wednesday. As always, the rules to the competition are at the top of the page! Have fun and keep on designing!

COTW Oct. 18-24 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern) 
REWRITE HISTORY- Entry Phase (ends Wednesday Nov. 4th @ 9:59pm EST


Here's the second entry in the logo contest! Today's theme is going to be about animals. Big scary predators. We've got wolves, tigers and bears! Oh my! I know I should've waited to do lions, but hey. Ya live and ya learn. Who will win this week? You decide!


Chicago Wolves
The extra realistic Chicago Wolves logo, that for some reason decided to discard its physical body for a hockey stick and what I can only assume is a very black cheese wheel. Don't tell me it's a puck. We all know pucks don't get that big. This was one of my favorite teams growing up, and that was mostly because of how fierce this thing looked!

Sudbury Wolves
This logo is just so incredibly filled with charm. It almost seems straight out of an old 50's cartoon about the big bad wolf. It's probably the most bloody and violent logo out there, and most importantly no one has ever done anything like it. It's the perfect blend of spirit and history, along with fear and gore.


Bridgeport Sound Tigers
This team recently changed to their affiliates' color scheme of blue and orange. The severed head of this cartoony tiger looks like it's flying right to the victim's throat, which we can only assume is the goal. It's the somewhat minimalistic style that works so well here.

Amur Khabarovsk
This tiger definitely goes for the plainer look. It does trade black for blue like Bridgeport, but in a much darker and intimidating shade. This more realistic head staring straight on does have less character, but it pierces the souls of any that fear to face it!


Hershey Bears

 This team's name actually started as a bad pun about Hershey bars, but they still carry the identity of a strong Kodiak ready to play some hockey! The brown and cream are a more realistic color scheme that make the logo that much stronger.

 Charlotte Checkers

The final team of the day is the Charlotte Checkers, in the same league as Hershey, and not too far away from it either. While the checkerboard pattern and goofy Chuck E Cheese-esque bear character is gone, this team's logo has traded these old cartoony ideas for a more realistic polar bear. Which makes you think that a literal real actual polar bear wants to run out of its home and check you out on the ice. Absolutely horrifying.

That's it for today's contest! It's up to you guys to vote who wins this week!

Last weeks winners:

Orlando Solar Bears vs. Colorado Eagles: Orlando
Manchester Monarchs vs. Reading Royals: Manchester
Fort Wayne Komets vs. Indy Fuel: Fort Wayne


Dylan T - Instagram (Social Media Series)

Execution: A tiny little detail in the color, it looks like it's a little screwed up on the right side. Everything else looks good! (95%)
Striping: So I can see you wanted to use the rainbow striping from the corner of the logo. It makes good sense to do so. I do personally think it should have been thicker, and maybe some tan or brown was thrown in elsewhere to break it up a little. (80%)
Creativity: The concept overall is creative, that of using social media logos, but this jersey is as old as time. (75%)
Effectiveness: I can't really picture this appearing in stores any time soon. (0%)
Other: A few things. Numbers do look a little strange here. I understand the stylistic choice, but every number looks better with a stroke, especially if it's laying across a bunch of bright pastel colors. Second, the font overall is just a little too strange. (60%)

Overall: This is another case where the base you have is great, but it can be expanded and improved on so much more. (66.5%)

Jan S - Washington Capitals

Execution: The stitching bleeds through past the stripe. Everything else looks great! (80%)
Striping: Really cool! I never expected the old blue and brass Caps would look so good in red and navy! (90%)
Creativity: It isn't the most creative idea I've ever seen, but hell if it isn't a cool idea. (90%)
Effectiveness: I'd make THIS the alternate in a heartbeat. (100%)
Other: I think a few things to note. Pant, sock stripes, you did a killer job. The numbers would look a lot cooler if you could angle them along the bottom stripe. If you need an idea, I know you can easily find an old Philly Blazers concept by CPM to see what I mean. Regardless, you did a great job here overall. (85%)

Overall: Transitioning an old striping pattern that I love into a color scheme that I love more always equals good boy points from Jack. (88.5%)

Ryan C - Montreal Canadiens

Execution: The image looks a little blurry, and some fine white spots under the pits do stick out on closer inspection. These are minute though. (95%)
Striping: One thing I love is when a white jersey has a yoke but a colored doesn't. You would be amazed how simple and beautiful of a detail that is. The rest of the striping is nice. I wouldn't have outlined the white stripes in navy, as it does make the color balance a little heavier. You could soften it up and have a much prettier jersey by just having the white. Either that, or maybe connect the arm stripe to the navy block, as it will make it more seamless. (90%)
Creativity: It's very simple in the most elegant way. I've seen similar stuff, but I gotta give points. (90%)
Effectiveness: I think if you tore the Adidas logo off, slapped on a Reebok one, and handed these to the Habs for next season, I would not be complaining. (100%)
Other: I don't think there's much else here. Every other detail is solid. That's some good design. (100%)

Overall: Montreal always lets stripes do the talking. This reflects here as well. (94.5%) and a COTW nom from me

Ryan C - Nashville Predators

Execution: Some minute things here. The stitching seems to have  a tiny nub down towards the bottom, and above the striping there's a gap from where it touches the stripes. (85%)
Striping: Great work. I love diagonal lines in jerseys. They are always much more exciting. The pattern is great, simple, and not a piece is lost. (95%)
Creativity: Definitely something I haven't seen for the Preds. (95%)
Effectiveness: I do like the Preds normal jerseys now, but I think in an alternate universe, I would settle for this. (100%)
Other: I think that it was smart not going for the six stringed numbers. The jersey is way too simplistic for something like that. The shoulder patch is really well highlighted here as well. I would've created a larger stroke on the arm numbers, and would have also made the inner flap blue. (90%)

Overall: Something that sheds Nashville in a much more subtle and simplistic light. (93%)

Taylor R - HC Kosice (SM Extraliiga)

Execution: Stellar (100%)
Striping: It's superb. The slight touch of gray does get a little lost, but the arm still just pops so well. And I do have to say, that thing I talked about earlier with the yokes? Double for what you've done here. Colored arm patterns are some of my absolute favorites, and the fact that both jerseys have that tie, it's just one of this "ugh" kind of things. (95%)
Creativity: Gotta give you extra points for that whole arm thing. (95%)
Effectiveness: I'd buy that jersey for a dollar. Maybe more. Probably more than that. (100%)
Other: Great stuff here. The addition of gray is slight, but it still works well here. I would've preferred it where it really shined. The numbers and names pop, the logo is well framed, the league logo is well hidden by the color scheme. (90%)

Overall: Another great jersey. (94.5%)


Well, that's it for today folks! A lot of great concepts today, just like any other day. Now it's up to you guys to decide.

Like any jersey a lot? Write about it in the comments! Think one is so good, that it could be considered for the jersey of the year? Write about it in the comments! Want to contest my opinion? Write about it in the comments!

Party on, and keep watching hockey! Until next time...

-Jack G
Friday: I Can Show You The World Reviewed by Unknown on October 30, 2015 Rating: 5


Ben Shaffer said...

Jan S for COTW.

Unknown said...

Chicago, Bridgeport, Hershey

Unknown said...

Chicago, Amur, Charlotte

Second Jan S

Anonymous said...

Sudbury (barely, they're both bad), Bridgeport, Hershey.

winnipegjets96 said...

Sudbury, Amur, Hershey

COTW Nom. to Ryan C's Canadiens concept. While I'd never wanna see the Habs change, the Ice Caps should take these and run. they remind me of an updated version Nova Scotia Voyageurs jersey (totally not biased in liking the Vs)

Unknown said...

Chicago, Amur, Hershey

Unknown said...

Chicago Amur Charlotte

COTW Nom to Jan S.

Unknown said...

COTW nom to Ryan C.'s Nashville set.

Chicago, Amur, Hershey

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